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[My Treasured Recipes #1] - Carrot Nutty Muffins

If you have been following my blog, you will realise that I have very few muffin recipes. It is not that I dun like to make muffins, but I dun have nice muffin or cupcake paper liners. My paper liners are super duper ugly. Every time I return to SG, I have to remind myself to make a trip to Phoon Huat to stock up on those lovely muffin/cupcake paper liners which I see on other blogs, but I keep forgetting about it each time. 

So when I finally decided to try a muffin recipe from Alex Goh's Baking Code book, I had no choice but to use my super duper ugly paper liners. Gosh I couldn't believe how greedy I was and I paid a huge price for it. I ignored the instructions of filling up the batter to 80%, and instead I filled them to 90%. As a result the bigger muffins ended up overflowing. Strange enough, the smaller muffins rose quite high and did not over-flow although they were nearly filled to the brim too. It was probably because the muffins were baked in 2 trays one on top of another (so that I could squeeze all 20 of them in one oven, see how greedy I was). The smaller ones were on the upper tray and they baked faster and rose higher, while the bigger ones were on the lower tray and they received less heat, hence the batter over-flowed instead of rising up. 

These carrot nutty muffins were soft and moist, healthy and wholesome, and hence very suitable for children. I followed the recipe but reduced the sugar a little (from 180g to 170g), and instead of using walnuts, I used mixed nuts (almonds, cashew nuts, pine nuts). What's special about this recipe is that, it contains carrots, nuts, honey, milk, double action BP and baking soda, and it uses a mixture of plain flour and bread flour. The carrots gave the muffins added moisture and sweetness, while the nuts made the muffins crunchy. 

This recipe produced quite a lot of batter, I was able to fill up 12 small muffins and 8 big muffins. I used 2 tbsp of batter each for the small muffins and 3 tbsp each for the bigger muffins, which means the batter is actually enough to make 24 small muffins or 16 big muffins. 

Recipe adapted from Alex Goh's Baking Code (makes 24 small muffins or 16 big muffins)

Ingredients A
140g margarine (I used SOLO baking butter from Colruyt)
180g sugar (reduced to 170g, the sweetness is ok)
1/2 tsp salt
40g honey

Ingredients B
2 eggs

Ingredients C
400g milk

Ingredients D (sifted)
300g plain flour
100g bread flour
1.5 tbsp double action baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

Ingredients E
220g grated carrots (about 3 medium carrots)
100g chopped walnuts (changed to mixed nuts)

(In order to respect the author's IP rights, I will give a very brief description of the method here in my own words. )

1. Cream A until light and fluffy, and add the rest of the ingredients B, C, D, E in the above-mentioned order, mix well after each addition. (Note that I used cake-mixer for creaming A and B. For C and D, you have to add alternatively, and fold in using spatula. Finally add E and mix well. Do not over-mix otherwise the muffins will not be soft and fluffy.)

2. Use a spoon to scoop the batter and fill each muffin cup till 80% full. (I used 2 tbsp of batter for the smaller muffins and 3 tbsp for the bigger muffins. The bigger ones over-flowed as a result of my greediness :) 

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for 20 to 30 min. 

So what is the verdict?
I thought I have baked far too many muffins, and was thinking how on earth I am gonna finish them. But they were so delicious I kept eating one after another before my dinner. Before I knew it, the 8 big muffins were already gone (I had 6), leaving behind 12 small ones for the next day. However, this morning I woke up discovering that there was only 1 left for me. Papa and boy boy have decided to have healthy carrot muffins for breakfast. The one lonely muffin left for me still tasted good, it was soft and moist even after a day. :)

By the way, we are doing a blog hop on Alex Goh's recipes from 4 June to 31 July 2014. If you would like to know more, kindly visit this link.

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  1. Bee, I think the red colour liner looks nice. I know how messy it is when the batter overflow.
    Thanks for linking up with LTU!

  2. Hi Ms B,
    Lovely muffins! And I do not think that your cupcake cases are ugly. I used the same boring ones, plain white, as I have lots of it to clear! And really restraining myself not to buy those pretty, cute cases each time I go to the bakery supply store, until my plain ones are all used up, and it is gonna take some time, since I do not bake cupcakes or muffins that often! Frustrating! :)


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