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[Roundup] - Aspiring Bakers #31 - Bao Ho-Chiak 包好吃 (May 2013)

Hi everyone,

After hosting the AB #25 - Steaming Hot Cakes event in Nov 2012, I am glad to be back hosting AB #31 - Bao Ho-Chiak (包好吃) event in May 2013, thanks to Small Small Baker for giving me this opportunity! As I received only 37 entries as of 23 May, I thought I may only get 40 to 50 entries due to the school exam period. Then all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by a spike in submissions within the last 10 days and I finally received a total of 88 entries as of 2 June! Thank you so much for your great support!

I would like to thank all the bloggers who have spent their precious time and effort to test out and submit their bao recipes. It made me REALLY happy (and hungry) everyday by just going through and admiring all the baos that you gals made. I know it usually takes half a day to make all these baos: you have to prepare the fillings in advance, knead the dough, wait for the baos to proof, add in the fillings, do the pleating and finally the steaming (or baking or frying). Hence each bao is truly a labour of love! I hope you gals enjoyed your bao-making journey as much as I did. For those first-timers who are interested in making their first baozi but who are still procrastinating, look no further! This repertoire of 80+ bao recipes represents the collective wisdom of 39 bloggers! And you will probably be able to find the best chinese steamed bao/bun recipes here, be it steamed, baked or fried buns! But before you start, do remember to get the right type of flour^-^

Coming up, I will be hosting the "Little Thumbs Up" event for June, and the theme for this month is curry powder/curry paste. Do watch this space for more news. :)


非常感谢网界各路英雄娘子纷纷鼎力相助,献上这么多不同款式不同口味的包子。希望你们和我一样,在网上串门子的当儿能从中学习很多关于做包子的窍门。所谓熟能生巧,只要勤学习,再包一两下就"包好吃",可以开包子店了,不是吗? :p

话不多说,请好好享用这80多道包子吧,一定包好吃,包你吃到笑!  :)

Enjoy your baozi,  Bao Ho-Chiak! :)

