Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Lunch Today - Noodles with Kimchi :)

Kimchi again! What's wrong with me? Nothing wrong, but homemade kimchi with instant noodles are simply delicious! Goes well with plain porridge too!

This was my lunch for today, egg noodles with kimchi. I ran out of korean instant noodles which I brought from Singapore, and the instant noodles in the chinese groceries store here are so ridiculously expensive that i swear not to buy them even if I am filthy rich, imagine 80 cents to 1 euro for 1 small miserable packet! The bigger packets cost 1,20 euro! I curse and swear every time I think of how much they cost back in Singapore, why must they mark up the price here by so much? 

Anyway, I still have 2 big bottles of napa cabbage kimchi sitting pretty in the fridge, they are 1 week old and ready to be eaten. I made 4 bottles last Wednesday, one was given away to a chinese friend living near where I stay, and another was finished off by myself within 3 days. :) I have to shift the remaining 2 bottles from the garage to the fridge bcos the temperature is getting quite warm these few days, 15 degrees!

If I am in Singapore, my mama will help me eat them. She loves my napa cabbage kimchi, I have made them 5 times, once per week during the 5 weeks I was in Singapore. I am considered quite an expert now, hehe. All in all, I have made napa cabbage kimchi 7 times (including twice in Belgium), using the same recipe! Ok, now I am getting bored, time to switch to making other types of kimchi. ;p

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