Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rice Cooker Matcha Green Tea Cake (again)

I have been feeling very lazy these few days, after returning from our vacation in beautiful Switzerland, I just don't feel like doing anything else. It's already 2nd week of August, and there are not many days left of our 2-month summer school holidays...actually whether holiday or not, doesn't make any difference to me, I am a full-time housewife, I have to WORK 24x7...

Anyway, here is the Rice Cooker Green Tea Cake I baked in a disposable paper mould last Friday. This mould is 6 cm tall and 15 cm in diameter. Posting it now otherwise my backlogs will just get piled up and sooner or later I will forget again. Recipe is adapted from my RCC #3. I took about 10 min longer, which was 70 min to cook the cake, since the cake batter was not in direct contact with the rice cooker pot, hence it took slightly longer than usual. 

Here are some pictures of the cake.

The advantage of using a paper mould in the rice cooker is that, you can make a smaller but taller cake, and this is especially useful for people whose cakes get burnt easily. However, I would like to caution that I have only tried it in Toshiba which is a fuzzy logic rice cooker with non-stick pot, I cannot and will not guarantee that it will work in other rice cookers. You have to try it out yourself, and if your rice cooker goes on strike, pls do not blame me OK? I am only sharing my recipes FOC and out of goodwill, I am not responsible for what happens in your kitchen. :)

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