1. Smiling Char Siew Bao HK Style (港式叉烧包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

2. Black Sesame Yam Pau by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

3. 芋头鲜奶馒头 by Pet猫猫 of

4. Mini Custard Buns by Victoria Kua of

5. Chia Seeds & Wholemeal Mantou by Peng of

6. Steamed Chicken Bao (鸡肉包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

7. Carrot 'Ling Yung' Paus (Carrot Lotus Paste Paus) by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

8. 芋泥四角包 by Pet猫猫 of

9. Char Siew Steamed Paus by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

10. 烧包 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

11. Siew Pau, Roasted Buns by Peng of

12. Carrot Black Sesame Steamed Buns by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

13. Pan Fried Buns 生煎包 by Peng of

14. Purple Sesame Steamed Paus by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

15. 叉烧包 Steamed Cha Siew Pao by Xing Hui of 美味情缘

16. Char Siew Bao by Genie of

17. Polo Bao/Pineapple Bun (菠萝包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

18. 五月五黑糖番薯包食谱 (Black Sugar Sweet Potato Pao Recipe) by MnYFoodTalk of

19. 南瓜甜玉米馒头小包子 by Pet猫猫 of

20. Pork Bao 大包 by Moon of FoodPlayground

21. Barbecue Pork Steamed Buns (Char Siu Bao) by Charlotte of The Land of Bakerie

22. Steamed Custard Bun (Nai Huang Bao 奶黄包) by Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House

23. 双色馒头 by Bernice of Bernice's Kitchen

24. 卡通~ 南瓜喜粄 by Anna Tay of 小雨伞的天空

25. Red Bean Pumpkin Bao by wvfy of Wendy's Small Small World 

26. 南瓜咖椰包 by 雷切儿 of 简单 の 生活

27. 黑芝麻核桃花卷 by Pet猫猫 of

28. Mini Pumpkin Mantou 南瓜小馒头 by SSB of Small Small Baker

29. Lotus Leaf Buns 刈包 by SSB of Small Small Baker

30. Sesame Potato Sausage Buns by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

31. Green Tea Kaya Pau 绿茶甜包 by Moon of FoodPlayground

32. 番薯喜粄 by Jozelyn Ng of

33. 全麦豆沙包 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

34. Steamed Bun/Pao Chicken Filling with a Twist by Nasifriet of

35. 蒸:长豆馅包子 by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

36. Pandan Vegetable Paus by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

37. Char Siew Pau by Yueky of Desperate Housewife in Holland

38. Pan-fried Buns (生煎包/水煎包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders 

39. 椰丝素包 by Jocelin of Butter, Flour & Me

40. Wholemeal Mantou by Fiona Lee of eelmsthenovicebaker

41. Nostalgic Tau Sar Pao by Nasifriet @ By the Way

42. 蒸:箭猪包 by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

43. Polo Buns by Jasline of Foodie Baker

44. Curry Potato Buns 咖哩马铃薯包 by SSB of Small Small Baker

45. 蒸:黄番薯包(cream cheese 馅) by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

46. 沙葛包 by Bernice of Bernice's Kitchen

47. 番薯喜粄 by Bernice of Bernice's Kitchen

48. 蒸: 菜包(粉丝馅) by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

49. Steamed Luncheon Meat Buns by Peng of

50. 咖喱鸡肉包 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

51. Char Siew Bao/Pau (叉烧包) by Esther Lau of Copycake Kitchen

52. 红萝卜花卷 by 雷切儿 of 简单 の 生活

53. 像在做手工的~菜肉包 by Cat Chee of 只想让自己快乐~

54. 黑芝麻班兰豆蓉包 by Cat Chee of 只想让自己快乐~

55. 香菇竹筍鸡肉包 by Pet猫猫 of

56. Cherry Blossom Mantou by Ellena of Cuisine Paradise

57. Pumpkin Hee Pan by Jess @ Bakericious

58. Pumpkin Brown Sugar Buns by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

59. (Purple) Sweet Potato Mantou with Black Sesame & Black Bean Filling by Sherie @ Maameemoomoo

60. Mini Condensed Milk Steamed Mantou (炼奶馒头) by Victoria Bakes of

61. Baked Char Siew Bun (Siew Pao) by Corlin Woung of Simple Delights

62. Steamed Rose Bun by Hankerie of

63. Steamed Assorted Buns by Genie of

64. Steamed Meat Bao with Preserved Vegetables by Anncoo of Anncoo Journal

65. 娘惹咖喱包 by Cat Chee of 只想让自己快乐~

66. 黑糯米包子 by  茄子 of 袅袅烘焙香

67. 虾米韭菜包子 by  茄子 of 袅袅烘焙香

68. 鸡肉咖哩包子 by  茄子 of 袅袅烘焙香

69. Baked Siew Bao/Pau (烧包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

70. Traditional Steamed Bao with Otak-Otak and Luncheon Meat Crabstick Filling by Hankerie of

71. Steamed Scallion Flower Buns (Hua Juan) by Kit of I-Lost In Austen

72. Pumpkin Steamed Buns aka Pumpkin Mantou by Doreen/Mui of my little favourite DIY

73. 豆沙包 (Red Bean Bun) by May Law of 厨苑食谱

74. Purple Sweet Potato Bao with Kaya Fillings (紫薯加椰包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

75. Purple Sweet Potato Rose Bao (紫薯玫瑰包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

76. Salted Egg Yolks Custard Pau by DG of Tested and Tasted

77. 南瓜喜粄 by Jozelyn Ng of

78. 香葱肉松卷 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

79. Taiwanese Street Food - Gua Bao 刈包 by Moon of FoodPlayground

80. Chocolate & Cheese Steamed Buns by Alice of ILove.ICook.IBake

81. Steamed Buns With Pork & Salted Egg Filling by Alice of ILove.ICook.IBake

82. Purple Sweet Potato Pao by Annadinna of Homemade Heartmade

83. Chinese Pan Fried Chive Pork Bun ((菲菜猪肉煎包) by Corlin Woung of Simple Delights

84. 南瓜椰丝喜粄 by May Law of 厨苑食谱

85. Steamed Sweet Potato Mantou by DG of

86. Chocolate Polo Buns by Doreen/Mui of my little favourite DIY

87. 沙葛虾米包子 (Steamed Pao with Vege Filling) by Xing Hui of 美味情缘

88. Nestled Bao by Doreen/Mui of my little favourite DIY

I hope I have not missed out any of your submissions. I have tried my best to reply each of your emails or leave a comment on each blog, but if I forgot to reply or comment, do accept my sincere apologies! Thank you once again for joining Aspiring Bakers, I hope you will continue to lend your support to the future events.

