Thursday, May 9, 2013

Polo Bao/Pineapple Bun (菠萝包) - 1st Attempt !

Still wondering whether I should post this or very first attempt at Hong Kong Polo Bao/Pineapple Bun (菠萝包), delicious but ugly !

我很丑可是我很温柔好吃! 说真的,花这么多时间做,如果还不好吃的话,我就白做了!

This must be one of my most challenging baking tasks to-date. I mean the oil dough (polo pastry) was not easy to handle even after keeping in the fridge, it was too fragile and I couldn't wrap it nicely round the bread dough without tearing. You could see the results of the tearing, don't even have to use ammonia powder which some recipes did to achieve the crackling pattern on the pineapple crust. I spent a long time just to make 4 polo buns and felt like giving up half-way through. I think if I were to run a HK style bakery, I would go broke anytime. Half a day gone, but only 4 outputs! =)

Luckily the polo baos were delicious, that's the only saving grace! I ate one while still piping hot,  His Majesty ate one (he is a very picky eater), Her Majesty ate one (she eats almost everything, including paper), and only one left for tomorrow. I will update and give the verdict on how it tastes like tomorrow.

[Update on 13 May 2013]
Only 1 small morsel of polo bun was left on Friday, but it still tasted good. I made another batch of 4 polo buns on Sunday, this is my polo bun version 2.


  1. Hi Bee,
    Your Polo Buns look great to me.
    I know it taste great too.
    Looking at your buns remind me of my tortoise polo buns.
    Would like to share with you here :

    1. Mui Mui,
      Thank you so much for the link! I just posted my polo bao version 2 here:

      Looking at your green tea tortoise polo buns make me feel like doing them again. I am sure my boy will love those little tortoise buns!


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