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MTR #2 - Hokkaido Wholemeal Bread (Tangzhong Method) using Pain de Campagne Flour

Hi everybody, I am sorry to have gone missing for a week! I was so busy these few weeks that I hardly had time to rest, and if there was any free time, it was spent on taking care of my 3 Do-Re-Mi kiddies aged 0 to 5, and experimenting with different bread recipes. This weekend was such a hectic weekend that I could only upload the recipe now on Monday 22 Sept even though I baked this super-soft wholemeal bread on Thursday 18 Sept. This soft and fluffy wholemeal bread was already finished by Friday, but I couldn't resist making another batch on Sunday evening (after returning from a weekend away from home), since I really like this recipe. Instead of hitting the bed, I immediately rolled up my sleeves and started making bread the minute I got home, just goes to show how much I adore this bread, hehe. :)

By the way, this wholemeal bread recipe was actually triggered by the purchase of a 5 kilo bag of Pain de Campagne Flour / Boerenbrood Bloem (French Bread Flour) which I accidently bought by mistake from the supermart, thinking that it was white bread flour. It was not expensive, only 6 euro for a 5 kilo bag of flour but then what should I do with it? Let it collect dust and weevils? It would be wasteful to throw the 5 kilo bag of flour away (just think about all the starving people in the rest of the world!), so I went searching high and low for recipes that make use of this special flour. My hubby suggested that I make the real Pain de Campagne bread (French Country Bread), but I have no idea what that is and what to expect. In the end, I decided to use one of my tried-and-tested old recipes and substitute 50% of the white bread flour for this french bread flour, so that was how this super-soft wholemeal bread came about. :)

While making this bread, I actually committed a VERY BIG mistake. It was originally intended to be made entirely in the bread machine since I could not afford the time to do shaping and baking in the oven, but due to my oversight or my exhaustion, I had put in ingredients for 1 kg loaf without realising that it would rise too high and hit the cover of the BM. Luckily I happened to walk past the BM just when there was still 40 min left, and I couldn't believe what I saw. Houston, we have a problem!!! I practically had to run to the kitchen to heat up the oven, stop the BM and quickly transfer the bread to the oven to bake further for 20 min at 180C. Thank god I managed to salvage the bread and it turned out pretty well. So now you know why the top of the bread was a little wrinkled, it was no coincidence!

So, here is the recipe. It is not a big secret, it is based on a recipe that a lot of people already know. Guess what, it is the famous tangzhong hokkaido milk loaf recipe! Yes, the recipe that can make your bread perform yoga, like the picture above, no kidding!

Recipe adapted from my hokkaido milk loaf recipe, originally from Bread Doctor by Yvonne C (65°C 汤种面包,陈郁芬著). 

You can refer to my previous post here:

Ingredients for two small 500g loaves or one 1 kg loaf

270g white bread flour 
270g Pain de Campagne flour (you can use wholewheat flour too)
9g milk powder or 1 tbsp (1 tbsp is about 10g)
86g caster sugar
8g salt or 1.5 tsp (1 tsp is about 5.5g)
11g instant yeast or 3.75 tsp (1 tsp is about 3 g)
86g whisked egg or 1.5 egg (1 average egg is about 60g)
59g whipping cream
54g milk
184g tangzhong dough 

49g unsalted butter, melted

1. Prepare the tangzhong starter in advance and allow it to cool down before using.

2. First place the wet ingredients (egg, milk, whipping cream, tangzhong dough) into the bread machine or stand-mixer with dough hook, followed by the dry ingredients (milk powder, 50% white bread flour, 50% pain de campagne or wholewheat flour). Make sure that you set the salt, sugar and yeast apart, the salt and sugar should be at separate corners, dig a hole in the flour mixture and add in the yeast in the centre. Only add in the unsalted butter when a rough dough is formed. Knead until the dough can be stretched into a thin stretchable membrane with rough (not smooth) edges around the holes. In this case, it will not be able to pass the windowpane /membrane test simply because there is only 50% white bread flour.

