Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can Chiffon Cakes Be Made in Rice Cooker?

Put up your hands if you say No.

Let's prove the naysayers wrong!

It's been a while since I last posted any cakes. Beside just launching a Rice Cooker Cake Challenge, I was kept busy at home with my 7-week-old newborn. As an "experienced" mother, boredom sets in after a while and my hands are really itching to bake. People who know me know that I am irresistably attracted to baking in the rice cooker. So every time I see a cake recipe, my mind would automatically try to convert that recipe to a RCC recipe. It is madness, it is like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I try to correct this habit by baking more cakes in the oven, but my oven is subject to fluctuating temperament temperature. The temperature in my oven is not what it purports to be, even with an oven thermometer placed inside. How I wish I could wreck my oven and get a new one. I really do. 

I only have mediocre success with baking chiffon cakes in the oven due to the love-hate-relationship I have with my current oven (see here, here and here), so I try to avoid baking chiffon cakes at all cost, until I came across baking chiffon cakes in the rice cooker. I saw quite a few pictures of tall and beautiful chiffon cakes made in the rice cooker, I was so tempted to try them out.

Rice Cooker Chocolate Chiffon Cake 

Now what happens when shit the cake hits the ceiling (of the rice cooker)? I didn't realise my 5.5 cup Toshiba rice cooker was that tiny until that fateful moment when I had to open my rice cooker. Jammed. Oh no! 

Actually I already had a hunch something was not quite right because I didn't smell anything when it was past 50 minutes, normally there would be an apparent whiff of cake aroma. Luckily there was no serious damage, just some cleaning up to do. Nonetheless, it was a good experiment, at least I know what to watch out for and I will make sure I remove some batter if it exceeds a certain marking on my rice cooker pot in future. 

Here are some pictures of my 2 recent experiments with baking chiffon cakes in the rice cooker. I used 2 trusted chiffon cake recipes from Florence of Do What I like. The first one (chocolate chiffon cake shown above) was a big success, and the second one (mango chiffon cake shown below) could have been a success too, in fact it was too "successful", the egg white meringue rose so high that it hit the ceiling, haha.  

After my 1st successful attempt, I come to realise that baking chiffon cakes in the rice cooker has the unrivalled advantage of achieving a high-rising cake too that does not shrink much or collapse upon removal, unlike baking in the oven ( provided you use a good chiffon cake recipe and the right technique of beating egg whites of course). I think this is true as long as your cake doesn't hit the ceiling. Because once it does, the whole cake structure becomes stunted and everything collapses like a pack of cards as you can see from my pictures. See how much the cake shrunk upon removal from the rice cooker? That was because the cake was not given enough space to rise and as a result, the whole cake structure became unstable. Nonetheless, the texture of the mango chiffon cake was still fine, soft and cottony. I can imagine how much better it would have been if I had the foresight to remove some batter before pressing cook. I think this cake would rise perfectly for a 8-cup or 10-cup cooker. One word of caution, you would have to grease the rice cooker pot slightly for chiffon cakes but pls don't do it for chiffon cake tin in the oven. (I am still testing whether chiffon cakes can be made in a rice cooker without greasing the pot). In fact I was really amazed that my chocolate chiffon cake didn't shrink or collapse much after removal, and the cake was still quite tall and yet so soft and spongy. But I had to be extremely careful when I inverted the cake on a plate as the cake was so soft that I nearly dented the cake on one side. :)

Now are you tempted to make chiffon cakes in the rice cooker? :p

I am gonna make more in the months to come, but for this month, I will be attempting simpler cakes for the rice cooker cake challenge I organize for this month. I do hope more people can join in the fun and explore the mystique world of rice cooker baking. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing! I never knew that chiffon cakes can be made in a rice cooker, this is good info!

    1. Yes, it can be made in rice cooker. The best method is to use a 5-inch paper chiffon mould placed inside the rice cooker, no water needed to steam. Mimi Bakery House has done 2 such chiffon cakes with success, I will post them during the roundup for RCC Challenge #1.

    2. I saw her chiffon cakes on her blog, they look so beautiful! :)

  2. Can I put a normal chiffon tin in the rice cooker to bake instead of the paper tin?

    1. I think yes, I have seen someone who has done it and posted on her fb. But you need a very small chiffon cake tin.


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