Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Failed Experiment - Apple Cake in Rice Cooker

Hi Hi,

I am back, after a LONG absence of 5 weeks. I was in Singapore for 3 weeks, came back 2 weeks ago on 27 October just in time for the 1 week autumn school vacation, took me 1 week to unpack and settle down, and before I knew it, I was down with flu for another week.

So today, I finally decided to shake off my lethargy and restart my engine on baking again. Quite a few readers have asked me to post more rice cooker cake recipes for them to try. In fact, I have been poring through quite a few recipes I found on the internet. But honestly speaking, it is not easy to get a cake to work in the rice cooker. If you think baking in a rice cooker is easy, think again. More often than not, it is a lot of trial and error. So is it by pure stroke of luck or ingenuity that I could get my rice cooker cakes #2 to #7 to work (with the exception of my very first cake) the first time round? Haha :)

Anyway, let me show you a picture of the very small rice cooker apple cake which I attempted today. 

When I first saw the picture of the cake on internet, I was immediately attracted to it. But the amount of ingredients kept me baffled; so much milk, so much flour, just one egg and so little sugar. I should be warned but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Looks good on the outside? It didn't have the typical brown crust of all my rice cooker cakes. The inside was revealing...

Dense, soggy, and pudding-like. Let's take a look at the top of the cake then.

Equally shocking. It looked uncooked. It was a disappointing cake that took me a full hour and yet ended up uncooked. I don't think it will be cooked even if I extend the cooking time by another 30 min. It just couldn't make the cut as my RCC #8. Tastewise, it was not sweet at all. Luckily I didn't have to chuck it in the bin because somehow my kiddies liked it and finished half the cake. Maybe they were famished?

This will go down in my baking history as my 2nd (or maybe even 3rd) unsuccessful rice cooker cakes. Hmmn, maybe I should go and dig out pictures of the previous failed rice cooker cakes and publish them too.

Needless to say, I won't publish the recipe link. Maybe it worked for the original blogger, but not for me. :)

辛苦你了,小白! It has been a long day for you!


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear it didn't work. I saw one of my friends posting a pic of a cake tht she made with the rice cooker, maybe I should try it and see if it will work for me!

    1. Oh, I'm not too upset about that, it's part and parcel of the learning process in baking. I do have quite a few successful rice cooker cakes, quite I'm quite tired of doing the same cakes, so im constantly trying out new ideas. :)

  2. Hi
    Hope that you are feeling better now.... weather at this time of the year should be getting cold (despite the global warming) :)

    I didnt have any rice cooker at home, thus, I cannot do any trial and error on cake or bread making using it... hahaha.... maybe I should go and dig out my Mother's streamer to try one of your recipe that used the streamer... :) (but I have to go and find where is it first hahaa..)


    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for your concern, I am feeling much better now! Yes, it's getting suddenly very cold nowadays, the temp ranged from 2 to 8 degrees this week, next week it will drop to 0 to 5 degrees!

      Actually, you don't need a proper steamer, you can use a wok and a small 3-legged steaming rack like this :

    2. Hi Ms B

      Wow... like that also can??

      But is there anything I need to take note of for this kind of 'baking' the cake? as there's water condense on the cover... :)


    3. Wendy,
      Like dat cannot, QC fail! That was not condensation, the cake simply was not cooked even after 1 hour! Nothing i could do, except to choose a better recipe in future, eyes must open wide wide, better to invent new RCC recipes based on my own existing recipes than pluck one from the internet. :)

    4. Hahaa... I'm still baking follow people recipe, yet to do anything improvise on my own yet (except reducing sugar or butter qty) :) :)



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