Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AV Avocado Milkshake - Shiok Ah!

It is beginning to feel like summer, finally. I thought summer would bypass us and we would jump straight from spring to autumn, but these few days I can finally wear T-shirt and shorts outside. I wonder how long this nice sunny weather will last.

Yesterday I bought 2 avocados, planning to do the AV avocado milkshake that I have been drinking lately. AV, by the way, stands for Alexandra Village. If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I love to go to Alexandra Village Food Centre in Singapore, cos there are plenty of good food there. One of my favourite beverages which I would always order while I was there was avocado milkshake. There are 2 competing stalls side by side at that hawker centre, and both of them claim to be the one-and-only authentic avocado milkshake. One of them is called Mr Avocado and the other is called King Avocado. Dun ask me which is better cos it has been ages (5 years?) since I have been to that place.

Anyway I try to replicate the Alexandra Village avocado milkshake again today. I remember my first attempt few months ago was just mixing avocado with milk and honey, easy peasy. Then the second and third time I turned adventurous and started experimenting by adding milo powder, brown sugar or gula melaka (palm sugar) and instant coffee powder. It was a trial-and-error process, there were hits and misses but the rule of the thumb is always put in the ingredient one at each time and taste it after each addition so that you get the taste right.

I know I will probably never be able to replicate the same AV avocado milkshake as Mr Avocado or King Avocado. But if you don't try, you never learn. So here is my improvised recipe for Avocado Milkshake.

Simple Avocado Milkshake with Honey

1 ripe avocado, cold from the fridge
125ml fresh milk, cold from the fridge
2 tbsp honey

1. Choose a ripe avocado, and use a knife to remove the skin and seed, cut it into huge chunks.

2. Put the avocado, milk and honey into a food processor and blend it until a thick smoothie is formed. 

3. For the best effect, just before making the milkshake, put the ripened avocado into the fridge to chill for 1-2 hours (together with the milk which has to be in the fridge anyway), so that the milkshake is cold without having to add ice cubes. My milkshake is always prepared without adding ice cubes, I like it thick, creamy and undiluted. :)

AV Avocado Milkshake with Gula Melaka and Milo

1 ripe avocado, cold from the fridge
125ml fresh milk, cold from the fridge
1 tbsp honey or condensed milk - adjust to taste
1 tbsp grinded gula melaka (palm sugar) or brown sugar - adjust to taste
1 tsp milo or ovaltine or 1/2 tsp cocoa powder

Note : For additional "shiok" factor, you can also add a little Nescafe Gold instant coffee powder, but you need to adjust the sugar to taste after adding instant coffee otherwise it would be too bitter, the same applies when adding milo. If you find it not sweet enough, just increase the honey or condensed milk or sugar accordingly. If you want a thicker milkshake, reduce the amount of milk to 100ml. The photo I posted above is that of the simple avocado milkshake with honey as the recipe with gula melaka and milo will produce a milkshake with an ugly shade of khaki colour (which doesn't look very good on photo) instead of a light green colour.

Useful Tip 
1) How do you know if avocado is ripe? An avocado is ripe when it can yield to gentle finger pressure. Avocados, like bananas, do not ripen while still on the tree. So if you happen to pick an unripe avocado which is still green and firm, don't fret. Just let the avocado sit in a cool place away from direct sunlight, and place it in a loosely shut paper bag to expedite the ripening process. The bag will trap ethylene from the ripening avocado and speed up the ripening process. To speed up even faster, you can place an apple, which is an ethylene-heavy fruit, in the bag together with the avocado.

2) Once the avocado is cut open, it will oxidise quickly. Hence always prepare the avocado as close to consumption as possible. To slow down oxidation, you can coat the flesh in lemon or lime juice. So if you have cut open an avocado and found it to be unripe, just sprinkle the exposed flesh with lemon or lime juice, place the 2 halves together and cover with tightly pressed clingwrap, before placing in the fridge. Then check the avocado periodically to see if it has ripened. 

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