Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

I was invited, along with other mamas, to my kiddy's kindergarden to celebrate Mothers' Day on Friday. The school had organized various activities for mother-child-bonding, and we were offered a few options, such as doing some exercises, taking a walk in the forest, doing art and craft or decorating cakes with your child. No prizes for what I chose to do with my boy, decorating cakes of course!

The school actually bought dozens of ready-made cupcakes and cake decorating supplies such as sugarpaste, roll fondant, candy coating, edible beads, chocolates, piping gels and cake decorating tools such as rolling pin, cookie cutters were made available for us to decorate our cupcakes. 
My boy was not the only boy in the group, there were 2 other older boys and the rest were girls. I think he was probably the youngest kid in the group. But still we had lots of fun. Being a 3 year old kid, his hands were not so nimble and so I had to help him out most of the time. I brought the baby along, she cried a little bit initially, and then slept throughout the event. After 45 minutes of "hard work", we were all told to gather in the playground, and our works of labour were eventually distributed to all the children and their mamas.

It was really a very meaningful day for me, as this was my 1st time celebrating Mothers' Day with my little boy. I really appreciate the school for organizing such an event as both Didi and I had an enjoyable time decorating the cupcakes together. And it also provided me some ideas on what to do for Didi's birthday next week!



  1. You both did a great job at decorating the cupcakes. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. I really like your blog. Thank you for sharing. I am joining your blog and following. I am from Turkey.

  3. Hi Lezzetli Sanatlar,

    Thank you for your comments. :)
    You have a nice blog and I have already seen some recipes which I am gonna bookmark for trying out in future. :)

  4. happy (belated) mothers' day to you! i think that it's very thoughtful how the school actually makes the effort for mother-child bonding. I doubt there's anything similar in Singapore, sadly :/

  5. Hi Miss B, sorry for hopping in a wee bit ;-) late. Happy belated Mother's day to you!
    The muffins / cupcakes looked familiar *wink* but the decor was absolutely fab. Bet the cupcakes were gone in a jiffy :-)

  6. I am guessing the cupcakes are from ALDI. Happy belated Mothers' Day to you too, Nasifriet!


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