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Garden Updates - July 2013

Summer has finally arrived, a very late summer this year, but I welcome it with open arms nonetheless. I have just returned the previous weekend from a 2 week family vacation in Provence, France where the weather was sweltering hot. It felt like, no it was 34 to 36 degrees on certain days and it only rained 2 days in the entire 2 weeks! On the 2nd day after we arrived, there was a big thunderstorm and there were hailstones as big as ice cubes falling from the sky, just like what happened in Singapore a few weeks ago during the haze!

Though it was fun, I really felt tired after a while because hubby and I had to entertain our 2 energizer rabbits the whole day even during our vacation, and after a while, you felt like you were not on vacation anymore, more like on an extended overseas baby-sitting mission, haha! I wonder where they got all their boundless energy from, did they take Red Bull or what? They would fall asleep at 10 or 11pm and yet be able to get up every morning without fail at 7.30am! 

Anyway, the minute when I arrived home, the first thing I did was to check on my precious plants. These pictures were taken on 28 July (the day I returned), about 2 weeks after my last check on my 12 pumpkin plants. Did I tell you I mistakenly mixed up the giant pumpkin plants from the mini ones? The only way I can tell the difference now is by observing their leaves, the larger leaves seem to be from the giant pumpkins. There are 4 plants squeezed into each small plot, so the first picture shows all 4 giant pumpkin plants, judging from the size of the leaves.

This is a close-up view of the 2nd plot so it gives the false impression that the leaves are bigger and hence belong to giant pumpkin plants, but in actual fact, all 4 of them are mini pumpkin plants, if I am not mistaken.

This is the 3rd plot, of which 3 are mini pumpkin plants, and the one on the right is a giant pumpkin plant.

This picture below will give you a better idea of the size of the pumpkin plants of one plot relative to the other. With 12 pumpkin plants and god knows how many big and small pumpkins to come, I think I am gonna suffer from orangey-yellow skin later this autumn, as if I am not yellow enough. :)

This is the "fat plant" which I nicknamed in my previous post. Now you can see for yourself and judge what kind of plant this is. Actually the fruit is not supposed to be green, as this is supposedly a yellow paprika (capsicum) plant, at least that was what was stated on the label.

The white flowers have wilted and now the fruits are forming. For some reasons or another, quite a few of the fruits or their stalks have rotted or wilted away before they can even form as big a fruit as the 2 big ones you see in the picture. Apparently the stalk has to be pretty thick and sturdy to hold the weight of each fruit. If not, they will just "plop" and fall off the plant, Darwin's theory at work. :)

Ok, this is the "skinny plant" which I also mentioned in my previous post. No prizes for guessing what it is now. It is a spanish green pepper (chilli) plant.

The fat one vs the skinny one, side by side. The fat one used to be taller when I first bought both plants in the 1st week of May, but now the skinny one has overtaken the fat one in terms of height.

Oh, I finally managed to find a picture of the fat one versus the skinny one, dated 5 June 2013, here it is. :)


  1. With so many pumpkin plants, you better start looking for enough pumpkin recipes! These things grow like weeds! ;-)

    1. Yah, you bet I am already stocking up on pumpkin recipes! But I am doubtful whether I will have a good harvest this summer. I started pretty late this year (June in fact) and it doesn't help that the weather hasn't been very warm until now. We'll see. :)

  2. Hi Miss B, lovely your chilli plant and the bell pepper. Happy gardening and enjoy harvesting. Thanks for sharing your garden pictures.

    Best regards.


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