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MTR #2 - Another Tangzhong Wholemeal Bread in the Oven

This is a batch of tangzhong wholemeal breads that I did on 16 Sept, wow that was nearly 2 weeks ago! They were actually not very well done because I made 4 mistakes during baking. First of all, when rolling them up as swissrolls, I rolled one of the loaves too wide and had to place it in the tin the other way round, hence you see the difference in shaping between the two. Secondly, I was supposed to proof until 80% and cover the loaves with a lid each before sending to the oven, but because I had to bring my baby to the doctor, hence the breads were over-proofed by the time I returned and there was no way I could produce a rectangular pullman sandwich loaf. Thirdly, I was busy cooking dinner while the breads were being baked at the same time. In fact I was frying pumpkin rice on the stove and did not keep an eye on the breads in the oven, hence the crust was a little too dark. 4) I had to serve dinner quickly to my kids and so I left the breads in the bread tins after removing from the oven, (I knew I should immediately remove and let them cool on a rack), in the end the sides became soggy due to condensation :(

Anyway, I am not giving excuses for making ugly loaves. Just that  I sometimes hope I have more time to shape and bake my breads properly instead of always doing things in a hurry. =)

This recipe is very similar in texture compared to the Hokkaido Wholemeal Loaf I posted earlier except that the Hokkaido Wholemeal Loaf was done in a bread machine. In fact I made these 2 loaves a day or two before I attempted the Hokkaido Wholemeal Loaf.

So here is the recipe for this wholemeal bread using tangzhong method, adapted from Yvonne C's Bread Doctor (65°C 汤种面包,陈郁芬著).

Ingredients A
280g white bread flour
200g wholemeal bread flour (I used Pain de Campagne flour)
50g fine sugar
7g salt (slightly less than 1.5 tsp)
10g instant yeast (3 + 1/3 tsp)

Ingredients B
60g eggs (1 whole egg) at room temp
140g milk, lukewarm
120g tangzhong at room temp (see step 1)

Ingredients C
50g unsalted butter, softened at room temp, cut into pieces

1. Prepare the tangzhong dough in advance (click HERE for how to prepare tangzhong dough), transfer it into a clean bowl and cover it with clingwrap sticking onto the surface of the tangzhong to prevent it from drying up. Allow the tangzhong to be cooled before using. (Note that the tangzhong dough can be chilled in the fridge for 2 - 3 days until the mixture starts to turn greyish.)

2. First place the wet ingredients (Ingredients A) into the bread machine or stand-mixer with dough hook, followed by the dry ingredients (Ingredients B). Make sure that you set the salt, sugar and yeast apart, the salt and sugar should be at separate corners, dig a hole in the flour mixture and add in the yeast in the centre. Only add in the butter (Ingredient C) when a rough dough is formed. Knead until the dough can be stretched into a thin stretchable membrane with jagged edges around the holes. (I used the dough function of my BM, let it run 20 min, pressed stop and start again, another 20 min, stop/start again.)

3. 1st Proofing - Cover the dough with greased clingwrap and proof in a warm place for 40 to 45 min or until doubled in volume.  (Since the weather was very cold, I left it to proof in the oven with lowest heat turned on, about 30C. Instead of heating up the oven, you can also put a bowl of boiling water at the bottom.)

4. Punch Down - On a floured table top, grease your hands to punch down the dough to release air, then divide the dough into pieces of 4 x 220g each. Shape them round, cover and rest for 15 min at room temp. 

5.  Shaping and 2nd Proofing - With a floured rolling pin, roll each piece of dough into a swissroll and place 2 doughs each into a greased 450g pullman tin. You would need 2 small pullman tins. Allow to proof until 80%, then close the cover of each pullman tin, and send the 2 pullman tins to the preheated oven. Remember to grease the lid of each pullman tin! (Since the weather was very cold, I left it to proof in the oven with lowest heat turned on, about 30C. The weight of my dough was 915g so I divided into 230g each. Note that as my loaves were over-proofed, so I did not close the lid, instead I egg-washed them on top before baking.)
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for about 15 min or until golden brown. (The book indicated top heat 150C and bottom heat 180C for 15 min, and I placed the loaves on the lower shelf.)

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For the next 2 months Oct and Nov, the theme for MTR will be "Taste of Autumn". You are welcome to submit any dishes featuring fruits and vegetables harvested in Autumn, such as apples, pears, pumpkins, zucchinnis etc. More details will follow soon, so stay tuned! The link for MTR #3 - Taste of Autumn is here : http://everybodyeatswell.blogspot.be/2014/10/mtr-3-taste-of-autumn-fruits-and.html

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