Saturday, June 29, 2013

Begedil - Fried Potato Meat Patties (Little Thumbs Up)

I am making a last minute dash for my Little Thumbs Up curry powder/curry paste event, I think mine may well be the last one of the last participating entries! If so, then we would have gathered a total of 68 70 curry-related recipes since 4 June! Thank you everybody for their overwhelming support! I do apologise if I have not dropped by your blog and leave a comment, with myself feeling under the weather and the kids stuck at home all the time these few days, it's really hard to find time for blog-hopping. Well, they will be at home for the next 2 months during summer vacation, so I really have to organize my tasks around them and make sure they are well-entertained, which I means I may have lesser time dedicated to my blog. :S

This is something new which I tried last Thursday. I think it is either Malaysian or Indonesian in origins judging from the name itself. I first steamed the potatoes with skin on, then I fried the minced meat mixture with other ingredients such as onions, carrots, curry powder, salt and pepper. Then I mix the mashed potatoes with the cooked minced meat, shape them into meat patties and fry them in the wok. Sounds easy, actually not! I never like deep-frying, but these potato patties were well worth the effort. My hubby liked them a lot and gobbled quite a few at one go with chilli sauce dip. :)

Recipe is adapted from here.

I am submitting this dish to the Little Thumbs Up event hosted by myself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders at this link, organized by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of my little favourite D.I.Y.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nonya Lemon Chicken Curry (Little Thumbs Up)

This is my all-time-favourite curry dish, a peranakan/nonya lemon chicken curry which I cooked last Thursday, based on the recipe in Mrs Leong Yee Soo's Best of Singapore Cooking cookbook, recipe has already been posted here

I have cooked this dish many times in the past as I prefer this curry recipe to the other curry recipes which I have tried. Each time I always add in lots of tamarind juice and freshly-squeezed lemon juice, because that is what I like about this curry, it has a lemony tangy taste in addition to a rich nutty taste from the candlenuts. And if you like it hot and spicy, you can always add in the spiciest chilli sauce on the market. I used to add 1 tablespoonful of ABC extra-hot chilli sauce which gave it an extra punch and 1 tablespoonful of thai garlic chilli sauce to balance out the spiciness, but this time round as I ran out of the ABC extra-hot chilli sauce, so I added the thai Sriracha chilli sauce instead. If you find the chilli sauce too hot for your palate, then just add in more coconut milk to reduce the spiciness, that is the beauty of making curry, you can always adjust it to taste by adding more coconut milk or water. :) 

In the past, I had neither the time nor the opportunity to take step-by-step pictures while I prepared my curry dishes, this was the best opportunity I had so far. :)

I am submitting this dish to the Little Thumbs Up event hosted by myself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders at this link, organized by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of my little favourite D.I.Y.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RCC #7 - Japanese Castella / Kasutera Cake Cooked in Rice Cooker!!!

This was the 2nd new rice cooker cake creation that I attempted 2 weekends ago, the other one being the rice cooker moist chocolate cake. I happened to chance upon a youtube channel by a japanese lady and from her channel, I discovered this japanese castella / kasutera rice cooker cake recipe. Since I have never baked a castella / kasutera cake before in my life, let alone "cooked" one in a rice cooker, I told myself I have to try this, "die die must try" (死都要试).

I was really pleasantly surprised by the results. Just look at the photo below. I made the same cake twice, cooked one in the rice cooker and baked the other one in the oven, they were exactly from the same youtube recipe, just look at how different the results were. Looking at how high and fluffy the rice cooker cake turned out and how flat the oven-baked cake became, I am even more convinced to make my castella / kasutera cake in my rice cooker in future!


[Important : I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do, and I would be happy if you could give credit where credit is due, and link back to this post if you do make this cake and share it on your blog or facebook. Remember plagiarism is not the best form of flattery.]

Recipe adapted from this youtube video by ochikeron.
I cooked mine for 45 minutes in my rice cooker, pressed "cook" function twice. Detailed recipe and more step-by-step pictures will be posted soon, pls bear with me as I try to clear my backlog :)

3 eggs
90g sugar
45g cake flour*
45g bread flour*
2 tbsp. milk
1 tbsp. honey
a little butter for greasing

* you can use 90g all purpose flour instead

1. Warm the milk in a saucepan. Add honey and mix well.

2. Place the eggs and sugar in a large bowl. Beat them with an electric mixer until white and fluffy.

3. Add the milk from step (1) to the egg mixture from step (2). Place the bowl over a pan of hot water. Mix with an electric mixer until the batter continuously drips back into the bowl like a ribbon when you scoop it up (ribbon stage).

4. Sift in flour and gently cut through the mixture with a spatula until combined.

5. Grease the inside of the rice cooker pot and pour in the mixture. Drop the pot lightly on the counter (on top of a piece of kitchen towel in order not to break your rice cooker pot!) to get rid of the trapped air bubbles in the batter. Place the pot in the rice cooker, close it and press the "Cook" button. (For mine, I pressed the "Cook" button twice, and it took 45 min in total.)

6. When it's done, let it cool on a wire rack until warm. Then place it in a plastic bag (to keep it moist) to cool completely. (According to Ochikeron, it tastes even better the next day after the flavors have settled, it was absolutely true!)

To bake in the oven:

Bake in an oven at 170C (338F) for 10 minutes. Then turn down to 140C (284F) and bake for 40-45 minutes.

