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Hokkaido Wholemeal Milk Loaf That Can Do Yoga (会做瑜珈的北海道全麦牛乳面包)

I initally wanted to make the title of this post "DDMT Hokkaido Wholemeal Milk Loaf". But I realised that not everybody knows what the acronym "DDMT" stands for, it means "Die Die Must Try". This is not standard English, this is Singlish (Singapore English). This bread is the cousin of Hokkaido Milk Loaf but it uses straight dough method instead of using tangzhong method. I have bookmarked this recipe for a very long time and it came in handy now since I need to get rid of my big bag of wholemeal flour.

This recipe produces a very very soft and fluffy wholemeal/whole wheat bread loaf, so soft that it can do yoga! I am not joking, just look at the picture above and you will know what I mean. It was slightly sweet but that was what made this wholemeal loaf bread so lovely. It weighed slightly more than 500g, and we finished it within 4 hours since we had the bread with tomato crevettes for dinner. My son was crazy about the simple wholemeal bread (liked by 1300 people on last time, I thought that recipe was quite good, but honestly this one is even better, this is probably a 10K recipe, when compared to the 5K starter dough recipe floating around in the blogosphe lately. ;p 

If you like wholemeal bread, and if you are tired of eating plastic bread (that's what my hubby calls all supermarket breads) that are not just yucky and plastic-ky and loaded with preservatives, then you have to try this recipe, die die must try, it is full of wholesome goodness! I have never said this before, not even for my Hokkaido Milk Loaf, but I will lay my head down for the chopping board (I dunno how I am gonna do that) if this bread doesn't taste nice. (Disclaimer: you have to be at least experienced in making some other breads before you try this, because this bread is not just any other bread.) 

Recipe adapted from Little Corner of Mine with thanks!

Ingredients for a 600+ gram loaf
270g wholemeal flour
30g cake flour
2.5 tbsp milk powder (Nestle low-fat milk powder)
40g sugar
0.5 tsp 3/4 tsp or 4.5g salt **
1 tsp 1.67 tsp or 5g instant yeast **
1 large egg beaten (60g)
125g fresh milk (can reduce the milk by 15g to 110g**)
75g heavy whipping cream (using Colruyt "Boni" brand 35% opklopbare room)

** based on another round of testing, advised to increase salt to 3/4 tsp (4.5g) and instant yeast to 1 + 2/3 tsp (5g), and reduce the milk to 110g for better height.  **

1. Put everything into your bread machine and press "Sweet" mode, "Light" crust, and "700g". Each BM is different so choose the options according to your BM. (My Primo bread machine has indicated it will take 2h 50 min.  However note that you should choose "Light" crust instead of "Medium" or "Dark" since the crust turned out to be nicely brown and crispy even though I chose "Light".)

2a. If you don't like to use BM for baking, choose the "Dough" function, remove it when kneading is completed (you need at least 30 - 35 min of kneading), grease your hands and shape it round, cover with greased clingwrap or damp kitchen towel and let it proof 2 times for 1 hour each or until doubled in volume. After the 1st proofing, punch down the dough to release air, shape it round, cover and proof a 2nd time for another 1 hour. Then bake in a greased bread pan or 450g pullman loaf pan and place in preheated oven at 340F / 170C for 40 min or until it turns golden brown. The bread should be placed one shelf lower than the middle shelf so that the top of the bread reaches the middle height of the oven.

2b. If you don't have a BM, you can use a stand-mixer with dough hook to knead for 35 to 40 min. And follow the instructions as per step 2a.

How the dough looked like after kneading for 35 min by BM.

After 2nd proofing, just before BM started baking.

- This dough is very wet and sticky, hence it's impossible to knead 100% by hand. When shaping the dough after kneading using mixer, grease your hands and try not to flour too much. Adding extra flour will make the bread less soft. I did not add any extra flour since I used BM from start to end.

- If you are using BM to knead, remember to scrap the sides of the BM bowl using a rubber spatula to make sure all the ingredients are nicely incorporated into the dough. Same goes for stand-mixer.

