Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Turkish Beef Borek and Spinach Borek

I made a turkish beef borek and a spinach borek a few days before Christmas and nearly forgot about it. Let me quickly blog it down before the year ends. It was quite difficult for me to find the filo dough (filodeeg) here in Belgium and I had to drive to neighbouring villages and look through 2 carrefour supermarts before I could find a pack. 

1,99 euro for a pack of 10, that was not too expensive so I bought 2 packs. But I only used a pack of 10 for 2 boreks, which was actually not enough, since each borek required at least 7 pieces of filo dough, but I didn't wanna open a new pack, that was why both of my boreks especially my spinach borek was so thin. :)

Recipe adapted from here, for 4 servings.

I am submitting this dish to Asian Food Fest - West Asia Month, hosted by Shannon of Just As Delish.

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