Friday, November 15, 2013

Last Garden Update for 2013

Too many backlogs, too little time and too much lethargy, that's the current problem I have.

This photo was taken on 2 September, the day I harvested my spaanse pepers or spanish green chillies. I got a total of over 50 green chillies, and I got my boy to pose them for me. The last time I blogged about them was in July 2013.

Not knowing what to do with so many chillies, I packed some in a package and mailed them to my blogger friend, Nasifriet, who stays about an hour's drive from my place, and she made very good use of it. She made a therapeutic pandan chicken curry out of it. And for the rest, I brought them to Singapore (I was surprised that they could last 3 to 4 weeks in the fridge), and gave them to my Aunty who used them to make some really spicy chilli paste. :)

As for my pumpkins, unfortunately there wasn't a good fairytale ending to them. They were harvested while I was away in Singapore, having unfortunatly succumbed to the cold belgian frost in October. Due to insufficient sunlight (my pumpkin plot was in the shade most of the time) and too much rain, they really suffered from stunted growth, and many were devoured by garden pests such as slugs even before they would step into adulthood. :(  

I will see if I can snap some pictures later to show you how small they have grown. Next year, I really must pick a sunny spot in order not to suffer the same heartache as this year! :)

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