Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Homemade Kimchi with Instant Noodles

After just 5 days, I have already finished one small jar of kimchi! Today is the 3rd time that I cook instant noodles and pair it with kimchi. Forget about korean Nongshim instant noodles, nothing beats plain maggi mee (or indomie) with homemade kimchi!

Remember I told you I made enough kimchi to fill 4 jars (2 big and 2 small)? 1 small jar was already given to my chinese friend who lives nearby (she was very touched and asked if she could finish the whole jar that night!) and I helped myself to the other small jar today, so there are only 2 big jars left.

I dunno if my kimchi is well fermented or not. I think it is, after 5 days. It tastes a bit more sour and the flavour is more intense. This is my first time making kimchi, and I am a bit "kan cheong" (nervous).  After leaving them in the garage for 1 day, since I didn't see many bubbles in the jars (bubbles = fermentation), I had a change of mind and I decided to move them back to the living room again. In fact, I kept moving it in and out of the garage, so much so that my hubby was laughing at me. My garage was far too cold, I think it was about 1 to 2 degrees celsius since it snowed yesterday.  So instead of letting the kimchi ferment at room temperature for 24 hours, I did it for nearly 3 days, because even our room temperature is also quite low, maximum 20 degrees, and it is reduced to about 16 degrees at night when everybody is sleeping. But you can't do that in sunny Singapore, let it ferment for a few hours at room temperature will do, and then quickly store it in the fridge. :)

I promise myself not to touch the 2 remaining big jars (that will be a tough resolution!) as they are meant for my family in Singapore!


  1. Once I start eating Kimchi, I find it difficult to stop. maybe I should my own kimchi too. Yours look very yummy with noodles :D

    1. Yes, kimchi is very addictive, isn't it? I seldom eat korean food but I find kimchi so delicious especially with instant noodles. Moreover, it's not difficult to make it yourself and very economical too!

  2. Ms B,
    I love kimchi.
    You are so great, you make your own.
    I like kimchi in soup noodles n fried rice.
    Would like to try out your recipe.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Mui Mui,
      This is very easy, just need to get ready the korean red pepper powder, the rest of the ingredients and a few sterilized glass jars. I already finished one jar by myself!


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