I have received quite a few queries from readers, asking me what exactly I meant by ribbon stage in step 3. This is a very important step for beating the egg yolks with sugar, you have to place the bowl in bain-marie and you have to beat it until it achieves ribbon stage, then only you will get a tall spongy cake. Since I don't shoot my own baking videos, I have searched youtube and found this video which you may all wanna take a look => What is the Ribbon Stage in Baking by DearMartiniKitchen. I hope you find this attached video useful.

[Note] If you are new to rice cooker baking, do read this FAQ before you try out your first rice cooker cake. If you would like to receive more updates, do click like on my Facebook page.  

Check out pictures of rice cooker castella cakes submitted by readers in RCC Challenge #2, entries number 29, 35, 40.

Monday, June 24, 2013

RCC #6 - Rice Cooker Moist Chocolate Cake

I made 3 rice cooker cakes 2 weekends ago which I posted on my FB page last week. Now I better blog the recipes down before my backlog gets longer and longer. :)

These were the 3 cakes I "baked" in my Toshiba rice cooker. I shouldn't say "baked" actually, in fact I cooked them, there is no baking function in my rice cooker, remember? From left to right: (you will never believe this, but this is true) japanese kasutera / castella rice cooker cake, rice cooker moist chocolate cake and rice cooker banana cake!

Thanks to one of my readers, Irene N, she was the one who prompted me to try out cooking this steamed moist chocolate cake in my rice cooker. She had earlier tried out my rice cooker banana cake with great success and she was looking for another similar cake that doesn't require cake-mixer and oven. I was not sure of the timing required then since she wasn't using a rice cooker but a pressure cooker, and her pressure cooker has a much bigger capacity. Luckily it turned out very well for her, and she even emailed me lovely photo of her finished product which I have also uploaded to my blog (here). So I promised Irene that I would definitely try it out in my rice cooker and then publish the recipe in my blog. A promise is a promise, so here it is!

Recipe adapted from my steamed moist chocolate cake recipe, this is the most blogged about steamed moist chocolate cake recipe in the baking blogosphere, courtesy of Aunty Yochana. There are so many raving reviews from bloggers who have steamed it in a steamer, but I am sure nobody has ever tried it in a rice cooker. So instead of steaming on medium heat for 45 min, just cook in the rice cooker for 1 hour (I pressed COOK 3 times, 1st time 29 min, 2nd time 17 min and 3rd time 17 min, total 1 hour 3 min). Do remember to grease your rice cooker pot. The result was fabulous, you have to try it yourself to know how good it is! It was rich, moist and unbelievably addictive, you won't be able to stop at one piece!

On 5 Oct 2013, Amy T sent me pictures of her chocolate cake made using her Mistral 8-cup rice cooker and said, "Hi hi ms B...juz wana share with u the choc cake I made using ur recipe. I added orange juice & zest for refreshg taste. Added chopped almonds too." Thank you Amy!

On 17 Nov 2013, Doreen Y showed me what she did with this recipe using her Tefal 10-cup rice cooker with cake function. She turned it into a rice cooker coffee raisin cake within 40 to 45 min! Thank you Doreen!

On 3 May 2014, Michelle L emailed me a foto of her lovely chocolate cake decorated with strawberries on top. She is using Sanyo rice cooker, 1.8L with rice, soup & porridge options and cook/keep warm function but no baking function. Takes her 45 min to 1 hr to bake a cake. Thank you Michelle!

[Note] If you are new to rice cooker baking, do read this FAQ before you try out your first rice cooker cake. If you would like to receive more updates, do click like on my Facebook page.  

[Important : I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do, and I would be happy if you could give credit where credit is due, and link back to this post if you do make this cake and share it on your blog or facebook. Remember plagiarism is not the best form of flattery.]

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Some chinese TCM recipes to fight the haze in Singapore!

Recently, if you follow the newspapers or online media in Singapore (and or Malaysia), all you see or hear are just HAZE, PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) and N95 masks. Nothing else, they don't even talk about mosquitoes and dengue fevers anymore.

I have been following the FB postings of my family and friends very closely, and from the photos and the official PSI readings I have seen on FB, i think the situation has been pretty bad these few days, with PSI rising from 321 (19 June 10pm), to 371 (20 June 1pm) and to a new record of 401 (21 June 11 am)

I am not sure whether the Singapore government has done enough to help the citizens, I am expecting the government to issue a stop-work order once PSI hits 300, yet there is nothing done even when PSI hits 401. What about the government self-proclaimed stockpile of 9 million N95 masks, are they hiding in some warehouse and when do they ever get to see daylight? What is the government doing to curb the islandwide artificial shortage and skyhigh prices of N95 masks? (Note: it is just announced today (21 June) that 1 million N95 masks will be distributed for free to 200,000 needy households.) And although our government has introduced subsidised ($10) healthcare for haze-related ailments, that applies only for a very select group, i.e. those under 18 yrs, those above 65 years, or those holding CHAS (community health assistance scheme) cards, which means the majority of us who belong to the sandwiched group of 18 to 65 years, who are not considered vulnerable enough by the government, have to take care of ourselves? 自己保重? 

But I am glad to see that at least there have been some impromptu efforts organized by private individuals, to donate air purifiers and N95 face masks to the poor and underpriviledged in Singapore. I also saw some crowd sourcing efforts to source for N95 masks and purifiers here.

There is nothing much I can do, being so far away from Singapore. The only thing I can do is to search through my recipe archives and post some recipes which hopefully will help to alleviate the haze-related ailments such as runny nose, itchy eyes and sore throat. I have posted a few chinese TCM recipes on my FB page, but I am posting them here again for the benefit of those who have no access to FB or for those who are not subscribed to my page. 

