Friday, July 4, 2014

MTR #1 - Almond Puffs 杏仁酥饼 (Alex Goh)

I baked a very easy snack for the kids who came over to my house to play today. I find it hard to believe how incredibly easy this was, it just took me 30 min from the minute I started to the time they came out from the oven. 10 min prep time + 20 min oven time. :)

It's so easy that I can just describe the method in 1 long sentence. What I did was, I just rolled out the ready-made puff pastry (bladereeg / pâte feuilletée) i bought from the supermart, brushed some water all over it, sprinkled some almond flakes, then used a rolling pin to roll over and press the almond flakes onto the puff pastry, finally I sprinkled some castor sugar over the puff pastry, sliced it into strips and off they went to the already pre-heated oven to bake at 170 degrees celsius for 20 to 25 min. 

While the almond puffs were baking in the oven, tick tock tick tock, I quickly jumped into my auto and rushed to pick up my older daughter from the creche so that she could play together with the visitors. There was some delay as she was just awake, so by the time I came home, the oven alarm had already sounded. Luckily everything was perfect, and thank goodness the almond puffs came out nice, golden-brown and crunchy. Since I could not squeeze everything into 1 tray, I had placed 2 trays in the oven, the bigger tray was 1 shelf above the middle shelf quite near to the top, while the smaller tray was on the middle shelf. After removing the first tray, I quickly moved the smaller tray to the upper shelf to brown for another 5 min.

Luckily I had already taken some pictures before I offered the almond puffs to the kids, because you know what, they were were snapped up within 10 min!

Adapted from Alex Goh's Joy of Making Cookies

Note : original recipe used Alex Goh's puff pastry recipe but I used ready-made store-bought puff pastry instead. Here are the step-by-step fotos, note that I missed out snapping fotos of how the puff pastry was cut into strips. The original recipe requires you to get a rectangular piece of puff pastry but we could only circular pieces here and I didn't want to waste the pastry by making it into a rectangle or a square.

a piece of ready-made puff pastry
some almond flakes
some sugar

1. Roll out the puff pastry into 2-mm thickness and brush a layer of water all over it.

2. Sprinkle some almond flakes over the puff pastry. 

3. Use a rolling pin to roll over and press the almond flakes onto the puff pastry so that they stick onto it.

4. Sprinkle generously with sugar. 

5. (Picture not shown) Cut into 2 x 12 cm thin strips.

6. Bake in a preheated oven at 170C for 20 - 25 min.

Voila, see how easy it is to make these delicious almond puffs. Hope you like them!

I am submitting this post to "My Treasured Recipes - Alex Goh (June/July 2014)" hosted by myself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders and co-hosted by Charmaine of Mimi Bakery House.


  1. Hi, Bee, I make this before, really easy peasy and so tasty!

  2. Hi Bee,
    Your almond stick looks inviting!
    I will have a few in one siting:)

  3. Hi Miss B,
    This looks simple and yet so yummy! Great for an all-day snacking! I bet these are addictive! Lovely with a cup of warm tea!

  4. Nice and puffy snacks!

    No worries, Miss B! We will wait for your chiffon cake post. I can link for you if you miss the date and you have to let me know :D

    Btw, I really really have to tell you something... I just realise that the book that you pick to blog hop for the month of Aug and Sept is by the author 許正忠!!! I'm not sure if he is the same guy who say nasty thing about Jocelyn Pang from Joyce's Kitchen at his FB because she published his recipe together with her bakes in her blog and he said she has been infringing his so called "copyright rules". Eventually, Jocelyn hasn't been blogging since this incident that happened early this year. So, be careful if you want to go ahead using his book for your event.


    1. Thanks for informing, Zoe! Oh no, then I won't use his book then, I will think of something else, maybe breads using natural yeast. I am quite wary of blog-hopping based on books due to copyrights infringements too, which is why I allways encourage people to buy the books if they wanna try the recipes. For the Alex Goh blog-hop, so far a few people have told me they have bought his books in order to try his recipes, so I hope this blog hop will have a positive effect on his book sales. In no way, am I trying to infringe on copyrights, just trying to recommend good recipe books. :)

    2. Hi Miss B,

      Totally agree that blogging of certain recipes can boost the reputations of some chefs and also have positive effects on their book sales. However, it is sad that not everyone sees it this way.

      Like you, I always give credits to authors who write good recipes and do recommend their websites and books if they are good but I guess this particular author sees his ownership too deep and can cause quite a lot of trauma to friendly bloggers. I have read about the infringement rules and think that we won't be trouble as long as we mention the source of the recipes and didn't reproduce the entire book including their photo in our blogs. Poor Jocelyn! I think she was scared because this man said bad stuff and threatened her in FB.

      No worries if you are not using his books.



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