Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Cakes For His Majesty

Here are some snapshots of the 2 cakes which I baked and decorated for His Majesty (my son) 's birthday. He celebrated his 3rd birthday on 19 May. How time flies! I baked 2 cakes for him, one aeroplane cake for celebrating at home on the actual day(19 May) and another choo-choo-train cake for him to bring to the kindergarden to celebrate with his fellow classmates the following Monday (21 May). For some reason, he didn't quite like the aeroplane cake when I presented it to him. In fact he was not at all impressed and didn't even take a single bite at all. Then when I asked what kind of cake I should bake for him to bring to school, he immediately replied "chooku-chooku-tutu", so I had to bake a choo-choo-train cake for him. What a difficult customer he was!

It was my first attempt at decorating cakes using buttercream and fondant, I must admit that it was quite a challenge, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole learning process. I will share with you more details on how to decorate the cake next weekend when I am back, stay tuned. :)

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  1. Oh my, look at that train! I could never do that.
    Congratulations on His Majesty's birthday!


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