Do remember to stay cool, drink lots of water or herbal tea, keep a close eye at the official PSI readings on NEA website, keep the windows shut and avoid going outdoors as much as possible. While you think you are suffering from the terrible heat and haze in Singapore, think about the poor Indonesians in Riau, some 30% are suffering from respiratory problems now!

(Source: via Google Reader, no longer avail on web. Disclaimer: I have not tried these recipes before, so I cannot attest to how effective they are. If you are really sick, you need to see a doctor :)

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
1) 润肺茶
沙参 : 15g  玉竹 : 15g  南杏 : 12g  罗汉果 : ¼ 个
1) 将所有材料洗净, 加适量水浸泡1小时
2) 以中火煮1小时, 即可代茶饮用
* 有滋阴润肺的作用, 适合食过量燥热食物者, 或熬夜后出现口干舌燥, 咽干, 声音沙哑, 干咳无痰, 大便干燥或便秘等。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
2) 五果润燥茶
材料1) 梨 : 2个, 苹果 : 2个, 罗汉果 : ½ 个, 無花果 : 6个, 蜜枣 : 4个
材料2) 水 : 5 – 8碗
1) 苹果, 梨去皮, 去核, 切块
2) 罗汉果, 無花果, 蜜枣, 洗淨
3) 将所有材料放進煲內, 加入水用大火煮沸后, 改慢火煲1 小時, 即可当茶饮用
注: 也可加入瘦肉, 盐, 煲2 – 3小时成煲汤
功效: 滋潤心, 肝, 脾, 肺, 可在天氣燥热时, 或吃过多燥热食物, 或熬夜, 口干舌燥,干咳, 皮肤干燥, 大便硬等时飲用。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
3) 生津代茶饮 
材料1) 芦根 : 60g, 甘草 : 10g 
材料2) 马蹄 : 10个, 黄梨 : 1个, 鲜藕 : 1节, 青果 : 10个
1) 将材料1的芦根和甘草剪成小段, 洗净, 用水浸泡
2) 马蹄洗净, 用刀面拍开, 黄梨去皮切块, 鲜藕洗净切片,青果掰开去核
3) 把所有材料包括浸泡水, 放入锅内, 再加水2 litre, 大火煮开后, 转小火煎煮1 – 2小时, 静置片刻, 过滤后即可饮用
功能生津止咳, 清热解暑, 适宜于天气炎热或病后, 口中燥渴, 咳痰有白沫, 粘滞不爽难吐, 咽干或咽痒, 声音沙哑, 大便干燥等症。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
4) 枸杞双花茶
枸杞子 : 12g (洗净, 沥干)
玫瑰 : 6g (捏碎)
茉莉花 : 6g (洗净, 沥干)
龙眼肉 : 10g
玉竹 : 10g (洗净, 沥干)
黑枣 : 4枚 (剪开口, 洗净, 沥干) 
盐 : 少许 (可不放)
1) 将所有材料放进保温杯里, 冲入滚水, 盖好
2) 待稍温当茶喝, 可多次反复冲泡
3) 加盐有清热的作用, 可不放
注: 如体质燥热者, 可不加龙眼肉, 把玉竹增加15 – 20g
功能滋肾养心, 舒肝理血, 健脑安神, 适用于心慌, 烦躁不安, 易怒急躁, 健忘, 头晕耳鸣, 口干口苦, 咽干, 腰痠, 容易疲倦等平日工作或功课繁重时, 可常饮用, 有补脑及缓解紧张的作用。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
5) 番茄丝瓜汤
材料1) 丝瓜 : 300g (去皮, 洗净, 切成滚刀块), 番茄 : 400g (洗净, 川烫后剥皮, 切块)
材料2) 黑木耳 : 20g (洗净, 泡软) 
材料3) (拌均)瘦肉 : 200g (洗净, 切片), 酱清 : 1 tsp, 胡椒粉 : ¼ tsp, 玉米粉 : 1 tsp
1) 烧热锅放少量油 (可用橄榄油) 投入材料1翻炒几下
2) 加入黑木耳略炒一下, 加水适量煮滚
3) 加入肉片, 添加盐, 白糖调味, 再滚2分钟, 熄火, 可随意添加少量麻油
功能有健胃消食, 清热润燥的功效,天热或食用燥热食物或熬夜时出现口干咽干, 没有胃口,皮肤干燥, 大便硬或不畅等。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
6) 双耳五色甜汤
材料1) 绿豆 : 100g
材料2) (洗净, 用水泡软)白木耳 : 30g, 黑木耳 : 30g
材料3) 南瓜 : 150g (去皮, 切丁), 红枣 : 10 – 15 枚 (洗净, 去核), 冰糖或片糖 : 适量
1) 把绿豆洗净, 用水浸泡1 – 2小时后, 然后开大火煮 沸, 转小火煮30 – 60分钟
2) 加入其它材料, 续煮至熟软
3) 加入冰糖或片糖调味,再煮10分钟即可
功能有滋阴润燥, 补益气血的作用, 适合大部分体质的人,适合平日常食用如天气炎热、过食燥热食物、熬夜等,出现口干, 皮肤粗糙干燥或皮肤发红长小红疹, 大便干燥, 睡眠不宁等, 常喝有帮助改善症状。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
7) 滋补清润湯
玉竹 : 15g, 沙參 : 15g, 淮山 : 15g, 百合 : 30g, 熟地 : 15g, 杞子 : 15g, 蜜枣 : 8粒, 水 : 适量
瘦肉 : 200-300g (切块, 用滚水川烫过)
1) 將材料1洗淨放入锅內, 加水适量, 浸泡1小时
2) 加入瘦肉, 用大火煮滚后改为小火煮1-2小時即可, 可加盐调味
* 有养血滋补肝肾, 润肺安神的作用, 适用体质燥热或常熬夜或用脑过多者。 咽干舌燥, 眼睛干涩不适, 皮肤干燥, 睡眠不安, 容易疲倦, 腰酸, 大便干燥等。
* 平日饮用有滋补强壮, 润肤养颜的作用, 但平日容易腹胀, 痰多, 大便稀烂者不宜饮用。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
木瓜 : 1个, 瘦肉 : 200 – 300g
材料2 )
生薏米 : 30g, 熟薏米 : 30g, 玉竹 : 15g, 淮山 : 15g, 水 : 适量
1) 木瓜去皮, 去籽, 切块状, 瘦肉用滚水川烫过, 待用
2) 将生熟薏米、玉竹、淮山洗净, 放進锅內, 倒入适量水, 浸泡1小时
3) 加入木瓜与瘦肉, 大火煮开,转小火煮2小时,加盐调味即可
* 有利水去湿、去暑、滋阴补气、健睥胃, 润肠通便的作用。常服能使皮肤光滑,预防皮肤病。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
9) 西洋菜黄豆素湯
黃豆 : 200g, 果皮 : 1角 (洗净, 浸软), 蜜棗6粒, 西洋菜 : 600g (洗淨, 切段)
1) 把黃豆洗淨, 沥干水分后, 用鑊干炒至发出香味
2) 將所有材料放入锅內,加水适量,大火煮滾后, 转小火煮2小時, 加鹽少许即可
* 有清熱潤肺的作用,适合天热时口干、尿黄、大便干等或在过食燥热食物后饮用。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
10) 木瓜银耳汤
半生熟木瓜 : 1个
银耳 : 30g, 冰糖 : 适量
1) 木瓜去皮, 去籽, 切成小块
2) 银耳泡软后, 撕成小朵
3) 加适量的水煮至木瓜, 银耳软熟
4) 加入冰糖, 再煮10分钟, 即可食用
* 适合用于因过食燥热食物或熬夜后, 出现口干, 咽干, 大便干燥等 平日也可作为甜品食用, 有清肺润燥, 润肠通便的功效, 能养颜及预防“热气”。

