Monday, May 25, 2020

The Last Chapter

Hi everybody,

Hope you folks are doing well during this covid19 period. I just wanna drop a short note to say that I'm still alive and kicking. I still bake from time to time, but not as often as I would have wished for. I have shifted my time and interest to an entirely different hobby, one which has consumed much of my time. I'm proud to say I'm pretty good in this new hobby which I have used to do my fair bit of contribution to the healthcare workers and frontliners where I am located.

Baking has become a 2nd fiddle so to speak, and I have decided not to release any new recipes on this blog. You may also have noticed, there have been many comments published recently. I didn't notice there were comments waiting to be published (some dating from 2018!) so I just published them all in 1 go. Publishing the comments doesn't necessarily mean that I will respond to them. In fact I'm planning to deactivate this blog in time to come. I haven't really decided how and when, but probably by the end of this summer or by the end of this year, it will be set visible for my eyes only.

I do appreciate the support that I have garnered from my readers over the years. But there is always a time to say goodbye, and now is the time. Well there are zillions of recipes to be discovered elsewhere on Internet and in facebook (groups) . Unfortunately people who maintain recipe blogs on blogspot or word press have become a minority nowadays. It is strange how technology evolves. Nowadays people screenshot the recipes from fb and claim them as their own. But there was a time when people like me had taken hours to painstakingly test the recipes, take fotos along the way and pen them properly in a blog. But that seems to be lightyears ago in the internet era. Anyway I do cherish the time when I was still active on my blog. The many recipes that I have penned is probably a testament to the fruitful baking journey that I have undertaken over the years, from 2010 to 2016.

So long and farewell, and with that, I close a chapter in this baking blog, and who knows, I might start a new (sewing) blog. 😜


  1. Keep it, don't deactivate it. I've been looking at this blog for years.

  2. Hi, Best wishes to U where ever U are heading. Cheers !

  3. i hope you will not hide your blog - if UNESCO had 'world heritage' recipe blog sites, this would be one of them

    may the creative forces of the universe continue to smile in your general direction


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