Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cashew Nut Cookies (腰豆饼干)

There is still half a kilo (yes, 500 grams !!!) of butter sitting in the fridge that is expiring soon, was bought by hubby when I asked him to buy some butter from the supermart. It was the 2nd time that he bought the bigger piece of butter and I always have to make lots of extra cakes and cookies in order to get rid of it. :S

Anyway, I decided to make some cashew nut cookies this time round, so 200g of butter was gone like the wind, but there is still some 300g left, what should I do with it?  Bake a rich butter cake, hmmn...

These cashew nut cookies are very buttery and they literally melt in your mouth, just like my favourite almond cookies. Though they are lower in sugar compared to other cookies, can't bake them too often cos they are high in butter! 

Recipe adapted from Violent Fenying's 我的厨房笔记
(Makes about 90-100 small cookies)

Ingredients A:
200g butter
80g fine sugar

Ingredients B:
1 egg yolk
¼ tsp vanilla oil

Ingredients C:
280g plain flour
20g custard powder

Ingredients D:
* 150g roasted unsalted cashew nuts
1 beaten egg (for glazing)

* if not roasted, roast in oven for 10 min at 180ºC

1. Mix butter and sugar till well combined.

2. Add in Ingredients B and mix well.

3. Mix in Ingredients C to form into a pliable dough.

4. Place dough in between 2 sheets of baking paper and roll into ½ cm thick.
Cut into crescent shape using a cutter. (I used cookie cutters of other shapes)

5. Place onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Press half a cashew nut on top of each cookie and glaze with beaten egg. (There is no need to grease the baking paper as the cookies are high in butter content and will not stick to the baking paper.)

6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180ºC for about 20 mins till golden brown. Remove from oven and let them cool before storing in airtight containers.

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