Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Steamed Banana Cake (No Oven, No Cake-Mixer)

Hello everybody, this is my first post for the year 2013! Happy New Year!

I have disappeared from the radar for some time because I am away (or rather back) in Singapore for a few weeks. These few weeks I have been enjoying mummy's home-cooked food and Singapore's famous hawker food so much so that I rarely have a chance to practise my baking skills, hehe ;p

So when mummy finally allowed me to use her kitchen and her gas-stove to steam a cake (she doesn't have an electric oven by the way), I jumped at the chance and steamed a simple cake that didn't even require a cake-mixer. In fact, I was a bit hesitant initally since the recipe did mention using a cake-mixer to beat the eggs and sugar until pale yellow. But what the heck! You have to improvise when the need arises! 穷则变 变则通!

Since my mum's kitchen was not equipped with all the necessary baking tools (mixing bowl, cake-mixer, not even an egg whisk), so I had to prepare everything with the most rudimentary tools such as folding in flour into the batter, using a rice cooker spoon, in the same little pot which I used to melt the butter, since I couldn't find a big enough bowl to act as a mixing bowl. Luckily I brought my own measuring cups and spoons and bought a small sieve from the local supermart, otherwise I couldn't even measure and sift the ingredients, haha.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from producing a nicely steamed cake. It really rose very high, even higher than the same steamed banana cake which I made in Belgium. I wonder could it be the gas-stove that made a difference? By the way, I was using a vitroceramic induction stove in Belgium.

Recipe was adapted from my steamed banana cake recipe, everything was the same, except that 
1) I omitted baking powder and used self-raising flour + 1 tsp baking soda instead.
2) Amount of mashed banana was less than 300g, I used 3 bananas and they were about 250g.
3) The rest of the ingredients were the same, but the steps were a little different from the original recipe. Melt the butter and sugar in a small pot over low fire until sugar dissolves, then set aside for the mixture to cool down a while. Then add in beaten eggs followed by mashed banana and mix well. Finally fold in sifted flour in 3 additions using a spatula. Steam over high heat for 45 to 50 min. 
There is no need to use cake-mixer, and the cake will rise beautifully just like the picture above.  In fact, I just used a metal fork to whisk the eggs, and a rice cooker spoon to fold in the flour. I didn't even have baking paper to line the base of the baking tin, so I just greased the base and sides with a little butter. Luckily the cake popped out easily. Amazing, isn't it? This is definitely a keeper recipe!

[Important : I hope you enjoy this cake as much as I do, and I would be happy if you could give credit where credit is due, and link back to this post if you do make this cake and share it on your blog or facebook. Remember plagiarism is not the best form of flattery.]


  1. This is amazing! I must try this for sure one of these days.

  2. i love steamed cake. i love banana. let's try this. yum.

  3. Looks great! :D
    Hope you are having a fabulous time and treat us with lots of food pictures to drool over :p ;)

  4. Hi miss B, Happy new year! What a lovely cake ... :)

  5. Hi Ms B,
    You are amazing. Nothing can stop a welling heart ;)
    Your steamed banana cake is wonderful.
    I am bookmarking this to try soon :)

  6. Hi B, this post tells us that there is no excuse not to make a cake. I like this kind, making use of what's there in the kitchen, improvise...But just like to know how long does this cake keeps well?

  7. Hi Kimmy,
    I am not sure bcos all my steamed banana cakes were finished within a day :)

  8. Good recipe
    I would like to try make it :)

  9. I did the steam banana cake follow yr steps above.the sugar cannot melt just w the butter I added some fresh milk then ok..due to this i added a bit more flour ,I did not change to self raising flour but follow yr rice cooker recipe used plain flour + baking flour + soda powder...the result I have is the cake did not raise well as yours...is that anything wrong with my changes above?

    1. Why can't the sugar melt with the butter, strange...are you using the same type of sugar as stated?

      If the cake did not rise as high, it could be due to
      a) the extra milk and flour that you added making it denser, or
      b) the baking powder/baking soda expired, or
      c) your steamer is not hot enough.

      Did you heat up the steamer in advance, the water must be boiling before you put in the cake. And if necessary, you need to top up the steamer with boiling water if the level falls too low. Is the cake well-cooked by the way?

    2. Thanks Ms B, yes the cake well cooked .but texture are not good..w try again n let u know the result..how can I send u the photos?

    3. Hi Hew,
      If melting doesn't work well for you, suggest that you do the original creaming method, that is beat the eggs and sugar till thick and pale-yellow then add in melted butter and mashed bananas, finally folding in the flour.
      You may send via email, which you can when you click on my profile. Not listing it here otherwise spam robots will pick up and spam my inbox. Thanks!

  10. Hi, I just successfully made this steamed banana cake for 45mins. The taste was amazing. My family loves it. Thanks for the easy recipe. It's definitely a keeper recipe :)

    1. Hi Summer,
      This is one of my favourite cakes, it never fails me, glad that you like it too!

  11. This is fabulously amazinggg!!!


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