此食谱是由 :新加坡中医学研究院院长 : 郭美伶医师 所提供
11) 川贝蜜梨
鸭梨 : 1个 (选体积较大)
川贝母 : 3g (打碎), 冰糖 : 20g (可随意增减)
1) 将梨洗净, 从梨顶部至3 cm, 打横切开成2半
2) 在梨中央挖个小洞, 把籽和芯取出不要
3) 在小洞内放入敲碎的川贝母和冰糖
4) 把梨顶部盖上, 四周用牙签固定
5) 把整个梨放进碗里, 隔水炖2小时, 即可吃梨喝水
* 有清热解毒、润肺润喉、消痰止咳的功效。
* 适用于声音嘶哑,干咳无痰、或常需说话或唱歌者、或吃过多燥热食物以至咽喉干燥者。

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baked Crumbed Chicken with Curry Powder (Little Thumbs Up)

This was a simple oven dish that I made on Tuesday with chicken, corn flakes, breadcrumbs, paprika powder and curry powder.  I remember making this a few years ago, and when I checked my archives, that was indeed 3 years ago at this post. At that time, I added only paprika powder and chilli powder, but this time around, I substituted chilli powder with curry powder. :)

Recipe adapted from my previous post with recalibrated ingredient quantities, as I realised the amount of ingredients for coating the chicken was not enough for 600g of chicken. This dish was not meant to be spicy as I had to cater to the palate of my 2 small kids, if you prefer spicy food, do remember to increase the amount of curry powder or chilli powder.

600g chicken breast, skin removed, cut into 1 cm thick strips
2/3 cup plain flour
4 egg whites, beaten lightly
2.5 cups Kellog's cornflakes, crushed lightly
3/4 cup breadcrumbs
3 level tsp paprika powder
3 level tsp curry powder
1/2 cup finely chopped fresh parsley or coriander
3/4 to 1 tsp salt to taste
cooking oil spray

- mayonnaise dip (3/4 cup mayonnaise or plain yoghurt, mix with 1 tsp lemon juice)
- thousand island dressing or cocktail sauce


1. Preheat oven to moderately hot (200C).

2. Toss chicken in flour, shake away excess, and coat chicken in egg white. 

3. Combine Kellog's cornflakes, breadcrumbs, paprika powder, curry powder and parsley/coriander together. Adjust the taste with a pinch of salt. Coat chicken in the combined mixture.

4. Place chicken in single layer in a slightly greased oven-proof dish. Cover and refrigerate for 15 min.

5. Spray chicken with cooking oil spray. Bake uncovered in the oven for 20 min or until chicken is thoroughly cooked. Meanwhile, prepare the dip in a small bowl.

6. Finally, serve chicken strips with mayo dip (suggestion: a mixed fruit salad of honeydew melon, mangoes, longan to go with this dish).

Smakelijk eten!

I am submitting this dish to the Little Thumbs Up event (curry powder/curry paste) hosted by myself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders at this link, and organized by Zoe of Baked for Happy Kids and Doreen of my little favourite D.I.Y.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

端午节快乐 Happy Dumpling Festival !

