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RCC #20 - Rice Cooker Walnut Butter Cake

I did this cake because I wanted to take a break from baking bread, I have been baking a lot of new breads for my dough starter bread blog-hop these few weeks and after a while, it gets very tiring and I suddenly have a yearning for a rice cooker cake. :)

It's been a while since I last baked a rice cooker cake. I want to give my Toshiba her well-deserved pension, but seems like she has to work longer and harder before she can retire. Doesn't this remind you of what our Singapore government always says? LOL! 

Back to this walnut butter cake recipe. I was pondering between baking a lemon cake or marble cake or a walnut cake. Then I remembered my dear friend Charmaine of Mimi Bakery House mentioning to me how much she liked this cake. So I hopped over to her blog and did my number-crunching to convert this to a rice cooker recipe. Based on gut feel, I just took 3/4 of her recipe, cos I knew that would be just nice and would take 1 hour for my 5.5 cup rice cooker. Don't ask me how I knew, I just go according to my gut feel whenever I need to convert oven-baked cakes to rice cooker cakes, and after doing 20 rice cooker cakes, my gut feel has become pretty accurate! :)

I really like this cake. It is nutty and crunchy, buttery yet not oily, all thanks to the humble rice cooker. It's hard to bake a pound cake which is not oily in the oven, but a rice cooker does this job effortlessly. This cake is extremely wicked (for my waistline), so I decided not to give it any chance of survival, and I *killed* half of it before I went to sleep. :)

Btw, did I tell you this is my 20th rice cooker cake? Shall I pop champagne to celebrate? :)

Recipe adapted from Mimi Bakery House, thank you Charmaine for this fantastic recipe!

190g unsalted butter, softened at room temp
115g castor sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract/essence
3 eggs at room temp
170g cake flour (superlite flour preferred), sifted with baking powder 2 times
1.5 tsp baking powder
95g walnuts (80g chopped roughly + 15g for decoration)
3 to 5 tbsp milk at room temp

1. Cream butter, sugar, vanilla essence using mixer at medium speed until light and fluffy.

2. Add eggs one at a time and mix well using mixer.

3. Add sifted flour and baking powder, mix well. (Instead of using a mixer at lowest speed, use a manual whisk to whisk very lightly and briefly in one direction till all the flours are incorporated. Do not over-mix.)

4. Add chopped walnuts, fold in briefly using a spatula. 

5. Lastly add milk and fold in briefly using a spatula. (I find the cake a little dry the next day, so instead of 3 tbsp, I would add 4 to 5 tbsp of milk the next time. You may add plain yoghurt or whipped cream instead of milk.)

6. Grease the rice cooker pot lightly with butter/oil. This is a buttery cake so actually there is no need to grease it if you are using a non-stick pot. Pour the batter into the rice cooker pot, you do not have to preheat. Use a spatula to gently smoothen the batter.

7. With the 15g walnuts set aside for deco, you can choose to chop them and sprinkle on top of batter, OR you can press the unchopped whole walnuts lightly on top of the batter like what I did.

8. Press "Cook" and allow to cook for 1 hour. Each time the rice cooker switches to "Keep Warm", just press "Cancel" and "Cook" again. I pressed "Cook" for 3x and it lasted 1 hour in my Toshiba 5.5 cup rice cooker without baking function. If you have "Bake" or "Cake" function, you can use that too.

a) Note that cooking time varies based on brand, model, cup capacity and technology of your rice cooker, so please use your judgement accordingly and do not ask me how much time is required for your rice cooker because I am only familiar with Toshiba! You may open the rice cooker after 30 min to check the status. For rice cookers with 10 cup capacity, you are advised to increase the quantity of ingredients (maybe do 1.5x or double) and adjust the  timing accordingly, as this cake is made for a 5.5 cup capacity and is pretty small.

b) Those who have made the rice cooker banana cake, may follow the timing based on what they have experienced previously, meaning if it took 50 min for your banana cake, you can try to aim for 50 min for this cake.

c) I pounded my walnuts using mortar and pestle. The walnuts should not be pounded too fine if you want some crunch in the cake. You can also use the back of a cleaver/chopper to pound nuts in a ziploc bag.

d) This recipe is based on 3/4 of a oven-baked walnut butter cake recipe, so of course you can bake this cake in the oven, just visit the original link for more details.

e) Do not attempt to reduce the baking powder as that much of baking powder is necessary for such a heavy cake laden with nuts. It is best to use superlite flour if you can get hold of it. If not, use cake flour.

By the way, if you happen to make this cake, do let me know how it turns out for you! :)


  1. I've never tried making a cake in a rice cooker before but this cake looks great ! Buttery , nutty with soft crumbs , my kind of cake indeed . Thanks for sharing this recipe . Will give it a try soon ;)

  2. Hi miss B. I just tried making the walnut butter cake following your recipe. Am very happy with how it turned out. There were some (small) parts of the cake that were slightly damp though. Not sure what I didn't do accurately. Anyway, I used 5 tbsp of milk, cake flour (mixing corn and wheat flour) and used a manual whisk throughout as I don't have an electric mixer. Overall the cake was yummy. This will be my 3rd rice cooker cake all following your recipe and am very happy with how all 3 of them have turned out. Thanks miss B for sharing your very clearly explained recipes that even a novice like me can follow :D


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