Sunday, December 1, 2013

Steamed Matcha Green Tea Cake

To get rid of my expiring "Red Man" matcha green tea powder bought from Phoon Huat, I decided to steam a matcha green tea cake this morning. I went back to my trustworthy match green tea pound cake recipe which I have used for making my matcha green tea rice cooker cake, cos that is the only way I know how to get rid of excess green tea powder, haha.

I haven't been steaming cakes using the steamer/wok for quite a while, and I forgot that if you steam at high heat, the surface of the cake will become very wrinkly, funny that it wasn't so for my steamed banana cake. And I had to add water half-way through steaming cos the water was evaporating so fast that there wasn't much water left. So these are clearly 2 disadvantages of steaming a cake in a steamer vs making it in a rice cooker. 

Anyway, here is a picture of my steamed matcha green tea cake, I am showing the bottom part of the cake, not the wrinkly top part. The taste is the same as the rice cooker version, but I would much prefer to make it in a rice cooker. Making it in a rice cooker is certainly more convenient, since I don't have to wash the steamer, and there wouldn't be so much water vapour dripping from my kitchen hood, even though it was turned on the whole time. 

Recipe adapted from my baked matcha green tea pound cake and my matcha green tea rice cooker cake. I hope you enjoy this lovely cake!

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