Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bread Machine Fish Floss Using Canned Mackerel Fillet

I made this batch of fish floss using canned mackerel fillet in my Primo bread machine on 4 Dec 2014. This was already posted on my facebook page on the day itself, but I was just too lazy and too busy to put this in my blog.

Anyway, I will just post the pictures here quickly. The seasoning I used for this fish floss was similar to my bread machine chicken floss recipe but I have cut down on the amount of fish sauce and dark soya sauce since the canned mackerel fillet was already salty by itself. I used 3 cans in total, weighing 300g.

I will follow up with a brief description of the steps later if time permits but the exact amount of seasoning will not be provided

Fish floss straight from the can

Fish floss after marinade was added, before starting the bread machine.

Fish Floss after 1.5 cycles of JAM function, lasting 1 hour 50 min.


  1. Hi Miss B

    i tried your chicken floss recipe and mine came out very powdery, it didnt look like the one on the photo that is stringy and looks like wool, is it maybe it was overcooked in the BM too long? i followed per your total time of more than 2 hours, and i had to press my BM start at jam mode 3 times becoz my BM Jam total time is only 1 hour and 5 mins.


    1. Hi Doreen
      Is your bm the same as mine. Every bm is different, you should not follow the same timing. My timing given is just an estimate. I believe your chicken floss is too dry or over-cooked, or you have shredded too much. You should keep a close eye on the bm, I actually sit in the kitchen right beside the bm and read the newspaper, checking it every 5 min. Never ever follow the timing of others, observe and use your own judgement, it may take more than 1 try. Take pictures and notes along the way, so you can learn your mistakes. Wish you good luck on your next attempt.

    2. Hi Miss B

      thank you for the advise, i think its overcooked, but the taste is good, just like the store bought, i checked it every 15 minutes, i think i over cooked it, will try again with pork next time :)


  2. what brand you can recomended to me?

    1. I can't recommend any brands to you bcos I bought mine in Europe. All I could tell you is that my 1st machine bought in Europe under the brand of Primo was exactly the same as the one sold in the Tesco supermarket chain in West Malaysia and it worked pretty well for me for 4 years.


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