Friday, October 17, 2014

Olive Oil Challah

This has nothing to do with pumpkins or autumn fruits and vegetables, hehe.

This is an olive oil challah that I did few weeks ago and I posted in my FB page back then on 26 Sept. It was supposed to be posted for MTR #2 - Dough Starter Breads but it has been sitting in my computer for weeks, waiting for a chance to see daylight, haha. It was not a very successful bake, because I kind of panicked while doing the 6 plaits and in the end I only managed 3. The steps of plaiting 6 were too complicated for me.  And while it was being baked in the oven, I was busy chatting on FB and whatsapp, and I didn't watch the breads, so they were too brown for my liking. Neverthless, hubby gave me thumbs up and said it was quite close to the butter zopf that we ate daily during our summer vacation in Switzerland. I consider that as a compliment because he rarely give me compliments for my breads. If you are interested in this recipe, for your info, I used the recipe from Wild Yeast blog. :)

Back to the theme for these 2 months, My Treasured Recipes MTR #3 - Taste of Autumn is in full swing from now till end of October November. We welcome any recipes that are related to fruits and vegetables harvested in Autumn. For more info, please refer to this link

Myself and Charmaine of Mimi Bakery House would like to take this opportunity to thank all fellow bloggers for the overwhelming support and I do apologise if I am slow to visit or drop a comment on your respective blogs. My little baby is now 8 months and she is keeping me busy all the time, and not to forget I still have 2 more kiddies who stick to me like chewing gum! 

Just for your info, for this coming December, we are holding a Christmas related theme for MTR #4,  befitting the festive mood of Christmas. And this will be followed by 2 months of Chinese New Year related theme for MTR #5 for Jan and Feb 2015. For those who are interested in joining our blog-hop, do take note of the dates. I will put it down on the side of my blog so that it is more visible to everybody. :)


  1. Hi Bee,
    Your challah looks so good.
    It will be even better to have it over a cuppa of warm tea.


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