Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Cake #2 - 2 Tier Fondant Train Cake (Part 1)

This is what I have been busy with for the past 1 week. My biggest project for this year, a 2-tier fondant train cake. It was very tall and heavy, I never expected it to turn out so big. In terms of technical difficulty, this was much more difficult than the house cake I did earlier. This cake was actually made up of 4 cakes (two 7-inch and two 8-inch) stacked together, the height of the cake without the fondant train toppers was about 17.5 cm whereas the weight...I suspect it was between 5 to 6 kg. I couldn't weigh it on my kitchen scale which can only withstand a maximum weight of 4 kg. I consider this as a big step forward from the 1-tier train cake which I made last year for my son's birthday.

Do you know why I decorated the seams of the cake with candy strips and cookies? To cover the cracks and imperfections of my fondant, hahaha! The animal cookies were really useful, I had used them earlier for my house cake, and now I used them again for this train cake. The icing-coated biscuits reminds me of my childhood in Singapore, I used to munch on those biscuits while I was in primary school. :)

Look at how I transported this gigantic cake to school. It was very very heavy with a high centre of gravity. I had to improvise something to stabilise it so that it would not topple over while we drove to school. Although it was a very short distance of about 3 km, there were many road humps along the way, and I can tell you it was really a challenge to keep the cake from toppling! My hubby did the driving while I shouldered the task of holding the laundry basket on my lap. And it was raining that morning, so my aluminium foil came in handy!

This was what remained of the cake when I brought my boy back from school. The teacher told me a few kids didn't really like the fondant because it was something strange that they had never eaten before, so she had to peel the fondant away from the pieces of cakes that were handed out. But they were all excited upon seeing the train cake!

Coming up, a part 2 tutorial on how exactly this train cake was made...


  1. It turned out great! I LOVE your toppers!

    1. Thank you, Kristin! My ultimate aim is to do your spiral train cake next year! =)

  2. Beautifully done.. thought it was some doll, then came to know its a cake :P

  3. Accidentally deleted a few comments on my is one from Nasifriet.

    OMG!! That's one BIG cake. YUM! And you made chocolate cake. Double YUM! The fondant is something like "marsepein", if I'm not mistaken? Most kids do not like the taste because of the strong flavour of "amandelpoeder". Love the deocor. Oh yes, I remembered those sugar coated biscuits(nic nacs). Mmmmmm...memories :-)

  4. Bee,
    Wow! Wow!
    This is a huge project! Simply beautiful!
    I going to your next post to see the details.: )


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