Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lucky Dog Beer - Belgian dogs really have a good life!

To be honest, this is very old news, something that I read in the local newspapers Gazette Van Antwerpen more than a month ago, on 6th June 2012, to be exact. But I thought it would be interesting for dog-lovers to know that there is such a thing as dog beer for your canine friends. 

Now, I will try to translate this article as accurately as possible, pardon me if you see any nengels (dutch english) as I am not a dutch-speaking native and it is also not easily to translate certain Dutch expressions into English. Even Google translation doesn't do a good job. :)

Ben Verbeeck from Brasschaat has launched a beer for dogs in the market. The beer contains no alcohol but it looks very much like beer from the malt and foam.

It is a very first for our country. For Ben Verbeeck, who has already been active in the real estate world for 20 years, this was a change. When I was in Netherlands walking with my 2 dogs along the beach, I was thirsty and so I went to sit at a cafe to drink a cold pint of beer. There I saw the cafe boss pouring a beer for his dogs. The man who sold it has never really done much effort to promote it. But he could do much selling. It was indeed very successful with the dogs. I decided to take over the dog beer. I have given it another name and completely re-styled it, said Ben who launched the dog beer in the market.

Lucky Dog Beer is made by the Lucky Animal Factory and is sold in bottles. You open the bottle and you shake it well while holding your thumb on the opening. Then the extract will come to the top. Lucky Dog contains vitamin B, mineral oils, chicken and beef, explained Ben Verbeeck.

Every time the dog does something positive, he deserves a drink. Dogs are by the way part of the family, so let them also share in the pleasures of life. It must be motivating, it is pure indulgence, the slogan is "Share the Moment". The drink contains of course no alcohol, said Ben who produces his product in Meer, near the Dutch border.

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