Friday, January 28, 2011

CNY Pineapple Tarts

Hi everybody, long time no see, I am back with some Chinese New Year goodies!

It's indeed a long time since I last posted. This is my first post for the year 2011. CNY is just round the corner, and I finally mustered enough courage to try baking pineapple tarts, this will be the second time since I last attempted it during the last CNY.

Here are my pineapple tarts. Literally head too big, body too small :)

I followed the recipe closely, but ended up with too much filling and too little pastry. And it seems that I have used a pineapple tart cutter which was way too small, ended up you couldnt even see the pastry beneath the filling, the filling was literally overflowing! Hahaha, you only see that happening for home-made tarts, not store-bought ones which are typically stingy on the pineapple filling.

I followed this recipe for the pastry, and I also refered to this recipe for  making pineapple filling using microwave.

The pastry spreaded out during baking in the oven, and the tarts did not maintain their shapes eventually. The crust of the pastry was crunchy, not the melt-in-the-mouth type. Anybody who knows a better recipe for the pastry so that it will not spread and will maintain its shape, do let me know :)

This sunday I am flying back to Singapore to celebrate CNY for a few weeks. I will post more goodies if I have the time. :)

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