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Rice Cooker Grilled/Braised Chicken Wings

I dunno why all of a sudden, there is this craze about cooking and baking in the rice cooker in the FB group that I am in. People started making all kinds of things in the rice cooker, not just rice (that is too mainstream), not just cakes (that is also too mainstream), but char siew, soya sauce chicken, and what-nots. And today I tried making braised chicken wings in my rice cookers! Yes, in my "konichiwa" (Toshiba) rice cooker and my "annyonghaseyo" (Cuckoo) rice cooker. Thanks to Wendy, my family was able to enjoy delicious braised and grilled chicken wings cooked in my 2 rice cookers!

I was thinking of making chicken wings today after seeing Wendy post her rice cooker grilled chicken wings 2 days ago. So this afternoon, after baking loaf bread in the oven, I went to the supermart and bought slightly more than a kilo of chicken wings but I couldn't squeeze them into 1 rice cooker! That's when my new Cuckoo comes in handy! Luckily I have 2 rice cookers, haha!

Here is my "annyonghaseyo" Cuckoo 10-cup pressure rice cooker which I just bought in Dec 2013. The colour is red and white on the outside and it is pretty big, as big as my bread machine. This rice cooker actually greets you with "annyonghaseyo cuckoo hamida..." and a string of korean words which I don't understand whenever I switch it on and it puffs like a locomotive when it cooks rice or porridge. Serious, not joking! 

And this is my "konichiwa" Toshiba 5.5 cup rice cooker which I have been using since 2008. It is my little workhorse in my tiny kitchen and it is very quiet, not as "outspoken" as my Cuckoo.

I wish I can show you more pictures of my 2 rice cookers, but that is not the focus today. The focus today is my rice cooker grilled/braised chicken wings recipe, let's see what we need for making delicious grilled and braised chicken wings in the rice cooker. :)

Recipe adapted from Wendy Chun

2 tbsp light soya sauce
2 tbsp chinese cooking wine (you can use dry sherry)
1 tbsp honey
*1 tbsp maltose (I used korean cooking syrup)
*1 tbsp ginger juice (I used 1 tsp ginger powder)
pinch of pepper

* if you have no maltose, just replace with honey
* ginger juice is extracted by shredding a piece of ginger and extracting the juice by squeezing through a sieve.

1. Get ready 500g of mid-joint chicken wings and marinate them for at least 3 to 4 hrs. (I marinated them for only 45 min but they still turned out pretty well. Since I bought 1 kg of wings, I made double the amount of marinade)

2. Place the wings in the rice cooker pot, and pour half of the marinate/sauce over it. Remember to place the fleshy side of the wings downwards and the skin facing upwards.

3. Press COOK and allow to cook for 45 min. If the COOK button pops up before 45 min, just press it again. (I let my Toshiba cook for 45 min and I let my Cuckoo cook for 35 min.)

4. After 30 min, flip the chicken wings so that the fleshy side is facing upwards now. If necessary, flip the wings a second time towards the end to allow both sides to be grilled equally.

5. When time is up, remove and serve. If you feel that the wings are not grilled enough or the colour is not golden brown, you can let them cook further. Cooking times vary due to different brands, capacities and technologies, pls use your judgement to adjust accordingly.

- Do not pour all the sauce into the pot, otherwise the wings will take longer to grill. If there is more sauce, it will get braised instead of grilled. During the last 15 min, if there is still a lot of sauce, remove some and set it aside for later, so that the wings can be grilled to golden brown.

- You may think that the amount of sauce is very little, and you are tempted to pour everything in. But do note that the chicken wings actually emit moisture when they are cooked, so you will end up with more sauce after cooking!

- My 10-cup Cuckoo, being a bigger rice cooker (and pressure cooker), was able to cook the chicken wings to a more tender texture. In fact, the chicken meat was so tender that it fell off the bones easily. But because I placed too much marinade inside the pot, the wings were braised instead of grilled. On the other hand, although my 5.5 cup Toshiba took 45 min and the wings were golden brown, the meat did not fall off the bones easily. So that was the difference between the two batches.

If you like to experiment with your rice cooker in cooking or baking, you can check out my rice cooker recipe index HERE, or subscribe to my EEWIF facebook page for faster updates! 


  1. Hi Ms B,
    I love reading your blog, you have endless yummy recipes and interesting experiments with rice cooker. Keep up the good work and thanks very much for making time to share all your dishes/bakes etc.

    1. Hi Ade,
      Thank you for your compliments, I am very touched. To get faster updates, you can subscribe to my FB page if you like :)

  2. I have a rice cooker and it is a very simple one. Unfortunately I am unable to set a timer for it. So what can I do? This is very interesting and am tempted to try it.
    Thank u!

    1. Hi Karen,
      I did not use the timer, I manually timed it using a baking alarm or the alarm in my oven. When the COOK button popped up, the rice cooker would beep and I would press CANCEL and press COOK again if the time is not up. Then I would open to check and flip the wings. I stopped the 2nd cycle half-way both for my japanese and korean rice cookers. For my japanese rice cooker, I could open the lid at any time to check, but for my korean pressure cooker, I couldn't even open unless I pressed the CANCEL button, because it is a pressure cooker.

  3. Great! Thanks for the info! I will try it and let u know the results. Feeling excited! Woohoo! :D

  4. Oh, yes, I remembered very well your talkative Cuckoo when you brought it over to my place..ha ha ha! And the rice was just amazing. Mmmm...

    BTW, who won? I meant your verdict on the result of the RC grilled/braised chix. Korea or Japan? ;-)

    1. Hehe, the korean one won. Maybe my Toshiba has to cook a little longer... :)


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