Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chocolate Rose Cake with Black Forest Fillings

This was a cake I made for hubby's birthday over the last weekend. It was my first time piping the roses with Wilton Tip 1M and I wasn't too happy with how I finished the swirls. If you look carefully, you will see what I mean. :)

As usual, I have a problem with estimating the amount of whipped cream I needed. The recipe stated that it would make 480ml of whipped cream, but that didn't seem to be be enough! It wasn't before long that I realised that I needed another bottle, otherwise there would be roses on top but not at the sides, haha. In fact I couldn't even finish off the roses on top, there was a big gaping hole for at least 2 extra roses to be piped. It was already Sunday night and Monday was a public holiday. Luckily there was still a Carrefour nearby open on Easter Monday, and I managed to get the 2nd bottle of whipping cream I needed, just in time to pipe the rest of the roses for the birthday party in the afternoon. Phew! 

In order not to repeat the same mistake I had with whipped cream the previous time, I followed the advice of JoyOfBaking this time round (thanks to Mui Mui for the link) and placed my mixing hooks into the freezer and my mixing bowl outside in the garden to chill before whipping. 
The frosting was a simple chocolate whipped cream frosting from JoyOfBaking but the inside was actually just like a black forest cake, I used exactly the same sponge cake and filling recipe as my black forest cake.
I started piping the roses from the outside, but that should not be the case, you should pipe the roses starting from the centre of the cake, inside-out. And I still gotta improve on how I finish off the swirls, I couldn't get them to taper off nicely, and most of them finished off in a haywire manner. Check out this video, it shows you exactly how to pipe roses using Wilton 1M tip.

My hubby, by the way, wanted to be forever 30! 


  1. Hi Miss B, this Rose Cake looked fantastic.. Oh yr hb forever 30...?? Mine worse, forever 26...kekeke...

    1. Thanks for the compliments! See the last pic, the roses at the sides were squashed, hehe. Practice makes perfect, next time it will be better :)

  2. Perfectly done... Inviting and Beautiful clicks...

  3. Miss B the cake looks beautiful! The roses are great too!
    Happy Birthday to your hubbs!
    ( My hubbs & I start a new decade next yr - & I think we too will want to be forever 30... :/ )

    1. Thanks for the compliments, I am still learning. :)
      Luckily I only put 3 candles bcos those were special magic candles that refused to be blown out, he had a hard time blowing!

  4. Bee,
    That is a very lovely cake. You piped your swirl roses so well. I don't see any gaps. This a great job well done as a first timer :D
    Chocolate whipped cream frosting will be so yum on Black Forest cake base.
    I don't think I can chilled my mixing bowl in the garden here, it will be boiling the whipped cream hahaha.

    1. Thanks for the compliments! It's the tapering of the rose swirls that I wasn't good at, the consistency of the whipped cream was a bit too thick to taper off nicely in the beginning, I had to add a few drops of milk to make it thinnner. Hehe, forgot to mention we were still having freezing cold weather in April, it was near zero degrees at night! Next time if I were to make this in summer, my overloaded fridge will be too small to chill my mixing bowl!

  5. This cake looks absolutely gorgeous to my eyes!!! Belated birthday wishes to your Husband.
    I would love to be forever 20! ;)

  6. Hi Miss B, Very beautiful piping skill. The cake look delicious. Best regards.


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