Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Of Birthdays and Horse Carriages

The extent to which parents dote on their kids nowadays is really beyond the wildest flight of my imagination. I know of parents who are willing to go the extra mile to organize special birthday parties for their beloved child, even if it means splurging a few hundred euros. What I mean special is really special, wait till you hear my story.

My boy was invited last Wednesday to a birthday party of a classmate from his kindergarden class. It was a rather last minute notice, cos we only received a phone call from the doting mother on Monday, 2 days before the event. The mother of the lucky birthday boy actually hired a horse carriage (can you imagine that? I thought that only happens in fairytales?) to bring all 20 kids of the class to their house, which is about 7 km away and at least an hour's ride from the kindergarden. Now, that is what I call "special". I would love it if my husband had organized a horse carriage for our wedding, but dream on, that never happened.

The horse carriage stood ready at the gate, ready to pick up the kids when the school bell rang, at around 11.30am on Wednesday. I specially went to the school to dress my boy in pampers just in case he couldn't control his bladder (actually that was just an excuse for me to marvel at the horse carriage) and I happened to watch how busy the teacher was, rushing all the kids one by one to the toilet to prepare them for the big ride. It was an uphill task to try to quieten the excited kids and make sure they do clear their bladders before going up the horse carriage. Needless to say, I myself and other mothers who came to watch the spectacle, were very excited too, I think we were far more excited than the kids. I was in fact, quite jealous, I wish I was the one sitting in my boy's class. :)

By the way, my boy is nearly 3 years old now, he can talk pretty well, but he is quite scattered-brained when it comes to certain things, for instance he didn't know the name of the birthday boy and couldn't remember it even though we prompted him a few times. The present we prepared for the birthday boy was still sitting in his schoolbag when I arrived in school before the arrival of the horse carriage. When I asked him who the birthday boy was, he was tongue-tied, luckily a cute little girl sitting next to him quickly pointed to the birthday boy sitting opposite and enthusiastically offered to pass him the present. Later at the end of the day, when we picked him up by car from the birthday boy's house, I asked him whose house did he go to and whose birthday was it. He replied enthusiastically, oh it is A's birthday, when it should have been V's birthday! :S

I applaud the mother for spending so much effort (and money of course) to organize such a unique birthday party for her child, I think the kids really enjoyed themselves, I could see the enjoyment in their eyes. But then again, judging from the response I got from my boy, it seemed that he didn't know what was going on, and he had such short memory span that the party was quickly forgotten by the time we arrived home.

I wonder how well he will remember this fantastic birthday party, 10 or 20 years down the road. If he can't remember at all, at least his good old mum has some nice photos to remind him of the adventure he had with 19 other kids when he was 3 years old!

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