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台式奶香月饼 Taiwan Milky Fragrant Mooncakes

抱歉不好意思,这么丑的月饼也敢拿出来。这是我用星期四和朋友一块儿做月饼所剩下的饼皮放在冰箱过夜,星期五晚上才做的。星期四我们做了32个, 每个都美美的没有裂。放冰箱过夜的饼皮虽然有用两层保鲜膜包紧,但第二晚已经干到在包的时候就已经裂了,又不想浪费。 很伤心,因为第一批美美的月饼是在朋友家做的,没带相机所以没拍照留念,拿八粒回家吃,结果全部吃完了才想到要拍照。。。真是的。

这月饼超好吃,浓浓的奶油和奶香味,让你齿颊流香。 我放了超市买的红豆沙和自制的咸蛋黄,蛋黄太少了,下次要放多一点。

Recipe will be updated later, OK?

Edited on 17 Sept 2015

Sorry for posting the recipe 1 year late, but here it is :)

Mooncake skin recipe adapted from Butter, Flour & Me

50g unsalted butter (softened at room temp)
20g icing sugar
50g golden syrup (I used korean cooking syrup)
150g cake flour
10g milk powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 beaten egg yolk, at room temp 
sesame seeds for decoration

Egg Wash - 1 beaten egg yolk at room temp, mixed with a little water
Salted Egg Yolks - I used 1/4 of egg yolk per piece
Fillings - I used canned red bean paste filling, divided into 25g per piece

1. Sift cake flour, milk powder and baking soda together and mix well.

2. Beat butter, icing sugar and golden syrup together. Add beaten egg yolk a little at a time, and beat until smooth and creamy (I used my cake mixer at low speed)

3. Add in the sifted flour mixture, combine to form a smooth dough. (I used cake mixer at low speed again, then I used my hands to form it into a smooth dough. Do not over-knead. If you find the dough too dry, you may add a little egg yolk.)

4. Cover the dough with plastic clingwrap and chill in the fridge (not freezer!) for 30 min.

5. Remove the dough from the fridge, weigh and divide into required portions. I divided it into pieces of 25 to 28g each. Cover the rest of the dough with clingwrap while you are wrapping to avoid drying out.

6. Use your palm to flatten each piece of dough into a circle, making sure that the edges are thinner than the centre. Wrap in the filling plus 1/4 salted egg yolk, and roll it into a smooth ball. (The dough was very easy to work with, at least at my room temp of 20C)

7. Baked on a lined baking tray in a preheated oven at 160C for 10 min.

8. After 10 min, remove from the oven. Use a baking brush to apply egg wash on top and decorate with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds.

9. Return to the oven and continue to bake at 160C for another 15 min or until golden brown, but not cracked.


  1. hi 请问我可以要食谱吗?因为很难找到奶香重的食谱~全部都是芝香的 ^^
    wechat joannemilk~谢谢你哦

    1. Joannemilk,
      我不晓得食谱放哪里, 要找找看。下次我再做这个月饼, 会把它放上来, 应该会在8月或9月份。


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