Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ultimate Apple Crumble Pie/Tart

My FIL bought a big bag of apples last week, you won't believe it, 3 kilo for 3 euro! 24 apples for about 4.80 SGD! He bought them from a apple farmer who sold his apples from a van-turned-makeshift-stall at the hiking event organized by the local hiking club. Straight from the apple farm, no middle-men, that explains the ridiculously cheap prices. They were very good apples, mind you! Still very hard, no bruises, very sweet and juicy.

I quickly flipped through my thick pile of recipes for apple-related recipes. I wanted to try an apple pie recipe I bookmarked from, but then I remember seeing an apple crumble pie/tart recipe belonging to my sister's friend. 

So this was the result last Saturday, I was very pleased with this apple crumble pie/tart, so pleased that I made it again on Monday for my FIL's birthday. All his belgian guests gave a thumbs-up for this apple pie and said that "het is zeer lekker" (it is very delicious). Coming from belgian ladies who all know how to make a good (belgian) apple pie, I take it as the highest compliment that I have ever received on my bakes. :)

I like the crust, it was thin and crispy and yet so easy to make that I could use my bare hands to rub-in and knead, without the help of the dough hook. I like the buttery flavour of the crumble topping too, it reminds me of the crumbly taste of my pineapple tart. Not to forget the juicy apple fillings, oh I shouldn't be singing so much praises. I am gonna jot this down in my dog-eared-and-sauce-stained recipe book and keep this recipe for years to come! Unless and until I come across another recipe that will rival this recipe, this will remain the Ultimate Apple Crumble Pie/Tart recipe that I will refer to in future. You know what, I am actually afraid of attempting new recipes, the fear of failure and disappointment is something which I don't really like but which is absolutely necessary in baking.

Meanwhile, the apple of my eyes, Her Majesty (my 1-year-old baby girl) has recently begun to walk around like a big boss and play with my pots and pans while I am not looking. In fact, she was toying with a box of chicken bouillon cubes all the time I was baking. Haha, she hasn't seen my collection of baking tins and what-nots, I am sure she will be delighted when she sees them. I believe she has mama's genes for fooling around baking and cooking in the kitchen, so I am gonna pass all my pots and pans and precious recipes to her when she is married, at least that was what my mum said to me too. :)

Thank you, my (sister's) friend for this recipe!

[Updated on 21 Mar 2013] My sister's friend (Itsy is her pen name) has kindly granted the permission to link to her recipe. If you like to eat sugee cakes, you can visit her bakery at her online webstore The Buttered Cat or at her FB fan page The Buttered Cat

Note: In order to make a 9-inch tart, you need to make adjustment to the quantities stated in her recipe which she used to make a 9-inch and a 6-inch tart. 

I would type out my adjusted recipe when I have the time....


  1. Looks amazing! Can you share the recipe?

    1. Would have to wait till I've gotten permission from my sister's friend to publish her recipe...

    2. Hi Isheng,
      I have put up the link to her recipe, enjoy!

  2. Hi Miss B, how have you been? Thanks for sharing this recipe :)

    1. Hi baking scientist,
      I'm doing fine. Been busy with gardening lately, haven't touched my food blog for long time!


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