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MTR #3 - Healthy Fruit Yoghurt Bread with Cranberries and Oats

This is a bread that a baking friend shared with me and told me to try it because she made it successfully and it was so good, I took her advice and indeed it was very good. The bread was so fragrant while it was still baking in the BM, there was a sweet smell of fruit yoghurt wafting in the air. Ironically, it smelled like Yakult although I was using mixed fruit yoghurt. The original bread was a Yakult loaf bread baked in a Panasonic bread machine, but because I couldn't find Yakult, (I have never seen it in Colruyt but Delhaize may have it), I decided to use 2 packets of fruit yoghurt topped up with full-cream milk as a replacement for Yakult. I extrapolated the recipe based on bakers' percentage so that everything remains in the right proportions. However I find the yeast and salt amount a little too high after extrapolation, so I decided to cut down on both, using 3 tsp of yeast and 1.5 tsp of salt respectively. But it was still a little too salty for my liking, so I am gonna recommend that you use the yeast and salt amounts which I usually use for my 900+ gram BM breads, which is 2.5 tsp of yeast and 1 tsp of salt.

Although this is a straight dough bread that does not require any dough starters, but the result is very soft and fluffy due to the presence of yoghurt and milk and a little addition of cake flour. My older daughter and I finished nearly half a loaf during tea-time. She is just 2.5 years old but she ate 3 slices of my fruit yoghurt bread freshly baked straight from the oven! If you like healthy bread with yoghurt, dried fruits and instant oats, then this may just be the right loaf for you, do try it out! I tasted the other half loaf of bread the next day, and it was still quite soft. Everything was gone within 24 hours so I can't really tell you how it would taste like on the 3rd day. I have decided I am gonna try this bread again with the real McCoy, I have made a resolution next week to drive to the nearest Delhaize supermart and stock up on Yakult so that I can make the real Yakult bread. :)

Recipe shared by Ng Lay Lay Kristine, original recipe by Alvin Sumedha Lee, thanks to both for this wonderful straight dough recipe!

Ingredients (for a 500g loaf)
200ml yakult or any cultured milk
250g bread flour
20g cake flour 
1 tbsp (15g) sugar
2 tsp (6g) yeast
1 tsp (5.5g) salt
25g unsalted butter, softened
2 tbsp cranberries
2 tbsp oats

My adapted recipe (900+ grams) is as follows
360g of yakult (I used 230g of fruit yoghurt + 130g fresh milk)
450g of bread flour
36g of cake flour
27g sugar
2.5 tsp (7.5g) yeast
1 tsp (5.5g) salt
45g unsalted butter, softened
4 tbsp dried cranberries, about 40g
4 tbsp quaker instant oats, about 40g

Method in BM (specific for Primo/Tesco brand of BM)
1. 1st add wet ingredients, then add dry ingredients. Add salt and sugar at different corners, dig a hole in the middle and add in the yeast. Add the butter only after a rough dough is formed, about 5 min after kneading. (This bread is pretty straight forward, you can pour all liquids at one go, the dough quickly becomes non-stick and pliable just like plasticine. On the other hand, if you are using yakult, the dough will be quite sticky and you are advised not to pour all the yakult at one go.)

2. Use "Dough" mode 30 min (run for 10 min and stop, start again and run for 20 min and stop), then press "Sweet" mode (light crust, 1000g or 2LB), the whole process of "Sweet mode" will take 2h 55 min. Total kneading time for the dough will be 60 min, of which 10+20 min is from "Dough" mode and 30 min is from "Sweet" mode. The dough must be kneaded until it can be pulled into a thin stretchable membrane (windowpane stage). 

3. Add in dried cranberries and quaker oats at 02.22h in "Sweet" mode for a 1000g loaf, 2 min before the end of 2nd round of kneading at 02.20h.  (If you are using other brands, you can add in additional dried fruits or nuts when you hear an indication such as a beep sound by the BM.)

4. Continue to let the bread proof and bake in the BM until the end (I pressed stop to remove the bread 5 min before the end.)

Note that the operating schedule of "Sweet" mode for 1000g is as follows : 
- 02.55 to 02.45 (10 min kneading), 02.45 to 02.40 (5 min rest), 02.40 to 02.20 (20 min kneading), 02.20 to 02.00 (20 min rest), 02.00 (punch down/de-gas), 02.00 to 01.00 (final proofing), 01.00 to 0.00 (baking).

For 700g, it is as follows:
- 02.50 to 02.40 (10 min kneading), 02.40 to 02.35 (5 min rest), 02.35 to 02.15 (20 min kneading), 02.15 to 01.55 (20 min rest), 01.55 (punch down/de-gas), 01.55 to 00.55 (final proofing), 00.55 to 0.00 (baking).

PS : Pls note that the method stated above applies only for my Primo BM, pls do not ask me to advise for other BMs. You are advised to use your own judgement in choosing the appropriate program on your BM.

Method in Oven
1. Use BM or stand-mixer to knead until thin stretchable membrane. (If you are using stand-mixer with dough hook rather than BM, pls note that the time taken for kneading will be significantly less.)
2. Cover and proof for 60 min in a warm place or until doubled in volume (1st proofing).
3. Punch down to release gas, then rest for 10 min covered.
4. Add in the dried fruits and oats and knead for a while to make sure everything is well incorporated. Divide the dough into 2 portions, roll up each dough as a swiss roll and place it in a greased 450g pullman tin (you will need 2 of such pullman tins as this will make 2 loaves). Cover and proof for 60 min in a warm place or until doubled in volume (2nd proofing).
5. Apply egg wash on top and bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 30 min. 

- Pls note that if you are using yakult, the consistency is different from yoghurt + milk. So your dough will be wetter than my dough. You are advised not to pour all the yakult at one go and you may need to adjust with flour whenever necessary. 

- This bread has reduced sugar due to the sweetness of the yoghurt, if you want to use plain unsweetened yoghurt with freshly cut fruits, pls adjust the sugar accordingly. 

- The addition of cake flour makes the bread softer. If you don't have cake flour, you can use plain flour with a pinch of cornflour topped up to the required amount, and sift a few times. You can also use top flour or softassilk flour instead of cake flour as they are both low-protein flours.

- I only used Dough mode to knead for 20 min and after an additional 30 min of kneading in "Sweet" mode, I realised my dough still couldn't be stretched to a thin membrane without breaking. Hence I recommend that you knead for 30 min or even 2x 20 min using "Dough" mode before pressing "Sweet" mode.

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  4. Hi, its been a long time since I drink yakult ��. Never thought to use it as liquid within bread. Gotto try one day.

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