Friday, July 20, 2012

Pictures of A Humble Belgian Dessert Called Rice Tart

I have always wanted to post more pictures of my most famous belgian rice tart recipe (I am quite proud to be able to make quite an authentic version), but somehow I have never had the chance to snap a picture bcos the tart was always finished before I could grab my camera. 

I made it again on Wednesday and had the chance to snap a few fotos of the baking process. Alas, it was brewing a thunderstorm outside and the fotos were not well-lit. Nevertheless, here are some pictures which will hopefully guide you in making your very first belgian rice tart, if you have neither tasted one nor made one before.

I asked my hubby how it tasted and he replied nonchalantly: " You have made this so many times already..."

Surely, I deserve some praises if it tastes good even though it is something you have eaten many times already?

Forgot to take a picture of the cross-section of the tart when it was sliced into pieces, you would have to click here for the picture and the recipe itself. :)


  1. Did you know that this was the first tart I was introduced to when I visited Belgium at the time for the first time in 1993? I did not like it then because I was not used to eating sweet rice pudding. When I moved to Belgium in 1995, only then did I gradually enjoy eating the local desserts. I'm not a sweet tooth person, but the Belgian rice tart is one that I like. I have never made this tart before, hence, I guess it's time I made one :-)

  2. Hi nasifriet,
    It was also one of the very first few belgian food that was introduced to me when i first came here 4 years ago. I like it because it is not too sweet and very easy to make. Incredibly easy especially if you are using ready-made pastry crust :)

  3. Oh... I ADORE this pie. And I can't believe none of the resident sticky rice lovers has thought it up here yet! (Whereas they have managed to concoct some weird croissant/pain-au-chocolat/cake combination called wassant which I haven't yet fallen in love with).

    Love the title of your blog as well - my friend who's a former resident of Antwerp is still pining for the supermarket selection of game and meats and sorely misses the culinary treats that Flanders serves up. She has managed to convert all of us with her skillfull cooking. You are making my mout water and it's only 10 AM here!

  4. Hi Katrijn,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Wassant - what is that? I have never heard of that until I googled it. Seems I have been away from Singapore for too long! Is it the famous "croissant-wannabe" from the Providence Bakery @ Holland Village?

    Actually talking about supermarkets, I love Dutch supermarkets cos the prices are so much cheaper and they have a bigger variety of asian sauces and condiments. Unfortunately there is only one Albert Heijn in Brasschat at the moment. :)

  5. oh dear i've never eaten this dessert even though i stayed in belgium for a year! but i did try the rice pudding (which was so easily available in the supermarkets) and it was yummy! definitely trying this out soon :D

  6. this is beautiful. I wanted to give it a try


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