Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'm back! OMG so much cobwebs!

Hello World.

I am back, albeit briefly, to clean off the cobwebs covering my blog.

It seems so long, although I don't think anybody has missed my absence. In fact, I have been away 2.5 months from mid March till end May. Wow, time really flies! What have I been up to?

Nothing really much.

I can't use my 3 kids as an excuse anymore. I am not the only one maintaining a blog with 3 small kids at home. 

What about the story of my missing weekly helper? Well, she has been missing since November, and I have been acting as Cinderella since then, luckily a replacement was found recently. Thank god, I cannot imagine myself acting as Cinderella cleaning chimneys and mopping floors for the whole of 2015. There would be soot all over my already yellow and sallow face.

Did I tell you also my car broke down in March? Well it has been replaced on 1 April, to my great relief. No, it was not April Fool. I got a nearly new car. Good riddance to the old one which constantly broke down ! 

According to Murphy's law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong), there were more to come. My laptop crashed on me sometime around March. I had to say "sayonara" to Windows O/S and "selamat datang" to Ubuntu O/S. Ubuntu is pretty cool, but there is no Picassa installed yet, I don't even know if Ubuntu supports it, so I can't upload my fotos to my blog. My body also broke down recently. I had a bad bout of diarrhoea for about 1 week in early May, and now I am nursing a hacking cough that keeps me wide awake throughout the night for the past week. Unfortunately I can't change my body just like how I changed my car and my laptop. And I went to the Emergency recently with my 3 year old who got herself hurt pretty badly. It's a long story how it all happened. She ended up having 3 stitches on her left hand, how I wish I could be in her place. My poor baby! :(

Is that all that keeps me busy? Erm, well not really...

I have been buzzing around in the garden, as busy as a bee, even in the midst of sicknesses and emergencies. Busy germinating and planting roses, herbs, pumpkins, melons, cherry tomatoes, paprikas, chillies, sweet corns, beans and peas, choy sum, pak choy, sunflowers etc; the list goes on and on. Nearly all were germinated from seeds, except for roses, paprika and chilli, they were bought from the nursery. There is always something to do in the garden, I just wish I have an extra pair of hands and extra 24 hours per day!

Yawn ZZZ....

Ok, what you have read above, are just excuses for not blogging. So where is my new recipe? :)

Ahem, it's in the pipeline...

Let me show you something I did recently for my son's 6 year old birthday. Isn't it cool? Do leave me a comment if you think it is. :)

Btw, I must apologise to my blogger friends who have been linking up, sorry that I have not been diligently visiting your blogs even during the recent CNY blog-hop, that was the period when I was in Singapore. And whatever happened after February was as described above. I hope you understand my 苦衷...真是人在江湖身不由己! :(

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