Saturday, June 29, 2013

Begedil - Fried Potato Meat Patties (Little Thumbs Up)

I am making a last minute dash for my Little Thumbs Up curry powder/curry paste event, I think mine may well be the last one of the last participating entries! If so, then we would have gathered a total of 68 70 curry-related recipes since 4 June! Thank you everybody for their overwhelming support! I do apologise if I have not dropped by your blog and leave a comment, with myself feeling under the weather and the kids stuck at home all the time these few days, it's really hard to find time for blog-hopping. Well, they will be at home for the next 2 months during summer vacation, so I really have to organize my tasks around them and make sure they are well-entertained, which I means I may have lesser time dedicated to my blog. :S

This is something new which I tried last Thursday. I think it is either Malaysian or Indonesian in origins judging from the name itself. I first steamed the potatoes with skin on, then I fried the minced meat mixture with other ingredients such as onions, carrots, curry powder, salt and pepper. Then I mix the mashed potatoes with the cooked minced meat, shape them into meat patties and fry them in the wok. Sounds easy, actually not! I never like deep-frying, but these potato patties were well worth the effort. My hubby liked them a lot and gobbled quite a few at one go with chilli sauce dip. :)

Recipe is adapted from here.

I am submitting this dish to the Little Thumbs Up event hosted by myself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders at this link, organized by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of my little favourite D.I.Y.


  1. these patties looked fantastic... i never fancied frying food as well, makes me hot n sweaty..

  2. Hi Miss B,

    Thanks for organizing this event. This event is a great success for 71 entries! I can always understand that family is always our first priority and blogging come later :p

    Glad that you are enjoying cooking for this event too and your curry potato patties looks very kid-friendly and I reckon they are perfect to munch at summer weather too.


  3. Hi Miss B, delicious potato patties. Look so addictive, guess hard to stop eating. :))

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards.

  4. Hi Bee,
    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful host for LTU.
    This round we have 71 yummilicious curry dishes. Like Zoe mention that is such a great success :)

    Wow!! your begedil fried potatoes looks so invinting!
    It looks really delish! Love it!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)


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