Today is 端午节 (Duan Wu Jie) or what people call the Dragon Boat Festival (Dumpling Festival)

These are the products of my "hard work" yesterday, haha! Actually I didn't do anything much, just stood there and watch the expert doing all the hard work. Can you guess the origins of this type of rice dumplings?

I posted a 3.5 minute video of the dumpling-wrapping session on my recently setup facebook page, you will able to see more clearly how the dumplings were wrapped. But don't ask me how, bcos I am still an apprentice! :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Finally I am online on FB !!!

It's final.

No, I am not gonna end my blog, not yet. Over my dead body.

But I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and created a FB page dedicated to this blog. I think some of my personal friends maybe sick and tired of me posting delicious food pictures on my personal FB, but they are probably too polite to say that to me. On the other hand, there will be many others, bloggers and non-bloggers alike, who will appreciate what I am posting, so this FB page is dedicated to them.

Go ahead and like my page if you want to receive instant notifications on FB, but this blog will still be the primary place where I upload my recipes. Sorry but no prizes are gonna be handed out for liking my page, unless I get some sponsorship in future. :)

So here is the link, pls go say Hi to me, I have very few friends at the moment, so feeling a little bit lonely :)

I am still in the process of uploading pictures of my past recipes, starting from year 2013, and going backwards until the very date that I first started this blog. So do bear with me, it's still a little bare at the moment. :) 

Maybe I will close down the page if I don't gather enough likes at the end of the week, very "paiseh" (lose face) if only a few supporters, hehe :p

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is this what you called Singapore Noodles? (Little Thumbs Up)

I was pondering whether I should put up this post. I had to serve dinner quickly, so I was given literally a split second to snap a photo just before serving to my very hungry family members, and hence the photo turned out to be quite sloppy. I hope you see what I was trying to serve. :)

Anyway, this was what I tried to re-create, based on what I have eaten at chinese restaurants in Belgium, they call it "Singapore Noodles". BUT, here is a big BUT, I used egg noodles instead of bee hoon (chinese rice vermicelli) because I only realised I ran out of rice vermicelli when I had all the chopped ingredients ready and was about to start frying. Moral of the story, always check you have everything before you start! Since I have already baked my own char siew just for this dish, there was no turning back, unless I make fried rice instead. Luckily, I still had 2 packets of egg noodles I bought from ALDI, that was the saving grace for today :)

By the way, in case you are not from Singapore, this dish does not originate from Singapore! We, in Singapore, do have something called 星洲米粉 (xinzhou mifen) but that is not fried with curry powder. When I first ate this noodle dish in Belgium, I was aghast, and I told the restaurant owner I am from Singapore but I have never tasted anything like that. He gave me a very sheepish answer, oh that was how I was taught to cook this dish. Apparently almost chinese restaurants overseas serve "Singapore Noodles" with curry powder and it is apparently quite a famous dish, even more famous than our world-famous Hainanese Chicken Rice, which of course the overseas chinese restaurants run by non-Singaporeans will never be able to replicate. :p

Reminds me of the noodle dish 香港面 (Hong Kong noodles) which I always order at tze-char stalls in Singapore coffee shops. I think Hongkongers will laugh at us if we try to order Hong Kong noodles in Hong Kong, there is probably no such dish there. :p

Recipe adapted from Sunflower Food Galores

(For 4 servings)
2 eggs
300g egg noodles (should use rice vermicelli)
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium onion, chopped
1 red chilli, chopped
1 tbsp curry powder (ready-made)
1 - 1.5 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp sauce from char siew
200g char siew, thinly sliced
100g prawns, shelled and deveined (forgot to add)
1 carrot, julienned
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil

1. Cook the egg noodles in boiling water according to packaging instructions (for 4 min), remove and drain in colander. Then rinse with cold tap water and drain again. Set aside for use later.

2. Drizzle 1 tsp of cooking oil in a hot frying pan and fry the beaten eggs into an omelette. Remove and cut into strips, set aside for use later.

3. Add 2 tbsp oil in hot frying pan, add in garlic and onions and fry till fragrant. Then add in chopped chilli, prawns, char siew (together with char siew sauce) and fry till the prawns turn pinkish.

4. Add in the egg noodles and julienned carrots, and try to loosen the noodles in the pan. 

5. Add in curry powder, light soya sauce and oyster sauce, keep stirring and tossing until everything is well-mixed, making sure that the noodles and ingredients do not stick to the pan. Drizzle a little cooking oil if necessary. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve the dish while still hot.

Surprisingly, this dish turned out to be quite nice. I tried not to make it too spicy for my 2 small kids, so I only added 1 tbsp curry powder, but my hubby said it was not spicy and quite tasty. Next time I should try it with the real thing, bee hoon aka rice vermicelli. :)

I am submitting this dish to the Little Thumbs Up event (curry powder / curry paste) hosted by myself, Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders at this link, and organized by Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids and Doreen of my little favourite D.I.Y.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RCC #5 - Rice Cooker Butter Cake

This is yet another new addition to my rice cooker cake creations! I was planning to do a new flavour of rice cooker cake after receiving so many positive feedbacks for my rice cooker banana cake. It's amazing how many people are interested to "bake" cakes using the rice cooker!

