Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garden Updates - June 2013

I have neglected my humble little blog for nearly a month! There is a backlog of pictures from my garden, which I am sharing here, just for the record. I always like to refer to pictures from my blog to view the progress of the various plants which I plant in my garden every year.

So, before I forget, here are some pictures of my plants taken long before I went on holiday.

Finally after 1 month of waiting, and realising that my earlier batch of pumpkin seeds was probably not going to sprout due to the cold and wet weather in May, I buried a new batch of seeds and after 1 week of waiting, thanks to the warmer weather, finally they sprouted on 14 June 2013! It was a bit late for the pumpkins to grow now (if you refer to the batch of pumpkins way back in 2010), but better later than never, isn't it?

These 3 pots contain seedlings of mini-pumpkins, each pot has 2 seedlings, can you see the little shoots that sprouted, one in each pot? I buried those on 7 June (Friday). And the other 3 seedlings which are growing roots, were added on 10 June.

These 3 pots contain 6 seedlings of giant pumpkins, 3 of which have already sprouted new shoots, one in each pot. By the way, they were supposed to be buried 1 inch below the soil surface, but I uncovered the soil to check on the progress.

I bought the 2 plants below, I call them the skinny one and the fat one, in the 1st week of May, so they were about 5 weeks old when these pictures were taken on 14 June 2013. 

This is the skinny one.
Close-up of the skinny one.
This is the fat one.
Close-up of the fat one.

2 weeks later, on 18 June 2013, my pumpkin plants finally grew leaves! I was over the moon! There were supposed to be 2 seedlings in each small pot, a total of 12 plants.

So I finally transferred them from their pots to the ground on 26 June 2013.

And my skinny and fat plants were also showing good progress. These pictures below were taken on 12 July 2013, just before I left for vacation. The fat one has grown some flowers and the flowers have wilted to form fruits. So you can roughly guess what type of plant this is.

For the skinny one below, can you see the tiny white flowers? I dun think you can see the fruits yet.

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