If you wanna participate in the next AB event, hop on to Aspiring Bakers #32 - World of Mousse Cake hosted by Hankerie of

If you are interested in the previous AB event, hop on to Aspiring Bakers #30 - It's Tea Time hosted by Moon of FoodPlayground.


  1. Wow amazing, thanks for the round-up. Feel free to participate the next aspiring baker theme: World of mousse Cake.

  2. Miss B! I want to thank you so much for making this month's AB so fun and successful! I can feel your enthusiasm and happiness! Hope everyone will continue to support the future themes. Thank you everyone who join in. 谢谢支持!我们六月的主题是慕斯蛋糕!

  3. Awesome round up!!! Love all the BAO here!! Thumb up everyone :)

  4. Hi Miss B,

    Sorry that I have not been able to participate this event. I have browsed through the entries for this event and set my eyes on some. Hope to try some of these recipes when I'm back from my June holidays.


  5. Miss B, thank you for hosting Aspiring Bakers. Great round up!!

  6. Thanks for the round up! Tough job! You deserve a big clap!!

  7. Hi Miss B, thanks for hosting this event, looks like I have more choice of steamed paus to make for my family and friends. BTW, I have sometimes use plain flour to make paus. They turned out well except for the colour [not whitish as pau flour].

  8. wau, so many pao recipes...***happy***

  9. wow.. overwhelming! tks for doing this.....(^_−)−☆


  10. Thank YOU, Miss B for hosting this awesome 'pao' theme AND 'pushing' me into this journey I thought would be a hopeless case for me. LOL! I was surprised and over the moon with my first proper steaming adventure. Believe you me, that was the first time I have ever used yeast or shortening or pao flour. Ha ha ha! BTW, just made again last weekend for my hungry guys. We LOVE pao's and definitely "Bao ho chiak lor" :-D

  11. Wow! What an amazing round up! So many pao recipes I wanted try out! Simply AWESOME! Thanks for hosting & the tips on pao making. Truly appreciated it! ;)

  12. Dear all,
    It wouldn't have been such a great success without your support and participation. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it, just look at the creativity and imagination of our fellow bloggers, it's simply amazing that making buns can be so exciting! :)

  13. Hi Bee,, sorry for late visiting:p
    Wow! All these wonderful Bao really looks 'ho chiak'
    There is still a few I like to try here.
    Thank you so much for hosting such wonderful event.

  14. Dear Miss B.,

    Could you please tell me the secret for getting the buns for tradional Bapoa so verry fluffy en big??? Tryed a couple of methods but they didn't become as big as bought in the stores... Thank you in advandce


    1. Hi Simone,

      I don't really understand your question on why you said your buns did not become as BIG as those bought in the stores. Do you mean that they shrank in size or became wrinkly after steaming, or the buns were simply not big enough because there was not enough dough for each bun, or they were not just not as fluffy as what you expected them to be?

      And which recipes did you try on this page? Have you consulted the individual bloggers who provided the recipes?

      There are no secrets on getting the bapaos big and fluffy, really. Just find a good recipe, use the right type of flour, make sure you knead the dough properly and proof it accordingly until doubled in size. Then divide it into sufficiently large portions for a bapao, I would say at least 60 grams, then add the fillings and cover and proof again if required.

      When you steam, make sure the water in the steamer is already boiling, then after steaming, you may wish to open the lid a teeny-weeny bit to let off some steam, let the buns rest for few minutes in the steamer before taking them out. This will prevent wrinkly bao skin. You can also wrap a tea towel around the lid of the steamer to prevent steam from dripping onto the buns and making them wet and wrinkly.

  15. Hi Ms B,

    I'm wandering thou your blog looking and see if there's any egg tarts recipe that I can look into and saw these whole list of dim sum... really like your design on the hamster.. they are cute....

    Now, I have to more things to learn and play around in the kitchen (imagine I dont do anything in the kitchen for the last.... hmmmm.... long number of years and now I'm trying to do more, in terms of baking related only) hahahaaaa :) =_= :"P


    1. Hi Wendy,
      I don't have any egg tart recipe yet, but it's definitely on my to-do-list for this year, I will probably be making one batch of egg tarts in Nov or Dec this year. :)

    2. Hi Wendy,
      Talking about egg tarts, I just baked some Portuguese Egg Tarts yesterday. Check out this link:


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