Then I happened to see this steamed butter cake from HomeKreations, and I thought this is it! My rice cooker banana cake was also inspired by her steamed banana cake recipe, so I am quite confident that if I adapt this recipe from her, it will work out well again. So I looked at her steamed butter cake recipe, decided to take 3/4 of the ingredients and add in a little baking powder, then cooked it in the rice cooker for 1 hour (62 minutes to be exact).

Here is the result, doesn't it look just like a moon-crater cake from outer space?

The omnipresent little hand of my baby girl, always appearing at the right time to touch my cake!

This is a very simple yet delicious butter cake, I assure you it doesn't taste like a steamed cake at all, in fact it can even pass off as a baked cake if you don't look at its golden brown crunchy crust and the moon-crater-like surface. This recipe is highly recommended, try it if you have a rice cooker at home and if you would like to try rice cooker baking for the first time. This cake is made from a toshiba rice cooker (model RC10L-MI, 5.5 cup capacity) without baking function.

[Important : I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do, and I would be happy if you could give credit where credit is due, and link back to this post if you do make this cake and share it on your blog or facebook. Remember plagiarism is not the best form of flattery.]

Recipe adapted from Roz@HomeKreations, ingredients reduced to 3/4 and steaming method changed from steamer to rice cooker.

3 eggs 
90g castor sugar (just nice, not too sweet)
140g cake flour, sifted (original recipe used superfine flour)
3/4 tsp baking powder (not present in original recipe)
1/2 tbsp ovalette
165g unsalted butter
2 tbsp condensed milk (v impt, not to be omitted)
3/4 tsp vanilla essence
** 1 tbsp of plain yoghurt or milk ** as per reader suggestion.

1. Beat eggs, sugar (and ovalette if using) until it becomes thick and fluffy, about 2-3 min using cake-mixer on highest speed. Add in sifted flour and baking powder and mix well using spatula.

2. In a separate bowl, use cake-mixer to beat butter, condensed milk and vanilla essence until fluffy.

3. Add in butter mixture into the egg mixture little by little and mix very briefly using cake-mixer on lowest speed. Do not over-mix.

4. Pour the cake batter into the lightly-greased rice cooker pot, press "COOK" and allow it to cook for 1 hour. (In my case, I pressed "COOK" 3 times. Each time my rice cooker has finished cooking, it will beep and automatically switch to "KEEP WARM" mode, so I just have to press "CANCEL" and press "COOK" again. It took me 29 min + 17 + 16 min = 62 min in total. This is a cake that works in a rice cooker without the cake baking function. Note that cooking time may vary based on the capacity of your rice cooker. Mine has a 5.5 cup capacity. )

5. Allow the cake to cool for a while, before turning it out. (The cake should flip out easily in a split second even without using a knife to loosen the edges.)

- The original recipe asked for 1/2 tbsp ovalette, which is a sponge cake stabiliser / cake emulsifier commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia, and frequenty used in sponge cakes to give a light, fluffy texture. I used to have ovalette brought back from Singapore, but it has long expired and I have thrown it away. But I remember reading somewhere that condensed milk can achieve the same effect as cake emulsifier, so instead of using 1.5 tbsp condensed milk which is the amount required after reducing to 3/4, I used 2 tablespoonfuls and it worked quite well for me, the texture of the cake was not dense at all. 

- This recipe also requires the use of superfine flour as it has a high ratio of butter+sugar to flour. I used cake flour since I can't find superfine flour (superlite flour/top flour) in Belgium. If you don't have cake flour, you can substitute 140g cake flour with 116g of plain flour plus 24g of cornstarch /corn flour, and then sift it together a few times. 

- For those of you who wants to try this cake without cake-mixer, it maybe possible since HomeKreations did not state whether to beat by hand or by mixer, but if you are beating by hand, you would have to beat the eggs and sugar until thick and pale yellow in step 1, and in step 3, make sure you fold and mix the egg mixture and butter mixture thoroughly. The batter is quite thick and not so fluid, hence I found it better to use a cake-mixer at low speed to mix for a few seconds in step 3.

I had a little scuffle with His Majesty (my 4 year old boy) while trying to take pictures of the cake in our garden. The sun was shining (finally) and I wanted to grap hold of this good opportunity to take some nice pictures in natural lighting. But he insisted on taking a bite of the 2 slices of cake, before I could even snap a picture. In fact he had already eaten a few slices a while ago, so I flew into a rage and I ordered him to stand under a tree. Papa who had just come home had to act as mediator and later papa told me that he couldn't stop crying because he also wanted to be in the picture. So here is a picture of His Majesty, enjoying the cake while still in tears. :p

Now you know, how difficult it is for me to take any pictures without any "drama" from either His Majesty or Her Majesty! :p

Updated on 9 Sept 2013 - photo link of reader Muthia's rice cooker butter cake, posted below in the comments section on 12 July 2013. Thank you Muthia for the link! :)

On 3 Jan 2014, HS Ong sent me a lovely email with a few photos of her rice cooker banana cake and butter cake baked using the baking function of her Tefal 10-cup rice cooker. She doubled the recipe and it took her 1 hour. Here is a picture of her rice cooker butter cake. Thank you HS for your positive feedback!

[Note] If you are new to rice cooker baking, do read this FAQ before you try out your first rice cooker cake. If you would like to receive more updates, do click like on my Facebook page.  

Wanna check out our Rice Cooker Cake Challenge #2 Roundup?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Little Thumbs Up - It's Curry Time!

It's already June, but yet the weather is still moody (no thanks to global warming!), and that generally makes the people moody too. We, in Belgium, have been experiencing one of the coldest and wettest month of May in 50 years and European countries such as Austria and Czech Republic are experiencing severe flooding! I am thumbing for better weather this week, hopefully the temperature will "soar" to twenty degrees. 

