Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Traditional Children's (Piggy) Mooncakes (猪仔饼 / 公仔饼)

这是我人生中第一个月饼,是在做绿茶冰皮月饼的前一天完成的。虽然是很简单的猪仔饼/公仔饼,但做的时候却很紧张,因为我没有月饼模,只好用做红龟粿和饭粿用的木。我也没有做月饼用的糖浆。星期六冒雨花了1个半小时饶了比利时好几个镇的大型超市都买不到,只好做罢。穷则变,变则通,就干脆用韩国煮菜用的糖浆(Korean Cooking Syrup)博一博,没想到这样也行,高兴到我马上把晚上拍的照片立刻发上面书,嘻嘻。食谱晚点再上,是向Mimi Bakery House 学来的。。。

This is the first mooncake made in my entire life, which I did before I attempted the green tea snowskin custard mooncakes. Although this is a very simple recipe, but I was very nervous while doing these children's mooncakes, because I did not use the sugar syrup for making mooncakes, and I did not have any mooncake moulds so I had to use wooden moulds meant for ang ku kueh and png kueh. In fact, I spent 1.5 hours on Saturday afternoon braving the rain driving through a few villages to look for Golden Syrup, but to no avail. Finally I decided to use Korean Cooking Syrup, which I still have a big bottle left from the time when I made korean food. I was so happy that it actually worked and quickly uploaded the fotos (taken at night) to my FB. Now that the sun is finally out, I can take better pictures under natural light, so you can see them better. Will upload the recipe later, cos I am still chasing after mooncakes, haha.

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