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Double Cheese Raisin Loaf (Bread Machine)

1st Attempt of Double Cheese Raisin Loaf

Today's bread is a double cheese raisin bread that I improvised. I have tried this bread twice again! Recently I dunno why I always have to try a bread recipe twice in my BM before I can get it right. Maybe bcos I am a perfectionist? Or maybe bcos I am very unlucky, LOL.

1st Attempt of Double Cheese Raisin Loaf

The first time was very successful, so successful it rose too high and at about 50 min left in my BM, I was thinking "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!". Again, I had to run to activate the "operating theatre" (my oven), and prepare the "ambulance" (which is myself) to transport the bread from BM to oven. And I was still happily clicking away on my camera, without realising that time was slipping fast and every single second that the BM was open, the bread was exposed to cold air and was sinking like Titanic! So the first bread sunk quite a lot due to exposure to cold air. Moral of the story, do not open the BM during 1st 30 min of baking when the bread is still rising! If not for the space constraints of the BM, it would have been a very nice and tall bread. I added 3 tsp of yeast instead of my usual 2.5 tsp as I thought the bread would become quite dense with so many ingredients inside. But the dough was less dense than I expected, it rose so high that my heart was palpitating and I was secretly praying that I didn't have to switch to using the oven, which I knew from experience there would be some degree of sinking if the bread were to be exposed to cold air, our room temperature being 20 degrees only. So when it was 45 min left in my BM, I took it out and finished it off by placing on the lowest shelf of the oven for about 25 min @180C.

1st Attempt of Double Cheese Raisin Loaf

For my second attempt, I reduced the quantity of the dough by 10% and reduced the yeast to 2.75 tsp but it still rose very high! Luckily, it was a false alarm, it didn't hit the top, but it was such a close shave! I let the bread run the full course of 2h 55min, but I think I should take out 5 min in advance. It was slightly not as soft as the first time, maybe because of the additional 5 min of baking.

2nd Attempt of Double Cheese Raisin Loaf (baked fully in BM)

Now this bread would be very nice if you choose the right type of grated cheese. The grated cheese I used is a "gratin mix" of Rigatello, Emmental, and Gouda from a local (Belgium) supermart, which turned out pretty bland in the bread. However, the shreds of grated cheese integrated nicely with the dough, and you can hardly see the grated cheese in the crumbshot, apart from the tell-tale signs of cheese in the crispy crust. It makes the bread quite soft even though this is a straight dough recipe, meaning no dough starter. There is also a small amount of philadelphia (original) cream cheese and some raisins. The sugar was reduced bcos this bread is meant to be more savoury than sweet. This bread is not salty at all. To be honest, this bread is not so fantastic, the first time I baked it in the oven, it turned out very good, but it did not taste as fluffy the 2nd time in the BM, so I have my reservations about it, and I am still thinking how to make it even better. But I am not gonna try a 3rd time to finetune this recipe further, as there are still hundreds of bread recipes for me to try out. So if you would like to try this bread, I recommend that you use grated sharp cheddar cheese in order to have a better cheese flavour, otherwise the cheese flavour is too subtle.

Key Ingredients - Grated Cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Raisins

So here is the recipe I used for my 2nd attempt, it rose very high and it nearly hit the top, I am just penning it down so I don't forget, but pls do not use this if you are living in a tropical country and using the same Primo/Tesco BM as me. 

Recipe for my 2nd Attempt
400g bread flour
190g milk
60g or 1 large egg
19g sugar
41g unsalted butter
41g philadelphia cream cheese
83g grated cheese
41g raisins
1 tsp salt (5.5g)
2.75 tsp instant yeast (8.25g)
Total weight of ingredients = 888g

This 2nd recipe that you see below is the recommended recipe which I specially calculated, a reduced version that will not rise so high and hit the top of any Primo/Tesco bread machine. If you are using oven to bake, you can choose either the one on top or the one below. This loaf below has been reduced by 10% in weight.

2nd Attempt of Double Cheese Raisin Loaf (baked fully in BM)

(This recipe is a recipe I created through a few rounds of testing. If you wish to share this recipe on your blog or FB, kindly link back to this post.)

Recommended Reduced Recipe specially for Primo/Tesco BM
360g bread flour
171g milk
54g or 1 medium egg
17g sugar
37g unsalted butter
37g philadelphia cream cheese
75g grated cheese
37g raisins
3/4 tsp salt (4g)
2.5 tsp instant yeast (7.5g)
Total weight of ingredients = 800g

(Note that 1 tsp salt = 5.5g, 1 tsp instant yeast = 3g)

Method in BM (specific for Primo/Tesco brand)
1. 1st add wet ingredients (this includes cream cheese), then add dry ingredients. Add salt and sugar at different corners, dig a hole in the middle and add in the yeast. Add the butter only after a rough dough is formed, about 5 min after kneading. 

