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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RCC #8 - Rice Cooker Zebra Cake or Marble Cake?


The happiest thing in life is to have your kiddies surround you as you open the lid of the rice cooker, the moment of truth awaits all of us every time, imagine the feeling of excitement and trepidation! But I had to be on high alert, because my kiddies were pretty fast, in fact my boy was about to use the rice cooker spoon to scoop up the cake just like how he always sees me scooping up rice, and my girl wanted to touch the cake with her little hand. :p

Now what should I call this, a Rice Cooker Zebra Cake or a Rice Cooker Marble Cake? In any case, this is what I would consider a successful rice cooker cake. In terms of taste and texture, it is much much better than my very first rice cooker marble cake, although the steps are slightly more complicated, but it is worth all the effort. It is of course a completely different recipe than the previous one. I am glad to know that butter cakes (or marble cakes for that matter) can indeed be made successfully in a rice cooker, and they taste as good as those baked in an oven. In fact I feel that they retain the moisture much better. Further more, butter cakes baked in oven usually have a very high chance of cracking on top, but not so if you make them in a rice cooker, they will never crack! This is certainly one advantage of baking in a rice cooker! 

This time round, the base of my rice cooker cake didn't turn out to be as flawless as all my rice cooker cakes. It wasn't because I didn't unmould it properly. My rice cooker cakes don't need special skills to unmould. Well, read on and you will know.

I dunno how long I can keep making cakes in my little rice cooker, look at all the blemishes. I dun think it is a result of me making cakes in my rice cooker, I think it is just normal wear and tear, afterall it is already 5 years old. I can't remember when the first blemish appeared, but it just got bigger and bigger, and other blemishes quickly followed suit. 

My friend told me that a rice cooker salesman once advised her not to rinse and wash rice in the rice cooker itself but in a separate bowl, so that there will be less friction and scratching on the non-stick coat. But it is too late for me. I just have to do whatever I can to preserve its current state until I have the opportunity to buy a new one in Singapore, which is probably another year away. Whatever it is, this rice cooker will always occupy a special place in my heart. Why? Because it was a present given by my mother 5 years ago, part of my dowry gift actually.  It has always occupied prime real estate on my kitchen counter top, it has its moments of glory, it has seen better times than this, but it will never be forgotten even as it breathes its last breath. Oh, I am getting sentimental again. :(


  1. 你的饭锅是可以用刷子搽洗的吗?

    1. Angela,
      我的饭锅很象你的, 可是我的没有烘焙功能。 我从来不用刷子清洗, 通常只用清水, 做蛋糕后或碰到污迹或油垢才用海绵 沾一点洗洁剂稍微洗一下。我只用海绵软的一面, 而不是粗糙的那面。我很小心善待我的饭锅但还是不能避免表层剥落的现象发生…

    2. 可怜的饭锅。。

    3. You can't get this type of rice cooker in Belgium or Netherland, even if you are willing to pay. 有钱都买不到。Someone from NL just emailed me yesterday to ask me where I bought mine, it's very difficult to find a decent high-tech cooker here, they only have very old-fashioned ones with 1 or 2 buttons. I can only buy a new one on my next trip to SG.

  2. Hi Miss B, thanks for sharing rice cooker cake. I have exactly the same rice cooker as yours and it is a very good rice cooker. However, I have yet to use it to bake cakes. Will try it soon. Once again thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day :)

  3. I love this, Miss B! It does have a beautiful marbled effect when cut. YUM! I'm glad you've put good use to your Mum's gift. I'm sure you have had 5 electrifying years with your rice cooker :-D

    At first sight, the cake appears to look steamed, but it sure tastes as if it's baked in the oven... very multi-facet indeed.

    1. HI Nasifriet,

      Long time no see! 5 years is nothing compared to yours, 17 years and counting, haha!

      Just 2 days ago, the lithium battery for the time display just died, can't show the time unless i plug it to the power supply....and the rice cooker started emitting popping sounds when I cook porridge, not a good sign!.

      I am looking around to buy a new rice cooker online, still deciding on the model, will update you when I managed to get my hands on one. It won't be a Toshiba for sure, cos they don't have it online !

    2. Hi Nasifriet,
      I just got my new Cuckoo on Tuesday, within 24 hrs of ordering it. If you wanna know more, can check my FB page ,where I posted 2 videos. I can pm you with more info if you are looking to get one in Belgium.

    3. Wow! Super! Pls pm looking forward. Where's it coming from btw?

    4. It was made in Korea, with both English and Korean wordings on the cooker, but this was ordered and shipped from a Japanese shop in Dusseldorf, Germany. I have already pm'ed you the details. :)

  4. miss B, you can try Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker


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