Having just finished the Aspiring Bakers Bao Ho-Chiak event (phew!) and having suffered some serious "bao overloading", I have hardly rested for a day but now I need to immerse myself in the curry mood, quickly kickstart my curry event asap and make the inlinkz linky code available on my blog. Why? Because I have already received the first curry recipe submission via email even before I penned this post! Thank you, Kimmy! :)

By the way, if you are not already aware, the Little Thumbs Up, is a blog hop event organized by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids and Doreen from my little favourite D.I.Y. , where an ingredient is selected each month and everyone is welcome to join by using the selected ingredient either in cooking or baking. I am the host for this month, and my selected ingredient is curry powder / curry paste

The reason why I chose curry powder / curry paste is simply because I like curry, and there are many health benefits associated with curry spices  (tumeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, chilli powder), so I would like to see how creative one can be with curry. It's not just the curry dish we are talking about, you can submit recipes of curry rice, curry noodles, laksa, curry buns, curry puffs, samosa, murtabak, roti prata, otak-otak, rendang, basically anything under the sun that uses curry powder or curry paste. And it can be ready-made or home-made powder or paste. If it is home-made, we would appreciate you listing the ingredients and method of preparation of your powder or paste.

So please join us this month, cook or bake any recipes using curry powder /  curry paste as one of the ingredients, post it in your blog within this month, (1 June to 30 June 2013), and link to Little Thumbs Up, by submitting via the inlinkz tool provided at the bottom of this post. 
  • Feel free to display the Little Thumbs Up badge in your post.
  • Last date of linking will be on 30th June 2013.

Note: Pls check and make sure you link to my site using this link, otherwise it will get buried under my new postings in no time, thank you!

If you are interested in last month's theme (mushrooms), don't forget to visit Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.

Monday, June 3, 2013

[Roundup] - Aspiring Bakers #31 - Bao Ho-Chiak 包好吃 (May 2013)

Hi everyone,

After hosting the AB #25 - Steaming Hot Cakes event in Nov 2012, I am glad to be back hosting AB #31 - Bao Ho-Chiak (包好吃) event in May 2013, thanks to Small Small Baker for giving me this opportunity! As I received only 37 entries as of 23 May, I thought I may only get 40 to 50 entries due to the school exam period. Then all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by a spike in submissions within the last 10 days and I finally received a total of 88 entries as of 2 June! Thank you so much for your great support!

I would like to thank all the bloggers who have spent their precious time and effort to test out and submit their bao recipes. It made me REALLY happy (and hungry) everyday by just going through and admiring all the baos that you gals made. I know it usually takes half a day to make all these baos: you have to prepare the fillings in advance, knead the dough, wait for the baos to proof, add in the fillings, do the pleating and finally the steaming (or baking or frying). Hence each bao is truly a labour of love! I hope you gals enjoyed your bao-making journey as much as I did. For those first-timers who are interested in making their first baozi but who are still procrastinating, look no further! This repertoire of 80+ bao recipes represents the collective wisdom of 39 bloggers! And you will probably be able to find the best chinese steamed bao/bun recipes here, be it steamed, baked or fried buns! But before you start, do remember to get the right type of flour^-^

Coming up, I will be hosting the "Little Thumbs Up" event for June, and the theme for this month is curry powder/curry paste. Do watch this space for more news. :)


非常感谢网界各路英雄娘子纷纷鼎力相助,献上这么多不同款式不同口味的包子。希望你们和我一样,在网上串门子的当儿能从中学习很多关于做包子的窍门。所谓熟能生巧,只要勤学习,再包一两下就"包好吃",可以开包子店了,不是吗? :p

话不多说,请好好享用这80多道包子吧,一定包好吃,包你吃到笑!  :)

Enjoy your baozi,  Bao Ho-Chiak! :)

