Friday, April 4, 2014

Orange Remedy for Cough and Sore Throat

I felt very much under the weather starting yesterday afternoon, it was beautiful sunny weather outside yet I was alternating between hot and cold shivers and my head was spinning like a top. I realise I may have contracted the flu virus from my baby who probably got it from her 2-year-old sister who likes to kiss the baby, leaving plenty of saliva and mucus on my poor baby's face. You can't possibly scold her for showering sisterly love on her baby sister, right?

Although I try to abstain from taking panadol or paracetamol at all times, it was too much for me to bear and I had to pop a "dalfagan forte". Yet my throat was still scorching. Then I remember an orange cough remedy I read from facebook recently, just happens that I have plenty of oranges at home. Great, let's do it!

Steps are very simple, as illustrated in the pictures. 

Just take an orange, slice off the top part, sprinkle 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of coarse sea salt on the orange flesh, then use a fork to prick holes into it so that the salt can seep through the orange flesh. Secure the lid of the orange with 1 or 2 toothpicks. Then put the orange in a ceramic or heat-resistant bowl (I should have done it but I didn't) and steam it in a pot of water for 10 to 15 min. Finally scoop up the orange flesh and drink the salty orange juice.

This is apparently a very good cough remedy. Let's hope my sore throat will get better tomorrow. =)

I am linking this post to Little Thumbs Up (April - Orange) organized by Bake for Happy Kids, and My Little Favourite DIY, hosted by Anncoo Journal at this link.


  1. Hope you feeling better soon... :)

    Got caught up in this post as I'm feeling under the weather too, with weather in Singapore getting hot nowadays, I'm also having sore throat...

    Lets hope both of us getting our throat cure soon... me with Doc medicine and yours are special orange cure... let me know if it work.... (but I dont have sea salt... normal salt will do??) LOL

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Wendy,
      How are you? I was thinking about you yesterday bcos today I am making orange marmalade loaf bread, it's in the last proofing stage now.
      You can use normal salt too, but we use sea salt all the time since it has added iodine. It worked well for me last time i was sick. But this time i also tried gargling with salt solution 3x a day, so not sure which one helps me the most. :)

    2. Hi Ms B

      Nice of you thinking about me, I have been thinking about what you are doing for the mths after CNY which you seems to disappear *LOL*

      Me busy with year end work stuff... stress thou :)

      Thought have ulcer than gargling salt?? sore throat also will help?

      Over the weekend, first time trying using sweet potato to add into bread, didn't have the taste. But I find the texture abit different from others and I find it nice :) but my Dad doesn't really appreciate it :P


    3. Hi Wendy,

      Yes, gargling with warm salt solution will also help your sore throat, same theory. Have you tried Alex Goh's sweet potato bread? It's using an overnight dough starter.

    4. HI

      I do straight forward method. Didn't any starter. But maybe I had add more than enough of water, its still soft today (bake on Sun and its Wed today).

      Aside from the starter, others are similar (aside from qty used), only difference I noticed is the potato was only added in near the end with butter in Alex Goh's recipe. I add upfront, which also result me in adding more liquid.

      What you felt when you add in the end? Does it made the dough not so soft (ie the right texture before adding butter)?


    5. Hi Wendy,
      For this bread-related discussion, can you email me direct or post the comment under the sweet potato bread posting? Thanks.
      I can't really remember how the bread felt, it's been quite a while since I last did that bread, I just remember the taste was quite nice, soft and moist.

  2. Hi Miss B, Hope you're getting better now. Thanks for sharing this post to LTU.

    1. I'm feeling much better now. Eating this steamed orange and gurgling my throat with warm salt solution - both are effective in removing my throat pain. :)

  3. Sorry to hear you are ill - but congratulations on the new family expansion! Xxx
    I have been directing friends to your blog to make Sweet Chinese Bun Dough and as ever, it's been successful!
    Salt helps fight infection - so here's wishing a speedy recovery! Take Care! Xx

    1. Hey Plumleaf,
      Long time no see! I was thinking about you while making orange marmalade loaf bread yesterday and wondering when you will be back to blogging. I was also thinking of asking you to join my rice cooker cake challenge. Hmm, it seems your family has expanded too, am I right ? ;p

  4. Hi Miss B,

    I was told not to eat cold fruits if I cough... or drink warm honey and lemon for cough and sore throat. Nice to know salted cooked orange juice is a good remedy too.

    Hope that you have recovered well now.



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