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[My Treasured Recipes #1] - Assorted Sweet Buns using Alex Goh Sweet Bread Dough

It's been a while since I last baked Alex Goh's sweet bread. Due to the addition of a new family member this year, I can no longer spare the time to knead and shape my breads as I did last time. Bread-baking is usually a time-consuming affair, and since I live in Belgium, I have to study the weather in advance before I decide if I can bake breads on a particular day. In fact, I would prefer to bake breads in summer than in winter, when I can proof my breads out in the garden and don't have to rely on the oven or the heater for proofing, which is why you will see me posting a lot of breads in summer. :)

Back to this sweet bread dough, I have already tried many different combinations and different fillings with it, until I kind of run out of ideas. Hence I decided to make them more child-friendly and more visually-appealing to my kids. My kids are choosy eaters, sometimes they don't even wanna try something just from the looks of it. So this time round, I decided to make snails or slugs (since I have been busy catching and killing them lately in the garden due to an onslaught of slugs on my pumpkin seedlings) and porcupines. I remember seeing them on Aunty Young's blog, and I thought they look really cute! I shaped the snails based on the way I think they should look like and I sprinkled some baking confetti on them since I needed to get rid of some expiring baking confetti. The porcupines were shaped just like my porcupine sweet potato steamed buns, but sprinkled with chocolate rice on top. Those snails and porcupines were of course meant for the kiddies. For the adults, I made 2 "kosong" (empty) buns egg-washed and sprinkled with black sesame sesame seeds, 3 buns with hotdogs and another 2 buns with banana fillings. So it was kind of a mish-mash of assorted sweet buns.

For the dough recipe, you can refer to my old post on how to make sweet bread dough (from Magic Bread book). As for the shaping, it was quite straightforward, so I did not include any step-by-step illustrations. Sorry, but I had to get these breads into the oven as quickly as possible, before one of my 3 kiddies started screaming or crying, hence as usual, there was very little time for photo-taking and what-nots. Everything had to be chop-chop!

I will just be very brief about the method here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.
1. Basically, just prepare the sweet bread dough (already undergone 1st round of proofing of 45 min or until doubled in size) 
2. Divide the dough into 80g each, shape them round and let them rest for about 10 min. 
3. Then after 10 min, shape them into whatever shapes you want. In my case, I made snails, porcupines, hotdog rolls, banana rolls and sesame rolls. The hotdog rolls were open-ended, while the banana rolls were sealed at the end, and I used a fork to prick holes in the banana rolls. I also used scissors to nip the quills of the porcupines, they were not very obvious as they were covered by chocolate rice later.
4. Then proof a second time covered in a warm place for another 45 min or until doubled in size. 
5. Just before baking, apply a layer of egg-wash and sprinkle some baking confetti onto the snails and porcupines and some black sesame seeds onto the sesame rolls. 
6. Finally bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 12 min.

So what was the verdict?

Of course the sweet buns are very good. They are soft and fluffy and will remain so for 2-3 days, otherwise you won't see me makng Alex Goh's sweet bread dough over and over again in my blog. If this is the first time you have heard of this sweet bread dough, try it out and you will know how good it is! :)

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  1. Bee,
    Your assorted buns looks nice and delicious!
    With 3 kiddies at home you still managed to make such lovely buns.
    Two Thumbs up to you!!

    1. mui mui,
      You have no idea what I experienced during bread-baking, it was like a war-zone, and at any one time, one of the kids were crying. I would probably try more loaf breads or bread-machine breads in future as I can't afford the time in shaping breads :(

  2. Bee, you are a great mummy! Really salute you...with an infant at home, you still could bake such cute buns to entice the two older ones to eat. I wouldn't have that energy to do so....

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I bake to de-stress from all the stress at home, but sometimes I end up getting more stress, haha

  3. I've gone through Alex Goh cookbook before. He has a very interesting collection and you're getting there as well. Kudos!
    Hope you're having a fabulous week ahead.
    blessings, kristy

  4. Hi Ms B,
    I have made his sweet bread dough before, and they are good!
    The ones with the sausages would be the first ones to disappear in my house!
    Thanks for linking!


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