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  1. can you teach me how to bake Pandan chiffon cake using rice cooker. my rice cooker is with 5 cup mai

  2. Hi miss B. I tried your orange chiffon cake and it turned out really well..soft and fluffy. My first time making a chiffon cake. Thank you so much :D
    By the way, would you be able to help me with a pandan chiffon cake recipe as it is my parents' favorite. Thanks again miss B.

    1. Hi Kim
      I haven't had time to try out a pandan cake chiffon in my rice cooker, but I suggest that you refer to this link here, where a reader named Eve has written on how she converted the orange chiffon cake to a pandan chiffon cake.
      You may also wish to check out this link for pandan chiffon recipes

    2. Thanks miss B. sure look forward to trying more of your rice cooker cake recipes.

  3. Hello miss B..
    I am joey.
    My first time here..i jus tried orange cake using ur orange+ carrot cake recipe. As this is for baby so i omitted walnut. It tastes and look so awesome!

    I have send linked to friends who ask for recipe as well!


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