2. Use "Dough" mode 30 min (run for 10 min and stop, start again and run for 20 min and stop), then press "Sweet" mode (light crust, 1000g or 2LB), the whole process of "Sweet mode" will take 2h 55 min. Total kneading time for the dough will be 60 min, of which 10+20 min is from "Dough" mode and 30 min is from "Sweet" mode. The dough must be kneaded until it can be pulled into a thin stretchable membrane (windowpane stage). 

3. Add in grated cheese and raisins at 02.22h in "Sweet" mode for a 1000g loaf, 2 min before the end of 2nd round of kneading at 02.20h.  (If you are using other brands, you can add in additional dried fruits or nuts when you hear an indication such as a beep sound by the BM.)

4. Continue to let the bread proof and bake in the BM until the end (I pressed stop to remove the bread 5 min before the end.)

Note that the operating schedule of "Sweet" mode for 1000g is as follows : 
- 02.55 to 02.45 (10 min kneading), 02.45 to 02.40 (5 min rest), 02.40 to 02.20 (20 min kneading), 02.20 to 02.00 (20 min rest), 02.00 (punch down/de-gas), 02.00 to 01.00 (final proofing), 01.00 to 0.00 (baking).

For 700g, it is as follows:
- 02.50 to 02.40 (10 min kneading), 02.40 to 02.35 (5 min rest), 02.35 to 02.15 (20 min kneading), 02.15 to 01.55 (20 min rest), 01.55 (punch down/de-gas), 01.55 to 00.55 (final proofing), 00.55 to 0.00 (baking).

PS : Pls note that the method stated above applies only for my Primo BM, pls do not ask me to advise for other BMs. You are advised to use your own judgement in choosing the appropriate program on your BM. 

2nd Attempt of Double Cheese Raisin Loaf (baked fully in BM)

Method in Oven
1. Use BM or stand-mixer to knead until thin stretchable membrane. (If you are using stand-mixer with dough hook rather than BM, pls note that the time taken for kneading will be significantly less.)
2. Cover and proof for 60 min in a warm place or until doubled in volume (1st proofing).
3. Punch down to release gas, then rest for 10 min covered.
4. Add in the grated cheese and raisins and knead for a while to make sure everything is well incorporated. Divide the dough into 2 portions, roll up each dough as a swiss roll and place it in a greased 450g pullman tin (you will need 2 of such pullman tins as this will make 2 loaves). Cover and proof for 60 min in a warm place or until doubled in volume (2nd proofing).
5. Apply egg wash on top and bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 30 min. 

2nd Attempt of Double Cheese Raisin Loaf (baked fully in BM)

I am submitting this to Best Recipes for Everyone November Event : Fresh from Oven ~ My Bread Story hosted by Fion.


  1. Hi Miss B, All thumbs up to you for this awesome and amazing double cheese raisin loaf!!! Your loaf looks soooo beautiful and delectable. Very soft and fluffy. Thanks for sharing and warmest regards :)

  2. Dear Ah Bee, thx for sharing this recipe. Annie. :D

  3. Wow, Miss B! Good that you have managed get the right proportion of this recipe for your breadmaker. Thanks for sharing your baking experience :D

    Btw, I'm organsing a giveaway for 4 lucky winners and hope that you can be one of them.


  4. For the second recipe, bread flour = 36gm? or is it 360gm

  5. 漂亮的吐司出自漂亮的玉手。。。呵呵呵

  6. Hello Miss B,

    I am a newbie at BM. I was googling & found your blog. I admire your efforts in baking breads and cooking as well.

    I have tried you Hokkaido bread & Double cheese Raisin but my bread doesn't turn out as soft like yours.

    I followed your recipe 100% except my BM dough setting only has 14 minutes thus when you request for twice I only have 28 minutes instead of 30 minutes of kneading. My sweet setting takes about 3.3 hours for 2 lbs.

    Can you please advise?

    Another question is the double cheese raisin? You advise to add in the grated cheese & raisin befor ethe last kneading at 2.20 and I followed but my cheese & raisins didn't get incorporated inside the bread instead the raisin & cheese was at the outer layer of the bread.

    How do I get the raisins & cheese to be inside the bread?

    Thank you


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