Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's growing in my garden

It's been a while, this is to show that I am still alive and kicking, and so are my plants! :)
A runner from one of my Strawberry plants.

Tatsoi and Pak Choy with yellow flowers, plus 2 Sage plants in the middle.
Green Paprika (Bell Pepper)
Another type of Green Paprika (Bell Pepper), the pointed version

Bees buzzing around in a female flower of my Hokkaido Red Kuri Pumpkin plant.

Halloween Pumpkin with 2 growing fruits.

These are the results of my labour since spring 2015. And it is just a fraction of what I have planted so far in my garden in Belgium. Baking has taken a back seat this year due to my sudden interest in organic gardening. Sad to say, I was unable to engage my children in baking and cooking so far, but on the other hand,  they are pretty interested in gardening. In fact, they love mimicking my every move in the garden, they love watering the plants, digging into soil, and getting their hands dirty! They have their own little gardening plot, where I donated some spare plants (snap peas, sweet corns, sunflowers etc) so that I can imbibe into them a sense of responsibility and caring for mother nature, such as sowing seeds of each fruit they have eaten, watering their own plants, keeping the plot weed-free, and not killing any good insects. So far so good, I am pretty impressed with how fast they pick up things and how enthousiastic they are in maintaining their garden.

By the way, you will see more of my garden updates coming up. So far, I have not baked anything new, I have posted some baking pictures on my FB, but they are old recipes that I have tried again recently. But the good news is, my new PRINCESS bread machine has arrived last friday! Yes, it is my new PRINCESS, haha! Some new bread recipes are in the pipeline soon since I have to try out my PRINCESS asap. Meanwhile, I keep reminding myself that I have to post something in order to keep this blog alive. If not, it will just die off slowly. Hence this post is a small step in keeping my humble blog alive, it may not be the recipe post you are looking for. But that has gotta wait a while, because I do have other interests besides baking and cooking. :)

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