- Unlike the Hokkaido Milk Loaf, you don't have to knead this wholemeal loaf until it passes the window pane stage but you have to knead very long. 

The milk, whipped cream and egg should be at room temperature if you are using stand-mixer. If you are using BM, it's not necessary since the BM generates sufficient heat to warm up the ingredients during kneading but I did warm up my milk (cold from the fridge) briefly in microwave just to be on safe side.

- If you are using delayed timer function in BM, make sure you set the sugar, salt and yeast apart and don't mix them together, the yeast should also be separated from the liquid ingredients with a barrier of flour because you want the yeast to stay dry until the machine starts its cycle. It doesn't matter if you are using the BM right away.

Good to know:
 bread machine baking tips from King Arthur Flour

Freshly baked from my bread machine!
My Primo bread machine

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In Oct 2014, I asked my friend, Sally Teo, to help me test out the improved recipe with some minor changes - 4.5g salt, 5g instant yeast and milk reduced by 15g to 110g. Here is the results - nice, tall and fluffy wholemeal loaf. Thank you Sally for your help! 


  1. Miss B, no joking is this really 10K recipe? :DDD anyway your bread does the yoga! with wholemeal in the bread it is healthy!

    Thanks for linkup with Little Thumbs Up!

    1. Have you tried baking wholemeal bread before? This recipe is really v v v good, try it and you will know. I think it's worth 10K, haha! :)

  2. Hi Miss B,

    Seeing a slice of your bread draping on your knife... I know that this recipe will yield nice and soft wholemeal bread! Yeah... no wonder you were going to name it as DDMT wholemeal bread.


  3. Thanks for the mentioned and linking. :) I am so glad that you enjoyed this bread so much, it makes sharing so much more awesome!

  4. Hi, i was wondering if you have any healthy substitutes for the heavy whipping cream? Thank you.

  5. Hi, thank you for sharing! May I ask where did u buy the bread machine from?

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Miss B, may I know which brand of cake flour, whole meal flour and instant yeast you have used in this recipe? Did you warm the fresh milk before out into the breadmaker?

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I used Royal Fan cake flour, a brand from Thailand. Wholemeal flour was either Soubry or Delhaize supermarket house brand. Instant yeast used was Bruggeman, a belgian brand. Yes, I warmed up the milk in microwave before placing it in bm as my milk was cold from the fridge.

  7. Hello miss B
    First I made Hokkaido bread then this must say its one of the best whole wheat bread I had
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi Ms B. I tried this recepie in my BM but my sweet bread function takes 3hr plus.. My bread crust is very hard and not as soft as yours. Do you think I should choose another function that doesn't tske as long? Elaine

    1. Hi elaine,
      The baking time is probably too long, how long does it take to bake? You should remove it earlier, say 5 to 10 min, before it is completed. Make your own judgement by observing the crust through the window. Alternatively wrap a piece of aluminium foil round the bm pot , shiny side facing inwards, make sure the foil doesnt touch the bm heating element, this way your crust will not be so hard and you can bake the whole duration.

  9. Hi Miss B, can i replace the heavy whipping cream with yogurt? If yes, similar amount?

  10. Hi Ms B,

    In your notes, you mentioned that although this dough doesn't need to pass through the window pane stage however this still need to be knead a long time. My BM on "sweet" mode kneads for about 20-30mins - is this sufficient? Or do I need to knead with "dough" function before switching to "sweet" function. I'm so looking forward in trying out this recipe. -Elaine

    1. It doesn't need to pass the window pane , bcos it's using wholemeal flour. It needs at least 30 to 35 min of kneading if i recall correctly, so if your sweet mode is 30 min of kneading in total, then you will need extra 5 min of dough function.

  11. Hi! I'm going to try this recipe, wish me luck hahaha! I have a question is it okay to use the rye flour in this recipe? Is it the same with wholemeal flour? Thanks


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