(A) Steps for Bread Machine (specific for Primo and Tesco BM only)
1. Press the "Dough" function, let it knead for 20 min, and press stop. Do this 2 times, total 40 min. Then press the "Sweet" function (number 5), select Light Crust and 1000g, the entire cycle will take 2 hrs 55 min. If you are baking entirely in the BM, pls remember to reduce the ingredients proportionately to 80 - 90% otherwise the bread loaf will rise very high and hit the cover! You may have to stop 10 min before the end in case the crust gets too hard. (Updated on 22 Oct 2014 : Recipe based on 90% ingredients : 243g white bread flour, 243g wholemeal flour, 8g milk powder, 77g caster sugar, 7g salt, 10g instant yeast, 77g whisked egg, 53g whipping cream, 49g milk, 165g tangzhong dough starter, 44g unsalted butter)

2. (This was what I did by mistake, you may or may not want to replicate this, it is up to you.) When there is just 1 hour left for the BM, check the bread loaf to make sure it is not hitting the cover yet. Preheat the oven at this time to 180C. At around 40 to 45 min, the bread loaf would have risen almost to the top, now is the time to stop the BM, take out the bread tin and transfer the bread tin to the oven to bake further at 180C for about 20 min at the bottom of the oven. I did an extra step of applying a layer of egg wash on the top. Take note that the BM bread tin is pretty tall so it must be able to fit into your oven. Mine is a 60L  built-in Ariston oven. If your oven is too small, you may wanna consider taking the dough out after proofing (at 2:00h) and dividing it into 2 small pullman loaf tins or 1 big pullman loaf tin in order to bake in the oven.

(B) Steps for Oven  = Pls refer to the hokkaido milk loaf link stated above for shaping and baking instructions.

(24 Sept 2014) - Just posted a short video (click HERE) on how I sliced this soft and fluffy wholemeal bread with a sharp serrated bread knife. 

Another attempt of the same bread on 24th Sept using 90% of total ingredients.

Another attempt of the same bread on 24th Sept using 90% of total ingredients.

Another attempt of the same bread on 24th Sept using 90% of total ingredients.

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By the way, if you are new to my blog or have not visited recently, pls be informed that I am now holding a second blog-hop My Treasured Recipes MTR #2 in Aug and Sept, featuring dough starter breads. You are welcome to join in the blog-hop from now till end September. 

For the next 2 months Oct and Nov, the theme for MTR will be "Taste of Autumn". You are welcome to submit any dishes featuring fruits and vegetables harvested in Autumn, such as apples, pears, pumpkins, zucchinnis etc. More details will follow soon, so stay tuned! The link for MTR #3 - Taste of Autumn is here :


  1. Your bread looks so so soft. I can imagine how happy you were when you sliced into this baby. Well done!

  2. Hi Miss B, your Hokkaido bread looks so soft and fluffy. Very beautiful and yummy. Thanks for sharing and cheers :)

  3. Wow, your bread looks so soft and fluffy! I can see why you love it so much!
    I've just linked a bread with stuffed chocolate.
    Have a lovely week!

  4. got up at 6am this morning and came upon me to search for steamed bun recipes (bao) and lo and behold stumbled onto your blog... had time to read a few posts and been quite some time since I've gotten pleasantly tickled. I enjoyed the flow of your writing with funny and interesting anecdotes, especially the fact you live in a place where finding the right ingredients is a challenge, pratically similar to my situation as I'm a Singaporean living in Milan, 1 difference tho' - I don't drive so the thought of getting to the stores with the public transport just make me so lazy but new year resolution, must make a point to get out of this lazy shell.... ok let you go for now and today after work will get started at the very beginning of your blog:)

    thanks for all your recipes and time and effort in putting up the blog.

  5. I baked this wholemeal hokkaido bread in the oven last night, the whole house smell delicious and thank you for sharing this recipe. I am loving it.


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