1. Smiling Char Siew Bao HK Style (港式叉烧包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

2. Black Sesame Yam Pau by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

3. 芋头鲜奶馒头 by Pet猫猫 of

4. Mini Custard Buns by Victoria Kua of

5. Chia Seeds & Wholemeal Mantou by Peng of

6. Steamed Chicken Bao (鸡肉包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

7. Carrot 'Ling Yung' Paus (Carrot Lotus Paste Paus) by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

8. 芋泥四角包 by Pet猫猫 of

9. Char Siew Steamed Paus by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

10. 烧包 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

11. Siew Pau, Roasted Buns by Peng of

12. Carrot Black Sesame Steamed Buns by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

13. Pan Fried Buns 生煎包 by Peng of

14. Purple Sesame Steamed Paus by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

15. 叉烧包 Steamed Cha Siew Pao by Xing Hui of 美味情缘

16. Char Siew Bao by Genie of

17. Polo Bao/Pineapple Bun (菠萝包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

18. 五月五黑糖番薯包食谱 (Black Sugar Sweet Potato Pao Recipe) by MnYFoodTalk of

19. 南瓜甜玉米馒头小包子 by Pet猫猫 of

20. Pork Bao 大包 by Moon of FoodPlayground

21. Barbecue Pork Steamed Buns (Char Siu Bao) by Charlotte of The Land of Bakerie

22. Steamed Custard Bun (Nai Huang Bao 奶黄包) by Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House

23. 双色馒头 by Bernice of Bernice's Kitchen

24. 卡通~ 南瓜喜粄 by Anna Tay of 小雨伞的天空

25. Red Bean Pumpkin Bao by wvfy of Wendy's Small Small World 

26. 南瓜咖椰包 by 雷切儿 of 简单 の 生活

27. 黑芝麻核桃花卷 by Pet猫猫 of

28. Mini Pumpkin Mantou 南瓜小馒头 by SSB of Small Small Baker

29. Lotus Leaf Buns 刈包 by SSB of Small Small Baker

30. Sesame Potato Sausage Buns by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

31. Green Tea Kaya Pau 绿茶甜包 by Moon of FoodPlayground

32. 番薯喜粄 by Jozelyn Ng of

33. 全麦豆沙包 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

34. Steamed Bun/Pao Chicken Filling with a Twist by Nasifriet of

35. 蒸:长豆馅包子 by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

36. Pandan Vegetable Paus by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

37. Char Siew Pau by Yueky of Desperate Housewife in Holland

38. Pan-fried Buns (生煎包/水煎包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders 

39. 椰丝素包 by Jocelin of Butter, Flour & Me

40. Wholemeal Mantou by Fiona Lee of eelmsthenovicebaker

41. Nostalgic Tau Sar Pao by Nasifriet @ By the Way

42. 蒸:箭猪包 by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

43. Polo Buns by Jasline of Foodie Baker

44. Curry Potato Buns 咖哩马铃薯包 by SSB of Small Small Baker

45. 蒸:黄番薯包(cream cheese 馅) by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

46. 沙葛包 by Bernice of Bernice's Kitchen

47. 番薯喜粄 by Bernice of Bernice's Kitchen

48. 蒸: 菜包(粉丝馅) by Ling Yuen Chin of Chin's Baking Dairy

49. Steamed Luncheon Meat Buns by Peng of

50. 咖喱鸡肉包 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

51. Char Siew Bao/Pau (叉烧包) by Esther Lau of Copycake Kitchen

52. 红萝卜花卷 by 雷切儿 of 简单 の 生活

53. 像在做手工的~菜肉包 by Cat Chee of 只想让自己快乐~

54. 黑芝麻班兰豆蓉包 by Cat Chee of 只想让自己快乐~

55. 香菇竹筍鸡肉包 by Pet猫猫 of

56. Cherry Blossom Mantou by Ellena of Cuisine Paradise

57. Pumpkin Hee Pan by Jess @ Bakericious

58. Pumpkin Brown Sugar Buns by Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure

59. (Purple) Sweet Potato Mantou with Black Sesame & Black Bean Filling by Sherie @ Maameemoomoo

60. Mini Condensed Milk Steamed Mantou (炼奶馒头) by Victoria Bakes of

61. Baked Char Siew Bun (Siew Pao) by Corlin Woung of Simple Delights

62. Steamed Rose Bun by Hankerie of

63. Steamed Assorted Buns by Genie of

64. Steamed Meat Bao with Preserved Vegetables by Anncoo of Anncoo Journal

65. 娘惹咖喱包 by Cat Chee of 只想让自己快乐~

66. 黑糯米包子 by  茄子 of 袅袅烘焙香

67. 虾米韭菜包子 by  茄子 of 袅袅烘焙香

68. 鸡肉咖哩包子 by  茄子 of 袅袅烘焙香

69. Baked Siew Bao/Pau (烧包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

70. Traditional Steamed Bao with Otak-Otak and Luncheon Meat Crabstick Filling by Hankerie of

71. Steamed Scallion Flower Buns (Hua Juan) by Kit of I-Lost In Austen

72. Pumpkin Steamed Buns aka Pumpkin Mantou by Doreen/Mui of my little favourite DIY

73. 豆沙包 (Red Bean Bun) by May Law of 厨苑食谱

74. Purple Sweet Potato Bao with Kaya Fillings (紫薯加椰包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

75. Purple Sweet Potato Rose Bao (紫薯玫瑰包) by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

76. Salted Egg Yolks Custard Pau by DG of Tested and Tasted

77. 南瓜喜粄 by Jozelyn Ng of

78. 香葱肉松卷 by Qi Qi of Qi Qi in the House

79. Taiwanese Street Food - Gua Bao 刈包 by Moon of FoodPlayground

80. Chocolate & Cheese Steamed Buns by Alice of ILove.ICook.IBake

81. Steamed Buns With Pork & Salted Egg Filling by Alice of ILove.ICook.IBake

82. Purple Sweet Potato Pao by Annadinna of Homemade Heartmade

83. Chinese Pan Fried Chive Pork Bun ((菲菜猪肉煎包) by Corlin Woung of Simple Delights

84. 南瓜椰丝喜粄 by May Law of 厨苑食谱

85. Steamed Sweet Potato Mantou by DG of

86. Chocolate Polo Buns by Doreen/Mui of my little favourite DIY

87. 沙葛虾米包子 (Steamed Pao with Vege Filling) by Xing Hui of 美味情缘

88. Nestled Bao by Doreen/Mui of my little favourite DIY

I hope I have not missed out any of your submissions. I have tried my best to reply each of your emails or leave a comment on each blog, but if I forgot to reply or comment, do accept my sincere apologies! Thank you once again for joining Aspiring Bakers, I hope you will continue to lend your support to the future events.

If you wanna participate in the next AB event, hop on to Aspiring Bakers #32 - World of Mousse Cake hosted by Hankerie of

If you are interested in the previous AB event, hop on to Aspiring Bakers #30 - It's Tea Time hosted by Moon of FoodPlayground.

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