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DDMT Steamed Horlicks Cupcakes (Bake-Along)

There is a little sweet story behind these delicious DDMT Steamed Horlicks Cupcakes. Once upon a time, I chanced upon a recipe posted on a now-defunct baking blog owned by DJ Violet Fenying. She is a very famous Singapore radio DJ who runs a cooking/baking program on radio, and her baking/cooking blog was very popular until it was shut down suddenly in March 2010 due to copyrights reasons. Nowadays she uploads her new recipes to her FB page instead. 

Last year when I hosted the Aspiring Bakers Steaming Hot Cakes event, I got to know Mui Mui from my little favourite DIY and I asked her if she was willing to try out a good recipe on my behalf since I couldn't find Horlicks here in Belgium. She spontaneously agreed and this was her submission to my event. It has been 6 months, and everytime I went to Chinatown, I tried asking around for Horlicks, and after the 3rd time, I struck gold and the chinese supermart happened to have Horlicks in stock! My precious Horlicks, finally I got you! It's very expensive but well-worth the money! 

Mui Mui said this recipe was fantastic and thanked me for recommending it to her. Hey, I should thank her for trying it on my behalf in the first place. Mui Mui, so sorry that I kept procrastinating and didn't attempt the recipe earlier. This time round, I decided that I "die die" must do, so here it is, my version of the DDMT (Die Die Must Try) Steamed Horlicks Cupcakes.

Recipe adapted from Violet Fenying FB Page and Mui Mui

Ingredients A (to be melted)
100g unsalted butter 
50g sugar 
50g condensed milk (about 2 heaped tbsp) 
100g fresh milk 
100g Horlicks 

Ingredients B (beat well) 
2 medium-sized eggs (about 100g without shell) 
1/4 tsp vanilla extract 

Ingredients C (sieved) 
100g plain flour 
2 tsp baking powder 

Horlick Cream (this makes a very large serving for 9 cupcakes, you can make 1/2 or 3/4 of it)
50g unsalted butter 
50g condensed milk 
50g fresh milk 
50g Horlicks 

Method (makes 9 cupcakes)
1) Place all Ingredients A in a small non-stick pot, cook over low heat and stir constantly until everything is melted, remove from heat and leave to cool. 

2) Transfer Ingredients A to a large mixing bowl. Add Ingredients B and mix well using a manual egg-whisk. 

3) Add in Ingredients C and fold using a spatula until it is well-mixed and a smooth batter is formed.

4) Pour the batter into prepared muffin cups or mould, each 3/4 full. Makes about 9 cupcakes. (I used hard paper muffin cups which I then placed inside individual metal cupcake moulds so that the hot steam will not distort the paper cups). 

5) Steam in a pre-heated steamer at MEDIUM-HIGH heat for 20 min. 

6) For making the Horlicks cream, place all the Horlicks cream ingredients in a small pot, cook over low heat and stir constantly until a smooth consistency is reached. Served together with the cupcakes for best taste. 

The Steamed Horlicks Cupcakes were very rich, moist and fluffy, if you are a Horlicks lover, you would love these cupcakes, they tasted very good even on the 2nd day. I kept the cakes in a air-tight container since I had no time to make the Horlicks cream on the same night and could only make it the day after. In fact, I find the Horlicks cream a tad too sweet for my liking, I prefer the cupcakes without cream. IMHO, I think the Horlicks cream would go well on top of a chocolate cake too.

Sorry for the blur photos, I couldn't even see clearly what I was taking due to the bad lighting. If you see such photos, it either means that I was rushing for time, or there wasn't a single ray of sunlight at our place, both of which were true yesterday. :)

Nevertheless, I am submitting this as my very first entry to "Bake-Along 2nd Anniversary Celebration Cupcake" organized by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours, Lena of Frozen Wings, Zoe of Bake For Happy Kids; Happy 2nd Anniversary to Bake-Along!


  1. I was wondering about the DDMT! Now I know! LOL!
    Your cupcakes looks very moist and delicious with the cream on top! A couple of these would be lovely with a cup of tea!
    Thank you for linking with Bake-Along, and I hope that you will join us again for our future bakes!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Glad that i finally squeezed in my entry just before the very last minute! You gals at Bake-Along are so prolific, I can't keep up the pace. :) Would love to join whenever I can. :)

  2. hi miss b, glad to know you thru our event and welcome! thank you for the fb link, i'm not aware of that! so did you get tons of horlicks back from chinatown? the horlicks cream do sound very good on a normal choc cake, thanks so much for sharing it with bake along and have a good week ahead. keep in touch.

    1. Hi Lena,
      Do you also know about Violet Fenying's blog? Actually you can still access the recipes on her old blog ( by subscribing via Google Reader which keeps a cache of her blog posts which disappeared overnight. But Google Reader is gonna die on 1 July 2013, that reminds me I haven't migrated to Feedly yet!

      Yes, I will try to participate in bake-along as long as time permits :)

    2. I only got a small bottle of Horlicks from Chinatown, very expensive, nearly 6 euro for 350 grams! :(

  3. Hi Ber,
    You are hilarious :)
    I laugh when you mention that you struck gold when you found Horlick. :D
    Your DDMT cupcakes looks yummylicious!
    Again remind be I have not make this cupcakes for 6 months.. lol

    1. Yalor, so difficult to find, searched high and low. When I found it, I had to buy it even though it was very expensive!

  4. Hi Miss B, very nice horlick cupcake. Texture of the cake look so moist, love the topping cream. :)

    Best regards.

    1. Amelia, thank you!
      Yes, it is indeed rich and moist and full of horlicks flavour. I like it better without the horlicks topping cream. Horlicks is too precious for me! :)

  5. Hi Miss B,

    I remember seeing Doreen's DDMT Steamed Horlicks Cupcakes post. I have bookmarked this recipe but didn't have a chance try steaming cakes. Oven is much more convenient for me to use...

    Nice to read your little story about these cupcakes. Lucky for us, Horlicks is not difficult to find. After this recent trip, my son has fell in love with baos! I thought of making some baos this weekend but need to bake something to fulfill the coming bake-along deadline! Good that you are organising this AB steamed buns event... Now I know where to go if I need a good bao recipe :D


  6. Thanks for sharing the recipe and your experience. I first tried the cupcake without the cream and felt that the horlicks taste was quite subtle.. so I went ahead and made the cream, but only half quantity. It goes well together! Though my parents are not fans of the cupcakes I make (which are too 'heavy' for them), they love this steamed cake as it is not too rich and they can have more than one at a time. :)


  7. hi, can i know whether i beat the egg first and then only add into Ingredient A?

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Yes, the eggs and vanilla extract have to be beaten well before adding into ingredients A

    2. hand beaten will do? or need to use electric mixer? when mix into A, still need to whisk or just need to mix all well together? the method is same like doing ur steam choc moist cake?

    3. Yes, hand beaten will do, in fact I indicated the use of a manual egg whisk. When you add to A, just mix well either using spatula or manual whisk. The method is indeed similar to steamed moist chocolate cake. Don't over mix bcos these are muffin/cupcakes, if you over-mix, it will not be soft and fluffy.

  8. Hi there. The cupcake looks really yummy. Can I used this recipe for the rice cooker method? Thank you :)

    1. Hueilin, what do mean by rice cooker method? Pour everything into the rice cooker pot instead of steaming as cupcakes?

  9. Hi Miss B,

    Can I use oven instead of steaming? If so, what are the recommended temperature and duration? Thank you :)



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