Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday Cake #1 - House Cake with Garden and Farm

I had a very hectic weekend last week. It was my son's birthday, and I made 2 cakes, one for his birthday party at home on Sunday, a simple house cake with garden and farm. It was easy and fun to assemble, and much much simpler than the 2-tiered fondant train cake which I made on Monday for him to bring to school to celebrate with his classmates on Tuesday. In terms of technique of decoration, this house cake was quite different from the aeroplane cake which I made last year for his birthday party at home.

This cake was inspired by Angel@CookBakeLove. Thank you, Angel! I really learnt a lot from her step-by-step tutorial, it was if I attended the cake decoration class personally myself!

Here are some snapshots of the lovely cake, I had lots of fun assembling the cake, and the children at the party had even more fun dismantling it!

The result of a hard day's work, the day before the party. Still missing the finishing touch...

Animal cookies for the little farm. Even the fencing was edible! 

Belgian/Dutch stroopwafels for the roof, heel lekker!

His Majesty in deep thoughts, thinking about how to park his toy cars.

How a house cake should look like, in the eyes of a 4-year-old boy :)
My hard work "dismantled" within seconds!
Coming up, step-by-step tutorial and photos on how the house cake was made....and stay tuned for the next post of my 2-tiered fondant train cake.


  1. Happy belated birthday to your son!

    I like you way you deco your house cake, thouse animal cookies are adorable. Your son filled up the garden with all his toy cars? I think he can make good friend with my son as both of them are car lover.

    1. Thank you!
      I asked him to park his matchbox toy cars on the "driveway" (cake board), but he insisted on parking on the "grass lawn", it's like gate-crashing physically (not literally). :)

  2. Accidentally deleted a few comments on my tablet...here is one from Nasifriet.

    Happy belated 4th birthday to your son!

    What a yummy looking farmhouse :-P I can imagine the long hours you have put to assemble this lovely cake for your boy. Which cake did you make? Was it pandan kaya butter cake. Noticed some green tinges :-)

    1. Nasifriet, no, it was not pandan kaya butter cake, I ran out of palm sugar to make new kaya. This was matcha green tea chiffon cake from Angel's recipe, and the top was Mrs NgSK's butter cake from WendyinKK. Reminds me, I am supposed to update the recipes, alamak.

  3. Bee,
    This is a awesome cake.
    Must be fun assembling this cake with your son.
    Love the animal shaped cookies ... Very cute.

    1. Hi Mui Mui,
      This was a fun (but lazy) way of decorating, no need to whip and pipe buttercream, haha. :p


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