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MTR #3 - Pumpkin / Butternut Squash Loaf (Bread Machine)

I have baked 4 orange coloured loaf breads in my bread machine in the past 1 week and I have published my successful orange sweet potato loaf yesterday so here is another successful pumpkin (or rather butternut squash) BM loaf which I baked in my bread machine on 28 Oct (Tues). Do you like the colour and texture of my butternut squash loaf? I love it very much!

I joked with my son that this bread could do yoga, see how soft and flexible it was? 

It actually took me 2 attempts to get this right, even though I already have a working recipe based on the sweet potato loaf. Why? Reason being pumpkin (or butternut squash for that matter), has more moisture than sweet potato, hence it is more difficult to estimate how much more liquid should be added. My first attempt of the butternut squash loaf was on 27 Oct (Mon). Although I was already very careful in adding the milk during kneading and it appeared perfect half way through, the final dough became very sticky and fluid after 50 min of kneading. Hence for my 2nd attempt, I decided to cut down on the amount of milk, and I finally got it right. Yippee!!! 

So again, I am showing you the step-by-step fotos taken along the way since this pumpkin loaf was more challenging than the sweet potato loaf. This will be an exception rather than the norm. Pls do not expect such level of details in my future postings. :)

I did not manage to take a foto of the dough just before the "punch-down" by the BM. It happened so fast that I couldn't react in time. But here is a foto of the dough taken during my 1st attempt. It will give you an idea of what the dough is NOT supposed to be, as this dough pictured above was simply too wet and as a result the bread did not rise very high. The dough for my 2nd attempt was less sticky than the one pictured above. After punch-down by the BM (a few seconds of quick mixing), the dough would turn from a flat sticky dough to a more manageable, pliable ball of dough as pictured below.

I was very happy and very satisfied with the results of my 2nd attempt of this butternut squash loaf so I am sharing with you this recipe which I created from scratch through 2 rounds of testing. If you wish to use this recipe on your blog or FB, kindly link back to this post.

425g bread flour (I added 1 tbsp extra)
1 tsp salt (6 g) 
2.5 tsp instant yeast (7.5g) 
50g sugar
60g whipping cream (can be replaced by plain yoghurt)
55g fresh milk 
180g pumpkin/butternut squash, steamed and mashed with fork 
1 egg (60g), at room temp
50g unsalted butter, softened, cut into cubes

(Note that the instructions are pretty BM-specific, I do not usually write this way. I would suggest that you check out other breads in my blog if you are looking for oven-baked bread recipes.)

Method in BM
1. 1st add wet ingredients, then add dry ingredients. Add salt and sugar at different corners, dig a hole in the middle and add in the yeast. Add the butter only after a rough dough is formed, about 5 min after kneading. (Note that you should not add the milk all at one go, add about 30g milk and add the remaining as you go along. If you find the dough too wet, you can adjust by adding additional flour a little at a time before or after butter is added.)

2. Use "Dough" mode 20 min and press stop, then press "Sweet" mode (light crust, 1000g), the whole process of "Sweet mode" will take 2h 55 min. Total kneading time for the dough will be 50 min, of which 20 min is from dough mode and 30 min is from sweet mode. The dough must be kneaded until it can be pulled into a thin stretchable membrane. (Pls note that the method stated above applies only for my Primo BM, pls do not ask me to advise for other BMs. You are advised to use your own judgement in choosing the appropriate program on your BM.)

Method in Oven
1. Use BM or stand-mixer to knead until thin stretchable membrane
2. Cover and proof for 60 min in a warm place or until doubled in volume. (1st proofing)
3. Punch down to release gas, then rest for 10 min covered.
4. Divide the dough into 2 portions, roll up each dough as a swiss roll and place it in a greased 450g pullman tin (you will need 2 of such pullman tins as this will make 2 loaves). Cover and proof for 60 min in a warm place or until doubled in volume (2nd proofing).
5. Apply egg wash on top and bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 30 min.

- You can use either pumpkin or butternut squash, but you must first steam it and drain off excess water, then mash the sweet potato with a fork. The weight of 180g is after removing excess water and mashed. 

- If you are using a stand-mixer with dough hook, the time required for kneading until window pane stage (or thin stretchable membrane) maybe half of the time required of my BM, or even less. 

- Pls note that different bread flours absorb liquid differently. I would keep the amounts of all ingredients fixed except for the milk and bread flour which I will adjust accordingly based on the wetness or dryness of the dough. You are advised to adjust flour and liquid accordingly until you reach the desired dough consistency. Pls do not follow blindly.

2nd attempt on the left (taller loaf) and 1st attempt on the right (shorter loaf).

2nd attempt on the left (taller loaf) and 1st attempt on the right (shorter loaf) .

Also  linking this to Little Thumbs Up (Oct 2014 Event: PUMPKIN) organised by Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids) and Mui Mui (My Little Favourite DIY) and hosted by Eileen (Eileen's Diary).

And last but not least, also linked to YeastSpotting.


  1. wow ah b! this is such a lovely loaf... i love the colour and the texture. thanks for sharing

  2. It looks really good! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. 哇。。。我喜欢你的面包, 还能看到一丝丝的南瓜丝呢! 太赞了。。

  4. Miss B, I don't have a bread machine. Ever baked some small buns but slightly burnt lol ...but your Butternut Squash Loaf is so nice ! Made me drool but could see only !

  5. Yes! I like the colour and texture of your tall tall loaf! Thanks for your detailed sharing, will bookmark this to try in bm soon!

  6. Hi ladies,
    Thank you for all your compliments. Yes, the texture was indeed soft and fluffy and the recipe works both for sweet potato and pumpkin/butternut squash with a slight variation in ingredients. Hope you gals can try it and let me know how it turns out for you. :)

  7. Nice sharing and I like this soft bread too

  8. Hi Miss B,

    Thanks for sharing so much details in this recipe. Everyone seems very happy baking and cooking pumpkin for Oct!!!



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