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Rice Cooker Char Siew (电饭锅叉烧)

This is another of my backlogs, which I did on Thur 19 June 2014, a very easy but delicious rice cooker char siew. Yes, this was done in a rice cooker, don't believe, just click on the facebook link (click HERE). This was inspired by a fellow member from a FB group, Wendy Chun. Thanks to Wendy, I was able to make this easy peasy char siew in my Toshiba rice cooker. I marinated this rice cooker char siew using my old char siew recipe.

I finally have some time to write down the detailed step by step instructions in my blog. Here are the steps:

1) Buy pork shoulder or better still, armpit meat called 不见天 from the butcher.
This was not exactly pork shoulder, I just took a piece of pork from my freezer meant for roasting.

2) Marinate the pork using your preferred recipe, for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. The longer the better. Prick your meat with fork to allow the marinade to be absorbed. If you do not have a marinade recipe, you can follow my recipe here, I used the sweet version by Lily Ng. (Seasonings: 2½ tbsp hoisin sauce, 1 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp light soya sauce, 1/4 -1/2 cup sugar, 1 tbsp chinese rice wine or sherry, 1/2 tsp 5-spice powder, 1/4 tsp salt, dash of pepper)

3) Pour everything including sauce into the rice cooker and let it cook for at least 1 hour by pressing the COOK button. After 30 min, flip the meat once. At about 50 min, remove half the sauce and set aside in a bowl, and allow the char siew to be "grilled" or "roasted" in the rice cooker. Of course there is no "grill" or "roast" mode in the rice cooker, what I mean is if you put in less sauce, the meat will brown faster. Flip again if necessary. Mine was done in 70 min. My rice cooker is Toshiba 5.5 cups fuzzy logic with NO BAKING FUNCTION, I just used COOK function. You can see a picture of it being pasted several times on my blog, just have to search for it.

Just before pressing COOK button.

最好是买俗称 "不见天" 的猪肉,基本上是猪的腋下的肉,只要跟屠夫说要做叉烧的肉就可以了。
1) 把猪肉洗好沥干水分,然后腌至少2个钟头,最好过夜。中文食谱请点击这里
2) 把腌好的肉和汁一同倒进饭锅, 按COOK 煮至少一个钟头。
3) 30 分钟后,开锅盖,小心不要烫伤,把猪肉翻过来,再继续煮。 再过20分钟, 也就是煮了50分钟后,把一半的汁倒出来,搁在碗里备用。猪肉会在剩余的汁里,会烤得更美。
4) 我总共煮70分钟。用的是Toshiba fuzzy logic 5.5 cup 的 电饭锅,无烘烤蛋糕的功能。

After 30 min.
Almost done, sauce has thickened.

Finished cooking in rice cooker. Just before cutting.
This recipe is really very easy and the result was very good. A few of us have tried it in our FB group after Wendy posted her foto there. Do give it a try if you would like to make your own home-made char siew. We have also tried roasting soya sauce chicken HERE.

If you would like to try to baking in rice cooker, you can check out my rice cooker cakes listed HERE and my rice cooker cooked dishes HERE.

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